Cast Away Organic E-Liquid Sample Pack by Kind Juice
0 3 6
100% VG
Made In
8.8cm (3.5")
2.9cm (1.1")
Bottle Size:
5 X 5ml Bottles (25ml Total)
Made In
Florida, USA
Unit 29, Orbital 25 Business Park WD18 9DA Dwight Road; Watford, Hertfordshire; United Kingdom
+44 (0)1923 479 992


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This Cast Away sample pack is made up of 5 individual 5ml glass bottles with child-proof caps, available in 0mg and 6mg nicotine strengths. Try some of Kind Juice’s most popular e-liquids, or maybe give as a gift for a special occasion. Sample flavours may vary due to availability.

Geisha Moon Song
Plum Wine & Jasmine

Key West Sunset
Sugary Candy & Peaches

Pirate's Gold
Walnut Banana Bread & Rum

Teacher's Pet
Apple & Caramel

Once in a Blue Moon
Wild Forest Blueberries

Granny 'Tarty' Smith
Granny Smith Apple

Midnight Decadence
Chocolate & Mint

Kind Juice are distinguished by their conscious effort and desire to provide vapers with the highest standard of organic e-liquids available on the market. With a holistic approach to their mixing, Kind Juice e-liquids are always cruelty free, contain no artificial flavours or chemicals, and are safe for vegetarians and vegans alike. 

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By from Angus


The manufacturer of these liquids are pure genius!Ok, I've only used 4 out of the 7 so far but each 1 has been so different and great that I had to write a review now,and being the sad git I am will probably update on the last 3 flavours,these flavours are so beautiful and incredible,perfect balance in each I have had,I tried the 1st 2 alcohol ones 1st because I don't like alcohol flavours in liquids at all but oh boy,GEISHA MOON SONG,WOW!!!The flavour is plum wine & jasmine,never tasted anything like it and it is absolutely a-fab-tastic!Couldn't taste any alcohol (which works for me) but there is gorgeous deep flavour of plums on the inhale with just a hint (and enough i think)of jasmine and the same on exhale,so definitely buying a bottle of this,however a 5 ml tank a day would be enough for me with this one.PIRATES GOLD,the flavour is walnut banana bread & rum,again no taste of alcohol,couldn't really taste the rum but it possibly made the walnut banana bread taste the way it did,my least favourite out of the 4 tried.ONCE IN A BLUE MOON,the flavour is wild forest blueberries,blueberries is one of my top 3 fruit flavours in e-liquids and I have to admit this one has knocked out all the rest with just 1 exhaled vape cloud,tasted so good I would love to have a muffin that tasted like this,would say it tasted good enough to drink but that would be stupid because liquids are poisonous if digested,why it has the title once in a blue moon i have no idea because this could easily be an ADV for the majority of people who are into fruit flavours,specifically blueberries obviously,and it is a 100% ADV for me,the flavour I have in my tank at the moment is TEACHERS PET,flavours are apple & caramel,i would say perfectly blended but the apple is a just a touch stronger flavour than the caramel which again suits me better because fruits are my favourite flavour in liquids,really like it but i prefer cinapps by TEARDRIP JUICE CO.As I said,i will probably update with the rest,I have never been one for leaving reveiws with any online shop but this is the only site i do leave reviews on because i do feel the reviews are really useful when these amazing dudes at VAPECLUB have so many different flavours which makes it tricky to choose the ones you think you would like best.I've just remembered that i have not added that i bought the sample pack of these which is why there are 7 liquids in all,great value for money again,great service again.Thanks guys.

By from Aberdeen

Yuk! (25 November 2015)

Bought the sample pack to use with my RDA set up, tried teachers pet and key west sunset both were awful! Maybe not designed for sub ohming or I'm just missing something?

By from London

Good way to try, good products (12 November 2015)

As CM89 above, I purchased it in 6mg, and had the same flavors : Geisha Moon Song, Key West Sunset, Pirate's Gold, Teacher's Pet and Once in a Blue Moon.
I won't do a review of each sample, but all were interesting, my favorites being Geisha Moon Song and Once in a Blue Moon, and none were bad.
I think Kind Juice's products are quite researched and really worth trying.
4/5 for not being able to fill the sample pack choosing any product from their range, and because for the quantity it's still quite expensive.

By from Glasgow, Scotland

Worth it! (16 October 2015)

I purchased the bag in 6mg, nice little bag that will come in handy for storing liquids in the future. The 5 flavours I got were Geisha Moon Song, Key West Sunset, Pirate's Gold, Teacher's Pet and Once in a Blue Moon.

Geisha Moon Song: The most intriguing and therefore the first I tried, quite a nice juice, pretty difficult to describe the flavour but something a bit like Parma Violets. Not an ADV for me and probably wouldn't buy it again, but by no means unpleasant and I'm glad I got to try it. 7/10.

Key West Sunset: Very tasty. My favourite peach flavour to date. If you dig peaches, it could easily become your new ADV. 8/10 for me, enjoyed it.

Pirate's Gold: Not a bad juice, though Banana Nut Bread from Taste Vape was better. None of the flavours stood out a great deal. Again though, not unpleasant at all. Seems to vape a bit better at higer wattage, I usually vape a 0.5 ohm coil at around 30 watts, pushing it to 40 watts really released the flavour but came a bit close to burning on my coil. Probably awesme on a 0.3 or 0.4. 6/10 for me.

Once in a Blue Moon: When I opened the bottle the flavour smelled pretty sickly, but when I tried it I immediately loved it. Best blueberry flavour I have ever tried. Sweet, juicy and delicious. The one gripe I had about it is that it seemed a little runnier than the rest (as if it had water added to it) and the throat kick wasn't so good, but this was made up for by the fantastic taste. It leaves a sweet taste on your lips and leaves you longing for more. 9.5/10, I will be buying another bottle of this stuff.

Teacher's Pet: Another absolutely delicious vape. I can't fault the juice at all and I will be buying a bigger bottle. The problem I had here was that the bottle was half empty when I opened it! The bottles are 5ml and my tank holds 2.5ml, I had to drip and tip the whole lot in and it just filled my tank to capacity. Small manufacturing fault and dissapointing as I'm longing for more. Apart from this slight disappointment, the juice is a straight 10/10 for me.

Overall: I would rate the sample pack a 9/10. I like the idea of getting a few different flavours for your money and would recommend people give it a try if they're unsure about what they might like. The little 5mm bottles are cute too. Kind Juice seem like a good, honest brand and I'll be using them again.

(Further info: Kanger K-BOX, generally set at around 25W-35W with Aspire Atlantis tank and 0.5ohm coil. I get the feeling these juices would be even better at higher wattages, but my kit doesn't allow it. As an ex-smoker I feel that the throat kick could have been sliiightly better on all of these juices, but I guess that's the price you pay for 100% VG).

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