B1g Apl eLiquid by Taffyman
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70% VG
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Apple, Taffy
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This Product Has Been Discontinued

B1g Apl from Taffy Man is a perfectly balanced sweet and sour eLiquid, featuring the tart taste Green Apple Taffy candy.

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By from Dubrovnik

Tasty apple (15 May 2017)

A very fine green apple aroma, sweetly sour. Pleasant aftertaste. Cloud production is great.
The product presentation is phenomenal with a beautiful plastic tube.
I used Kayfun v5 atomizer, 30G SS TC 25W / 210 C.

By from Essex

Powerful flavour (19 April 2017)

Yes, the flavour is powerful. It's along the lines of sour apple chewie sweets from the 80s, before the authorities took out the dangerous chemicals! Having said that, I like this flavour. It's tangy, it's definitely apple and, it lingers a little. Not a complex flavour yet, still very pronounced. I agree with the other reviews that this is a little 'chemically' but, it's not like huffing on a bag if glue. Very decent for the price and the packaging looks cool. Actually, the tube it comes in is excellent. You fill up the tank with the slightest of squeezes

By from scotland

wow (12 April 2017)

using a smok alien with a aspire cleito 120 tank on 110 watts.

This juice is amazing, fizzy apple on inhale with a refressing apple flavour on exhale, cloud production is also excellent.

The best apple juice if ever had by a country mile! If you like apple you will lovee this!!!

By from Walter Hampton

Really nice (23 March 2017)

Sour apple juice is really nice on inhale and exhale and offers a refreshing vape

By from Kent

Very Appley (22 March 2017)

Very nice product, good packaging! Brilliant apple taste however sometimes missing a little substance to it

By from London

Nice appley taste (07 December 2016)

Nice apple taste, great bottle, no spillage!


Complete disappointment (01 December 2016)

Was really looking forward to this liquid , all I can say is it is horrifically chemically and not in the slightest bit apple or taffy tasting :-( I would suggest not wasting your money like I just did :-(
Packaging looks great apart from how you wouldn't be able to tell how much is left in the tube :-(
AVOID it is disgusting.

By from Austria

Applecandy (08 November 2016)

This reminds me of green apples with a sour undertone. Nicely done but I can't vape it for a longer period of time. It got sickly but in a perfumy way. Be warned: this flavour will stick in your tank/dripper forever!!!

By Anonymous

Easy all day vape (31 October 2016)

Nice apple vape!! Easily the nicest apple vape I've had. Little bit sour which is awesome!

By from Brumsville

Shocking (16 October 2016)

Sad to say, but this juice is HORRIFIC! I've never come across a juice that a physically just could not vape... until now.

On opening the bottle it smelt amazing, but it just tastes of super strong chemicals and old grannies overpowering perfume. It actually makes me gag a bit.

Gutted, as I love apple juices, and the bottle is superb, seriously all juices should come in these bottle designs as they're super quick and easy to use.

It gets one star for the brilliant bottle and killer branding, but sadly the juice itself is discusting.

If you're into the taste of old grannies perfume, this will be right up your street (you sick freaks ;) ) otherwise I'd stay well away.

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