French Dude eLiquid by Vape Breakfast Classics
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80% VG
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Blueberry, Cream, French Toast, Maple Syrup
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Bakery, Creamy, Berry Fruits, French Dude, 60ml E-liquid
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French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics is a whopping 60ml of premium ejuice, featuring vapable buttered French Toast, topped with Blueberries and whipped Cream, and finished with a drizzling of Maple Syrup.


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By from Denmark

Holy moly! ACTUALLY tastes like described! (01 February 2017)

This has to be the first juice ive ever vaped, where i got exactly what i was expecting!

First of all, this review is written with no steeping.
When i got the bottle and opened it for a sniff, i was happily surprised over how nice it smelled. Like French Toast with a hint of cinnamon. But said to myself (like always) that it most likely wouldnt taste like this.

I was wrong.. Very wrong...
This is the first juice that tastes EXACTLY how it smells (To me.)
Rich caramelized french toast on the inhale, with a slight hint of cinnamon. And a creamy vanilla/caramel type taste on the exhale, with the slightest hint of blueberry.

Vaping this @ 85W, 2x Fused Calptons 0,3ohm, Smok Alien + TFV8 Cloudbeast.

By from Wexford

French dude by vape breakfast (31 January 2017)

Love that box is comes in
you definitely know that it's a French Toast.
Bottles come with all the warnings and an extra twisty top
This is probably one of the best breakfast vape
Out on the market.
The flavor are blended to perfection
You get that sweet yummy fresh French toast on the Inhale
And the perfect blend of blueberry and cream on the exhale
80/20 plend Mild throat on the 3mg and fantastic vapor production
Hand down my favorite breakfast vape I have ever tried
Went through 60ml in less than a week
If you like breakfast vape this is the one for you

By from israel

Its good! (30 January 2017)

Hi all,
I've bought this eliquid and it tasts awesome! i bought it because pancakeman ran out.
they are quit similiar (they have the same aroma i guess) but this one is less sweet than pancake man.
I've been inlove with pancake man eversince the first hit and i think this one is a pretty good competitor!
great vapor production, thick dense vape and a smooth throat hit!

By from Lincoln

OMG (28 January 2017)

I am not joking this has to be the best vape yet, the flavor is amazing and it smells like you have just had pancakes with maple syrup. A definite must buy for anyone who prefers bakery style vapes or in this case a breakfast vape. I cannot rate this enough!!! I use on 0.4 coil at 48watts and 210c.


By from England

DELICIOUS (28 January 2017)

This is absolutely delicious, tastes just like sweet french toast if you release the vapour slowly, BEST juice I've ever tried - ordered 2 more vials :D

Delicious tasting (26 January 2017)

This is an all round excellent juice. The flavour is really delicious. With notes of maple syrup, sugar cone, brown sugar and blueberry. Very very sweet and produces great amounts of dense cloud. The blueberry hits the back of your throat on the inhale but it's not an overly sweet blueberry, infact i would say its the most subtle note in the juice. I felt like the maple syrup/ sugar cone was the dominating flavour in this juice but it actually makes for a perfect balance. I will say however it is a little sickly as an ADV for my liking but absolutely love this in the evenings after dinner or with a coffee. A truly delicious tasting juice and if your a desert juice lover, you def wont be dissapointed! Great stuff.

Vaping on Innokin coolfire at 60w/225c SsCoil at 0.5oms airflow fully open.

By from Cheshire

Good quality flavour (17 December 2016)

I like this vape a lot. Very prominent French toast with blueberry on the inhale and then the cream really comes through on the exhale, I can't really pinpoint the maple syrup but for me it does not need it anyway. Decent price shame not in 12 ml but a favourite of mine definitely. Using a temp mod at 250 •c have no problems with it.

By from Wiltshire

Nice and good to mix too! (12 November 2016)

I like this one. It's reasonably priced and comes in nicely sized 60ml bottles. I vape this on a Vaporesso Target with ceramic coils on TC (275C-315C).
I'm getting a strong French Toast taste but I'm having difficulties getting the blueberry or whipped cream. A slight maple syrup taste is there but not really prominent. That being said, I'm one of those people with taste/smell issues and ceramic coils do give a bit of a different taste.

What I really like about this liquid, is that it's easily mixable with other flavors. Just like you'd put a syrup or jam on french toast or pan cakes, you can do exactly the same with this juice and it'll come out really nice, and I actually vape more mixes than straight.

It has pretty decent cloud production but there are juices with the same 80 VG that seem to do better. I'm all about taste, prefer smaller clouds really, but I'm on high VG because I'm having a bit of a reaction to PG juices.

I am new to vaping so I ordered about 20 different flavors. I would only buy 3 or 4 of them again and this is one of them.

By from London

Delicious (08 November 2016)

After trying Pancake man, this was next of my list and boy did it not disappoint. Most blueberry vapes are artificial and sickly. This on the other hand is an east all day vape. A sweet creamy inhale, a cakey almost cinnamon like exhale. Little hints of blueberry on the side. Love it. Great taste through a TFV8 Oct coil at around 130w.

By from Austria

Not bad at all (08 November 2016)

Although I wanted to try Pancake man first, I bought this because of all the positive reviews.
The juice is not bad but gunks up your coils and wicks pretty fast.
I can taste all the sugary french toast but I do not get any blueberries at all.
If it was more blueberries I would have given it 5 stars.

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