Pink Squeeze eLiquid by Liquid EFX
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70% VG
Eliquid Flavours
Lemonade, Strawberry
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Drinks, Citrus Fruits, 60ml E-liquid
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Pink Squeeze Eliquid by Liquid EFX is a pitcher-perfect pink lemonade (try saying that whilst exhaling a cloud of joy!), this fresh, fruity summery liquid is the quintessential refreshing vape with a 70% VG mix providing both excellent flavour and fantastical cloud production. And with 60ml at a great price, you can't really go wrong.

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Lemonade greatness (14 April 2017)

This is a lovely change from all the creamy liquids I've been vaping. At this price it's a must for anyone interested in a tangy refreshing vape. It goes great with an ice cold beer! Not giving it full marks as there are others I prefer but it's definitely up there. Vaping with a Crown 0.5 coil.

By from Manchester

Needs steeping, but not bad (22 March 2017)

Without steeping this tastes like lemonade, but with some kind of greasy, oily note which is off-putting. Sort of like a deep fried taste, not great.

Steeped for 3-4 weeks, very pleasant. I'll easily finish the bottle!

By from Glasgow

Yumski McYummy (16 March 2017)

Purchased on sale, £12.99 for 60ml. No brainer. Have tried it before when a friend bought it, and thought it was really nice, so had to purchase.

Get most flavour on the exhale, reminds me of pink lucozade. I don't see why anyone would be disappointed with this if they like fruity flavours. Refreshing ADV.

Used at 65w in a 0.2ohm Cleito.

By from lincolnshire

Quite impressed (03 March 2017)

Vaping with a Smok Cloud Beast using the V8-T8 head.

Never tried a lemonade before, but as usual I always go for high VG liquids. Normally go for custardy creamy vapes but the reviews for this one so far hinted it might be up my street. I fancied trying something a bit more fruity.

Smooth vape, which I do like a lot. Easy to vape all day. The bottle with the unicorn tip is a godsend. A bit of fruityness on exhale, but not overpowering.

Lots of cloudyness! Would deffo buy again, and the service from VC is as awesome as usual.

By from Buckinghamshire

NOT BAD AT ALL! (20 December 2016)

Bought on a whim as I usually go by a few reviews before buying as this only had 6 at the time I took the risk and bought it. I'm using the Wismec Reuleaux 2/3 and the SMOK TFV8 the juice gets going rather quickly...

The flavour of this is so nice and mellow with a hint of strawberry on the aftertaste/exhale, if you like berry/citrus fruits you will love this!

Very easy on the coils too been vaping this for 3 days now with little to no wear on the SMOK V8-Q4.

Fantastic Cloud production!


By from London

Fantastic (02 December 2016)

Purchased on a whim as a friend of mine raves about lemonade flavours.

What a good blind purchase! Beautifully smooth thick vapor. It smells quite zingy but doesn't taste like that. It's not very lemony at all, no zest to it. Which is good because I find strong lemon flavours tend to give me a harsh throat hit. None of that here. It's just a very subtle fruity flavour, 'berry' (generic as I can't quite place it), I guess artificial raspberry like an icy lolly.

Vaping on a Wismec rx200, uwell Crown 2 @ 45-50w. Fantastic, smooth, refreshing all day vape. Cannot put it down. I doubt the 60ml bottle will last the whole weekend. Once again always spot on service from vape club.

Rocket lolly lemon zing!! (04 October 2016)

Have you ever had a rocket lolly? You know the ice lolly shaped as a rocket with a blackcurrant tip, orange midsection and lemon base. Well if you haven't then you lucky vapers can now have the opportunity to experience the lemon Base of the rocket lolly through this flavour!

All jokes a side this is a lovely flavour. Very cool and refreshing which leaves a delicious after taste. I would definitely recommend this.

Big question everyone seems to ask which is "how does this flavour stack up against Elements pink lemonade?" My answer is simple. Even though both flavours state they are pink lemonade, both of them have a different approach to the flavour and both should be treated as individual and not comparative flavours. Again in English, if you like lemonade sort of flavours than buy this also. It's better value for money.

Vaped using Tsunami RDA. Coil @ 2.0 ohms. Vaped @ 60 watts.

Great service from VC.

By from Cleveland

Zingy, value and quality (14 September 2016)

I love this all day vape and let's face it £20 for 60 ml is great for what is a quality vape. There is a nice sweet lemonade back ground with a zingy almost tropical real lemon edge and a dusting of other berry flavours you can't quite pin down. This kept me from getting bored while vaping. This isn't a show stopper- standard 70/30 clouds but is deffo one to have in the cabinet for a fresh very pleasant vape with no steeping required. Plus if you are needing to buy coils this week but still need your 60ml a bottle of this and your pack of coils will come in at the same price as two glass 30mls!
Vaped at 45w on a 0.4 ohm clieto

By from Bristol

Not bad (12 September 2016)

I've been puffing on this for the last 10 days in Menorca and I thought I'd treat myself to a 60ml bottle of juice for the first time as it seemed like a good deal but I was also a bit nervous as I was going in blind and there weren't any reviews at the time.

I don't regret the investment at all. It's pretty nice as an all day vape and mixes easily with other flavours without overpowering them. I found it complemented my concoctions, mixing well with a passion fruit juice I use, and also an orange one. It also went well with Taste of the Gods (coconut and pineapple).

This is turning into a complex review and I'm probably getting way too analytical. Here's the honest view. I've vaped it every day without getting bored of it, but on its own it misses a certain je ne sais quoi. But if you like mixing your flavours it's definitely worth investing in it as an ingredient because it does have a fizzy lemonadey quality to it, and the taste doesn't hang around in the tank so it's easy to switch flavours afterwards.

Great packaging, the box it comes in is a nice touch. useful bottle makes it very easy to pour.

Used in both a Cleito tank and an Isub G. Cleito at high wattage brought out the extra sweetness (although at times it could make it a bit sickly) whereas the Isub G kept it more subtle and palatable as an all day vape.

By from Surrey

Not bowled over (07 September 2016)

In and of itself, it's a perfectly good juice, but if you're talking lemonade flavours, at some point someone is going to make a comparison with Element's Pink Lemonade. That's a shame for this juice because it's vastly inferior in terms of taste and clouds. It's sweet but nondescript - you just don't get the accuracy of flavour and fizz of Element's version. I've got 60ml of the stuff to get through, and I will finish it but that'll be all. Plus points for the packaging and unicorn tip though - much less fiddling about with dropper filling. I don't want to give the impression that this is terrible, because it isn't - it's just my view that someone got there first and did it better!

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