Chocolate Milk e-Liquid by Choco Cow
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70% VG
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Chocolate, Milk / Milkshake
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Choco Cow, 60ml E-liquid
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Chocolate Milk from Choco Cow, believe it or not, is an accurate reimagining of a creamy glass of chocolate flavoured Milk. 

Well, what were you expecting?!

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By from London

Best chocolate flavored e-liquid! (28 March 2017)

By far the best choco e-liquid I've ever tried, it's exactly what it says - Chocolate milk!

Perfectly balanced in flavor and sweetness, very smooth/velvety taste, vapes well 29-35 watts on a 0.5 coil kanger subtank mini, excellent vapor production, no harsh taste.

Highly addictive, you'll want to keep vaping on it all day!

By from Northampton

My ADV! (18 March 2017)

Totally obsessed with this juice. Previously a fruit liquid only type of gal, I gave this a shot because let's face it, who doesn't like chocolate milk? Been hooked ever since and try to buy in bulk whenever I can - it's frequently OOS here and EVERYWHERE, because ... well, it's that amazing!

Choco Cow is one of very few liquids that tastes exactly as it smells as well and dangggg, does it smell good!

Another bonus is it isn't a pipette-style dripper so you can squeeze all that chocolatey goodness with no fuss, straight into your tank. Oh and there's a cute cow.

By from Surrey

Sadly quite bland (29 December 2016)

After reading some good reviews I thought I would give it a go, it's always a gamble buying the big bottles, if you don't like it you've got a lot of juice to tip away!

Sadly I'm non to amoured with this one, theres not really a lot to it. It smells more in the air than it tastes in the mouth. And the flavour although milkshakey has more of the taste of the cheap longlife watery type as apposed to a thick luxurious milky ones. I think I will be using this as a base for home made flavour mixes.

By from London

It honestly is the best (23 December 2016)

I first tried this in a vape shop. It was more expensive in there than on here. I absolutely loved it. I have mainly made my own juice since I began vaping but this by choco cow is a liquid I'd gladly keep buying. It's totally lush. Thick and creamy. It gives you a mouth full of chocolate like you're eating it. It's as authentic to chocolate as it can be. There's a really smooth creamy taste on the exhale.
It's strange how some other people said their tanks and coils made it taste burnt. It's a very thick juice and requires good wicking as any thick liquid does. We've seen mods and tanks continue to improve over the last few years because manufactures started listening to vapers voicing their requirements. More recently there's been a trend towards creamy flavours and at last were seeing juices meet them too. This one certainly does. 10 out of 10.

By from Midlands

Lovely (27 November 2016)

Puts the 'mooo' in smoooth! I really liked this. For me personally, it vapes beautifully on my dotmod Petri lite V2 at 0.26 ohms. As a guide, 50watts on my ELeaf TC100. Drip a couple of drops of coconut on aswell and you've got Bounty flavour!

By from Norfolk

Absolutely delightful (11 November 2016)

I've found it really hard to find a decent enjoyable chocolate flavoured vape juice. I read the good reviews and splashed out. So so glad I did. This flavour captures a smooth and powdery chocolate milkshake, just like the nesquik ones I had as a kid. So beautifully smooth and just wonderful the tongue.


Vile (27 October 2016)

I tried this in an iSub at .5 ohms and in a Cleito with a .4ohms coil.

It tasted like burnt chocolate to me, no matter what watts I ran it at. Harsh throat it... absolutely disgusting flavour.

I binned almost an entire bottle.

Exactly what it says on the bottle (04 October 2016)

Beautiful flavour and great clouds! Would love to see a strawberry milk from these guys! If your looking for a great chocolate milk flavour look no further! THIS IS THE ONE!! It leaves your mouth wanting more and thinking " Did I just have a glass of chocolate milkshake" Another juice that needs to be added to your collection of juices and reorder when your running low. Used on a Lemo 3 tank 50w 0.18 resistance

By from Kent

Good stuff (22 August 2016)

\Very good, convincing milky chocolate flavour. Tastes like Nesquik. Far better than Eco Vape equivalent. This is the chocolate vape for me. Not found anything better so far. Would love something that tastes of Nutella or good swiss milk chocolate, but Nesquik will do me just fine. Recommended.
Perfect delivery service.

By from Northampton

Truly disappointed (17 August 2016)

Tried it on the back of some positive reviews but found it to be very bland / flavourless.

As always Superb next day delivery but unfortunately my worst vape to date

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