Campfire eLiquid by Campfire
10, 30, 50ml
0 3 6
70% VG
Eliquid Flavours
Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Marshmallow
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Flavour Category
Desserts, Sweets & Chocolates, Campfire, Short Fill
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Campfire eLiquid from Campfire aims to capture the spirit of a camping trip in the great outdoors, but in vapeable form.

It features a Smore-esque flavour blend, characterised by Marshmallow, Milk Chocolate, Cinnamon Graham Crackers, and Sugar.

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By from England

Peacefull vape (16 September 2017)

This is a great liquid! It has a strange nutty/ freshly chopped logs taste but it just tastes so right. Campfire is the perfect name for this

By from Milton Keynes

Great taste (12 June 2017)

Loving the Campfire. It's a great taste and has a nice throat hit too. I can really taste the chocolate and the sweetness of the marshmallow makes it's very moreish.
Not an everyday vape but a lovely treat every so often. Will buy again!

By from London

Good buy (10 March 2017)

It's the first day so I haven't steeped it. It's quite good, I can imagine that after a week of steeping it's going to be amazing. I can understand some of the reviews that say there's a fire taste, but it isn't a bad thing. I'm using a tfv8 rba on my alien 220w and I've got it cranked up to 66w. This is an all day vape and I will buy this again

By from Watford

Bare with it! (18 December 2016)

Took me a while to take to this flavour.
When vaping at 30w on Innokin Coolfire all I was getting was smokiness with sweetness every now and again.
Let it sit for a while and tried it in the Smok g-priv at 80w and it is delicious.
Great if you have a sweet tooth because it is chocolate, biscuity with clear marshmallow in the background.
Keen to try the Ruthless Smores liquid now.


Tastes Like a Campfire (18 December 2016)

Bought this out of curiosity, and also because of the good reviews. Very strange tasting. Has a real 'warmness' to it, if that means anything?! I didn't get any chocolate tasting notes, but did get a hint of marshmallow coupled together with a smoky campfire like taste. Truly bizarre. I wouldn't buy it again again as it wasn't to my taste, but glad I tried it. I'd still recommend it, however, as I can see some people liking it.

By from London

Smooth and creamy (12 December 2016)

A very pleasant vape. Smooth, creamy and notes of sweetness. There are faint flavours of caramelised sugar and subtle nuttiness. Not so much almonds though. I have been vaping this flavour for a couple of days and the flavours still haven't dulled down. 4/5 stars.

By from London

An Amazing All day silky smooth Vape (10 November 2016)

I get a very mellow marshmallow biscuit vape with hints of Vanilla & Choc,
All in all a get all day vape and I would recommend this to friends and anyone who enjoys a smooth not over sweet vape.

By from Dorset

BEAUTIFUL! (07 November 2016)

Amazing Juice! so so tasty, similar to the smores e-liquid.

a nice adv thats mellow but really tasty.

By from UK

Smooth n' ...Campfirey. (04 October 2016)

Initial flavour notes i get are of what should be a sweet vape, but the vape isn't sweet. Its just nice. Its palatable. its got hints of the Cinnamon, its got the hint of Chocolate and hints of the Graham crackers. It kind of reminds me of a Caramel latte from Starbucks, but thats just me. I didn't go camping when i was younger, so in less they make a cheap-cider based vape I wont be having any flashbacks.

I can tell you this however, the vape is smooth and the cloud production is decent. You can vape this all day without getting sick of it. A good product which i'm surprised hasn't got more reviews.

TLDR: Overall a good vape flavours but not particularly strong/overpowering but are there and are tasty and smooth. Decent clouds. Average throat hit. I gave it 8. I'd give it 9 if it was a tad harsher. Just preference.

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