Strawberry E-Liquid by Whip'd
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70% VG
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Cream, Strawberry, Vanilla
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Creamy, Berry Fruits, 60ml E-liquid
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This Product Has Been Discontinued

Strawberry eLiquid by Whip'd is a classic dessert-flavoured vape, that features sweet and succulent Strawberries covered with an avalanche of the signature whipped Cream Whip'd are well known for.

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By from London

Delicious (18 April 2017)

The other reviewers who gave this 1/10 are pathetic, honestly, they're either competitors trying to bring this juice's ratings down or in-the-moment-tantrums who didn't quite get what they wanted and childishly thought to mark it a 1.

This juice is every bit a part of the range of milk & strawberry flavours you'll get all over the place. It's less nutty than Mother's Milk, and a touch more sweet than Unicorn Milk, though no less thick and creamy. It's less jammy than Strawberry Queen Knight, it's a sweeter Lost Fog Streek (which I love).

No reasonable person would ever give this less than 5/10 no matter what their tastes, and no-one who even vaguely enjoys milk and strawberry would give it less than 8/10. Personally, it get's 10/10, it's the indulgent creamy strawberry milkshake I love. No dryness like mother's milk, no harshness like mr Macaron (although I do enjoy that in it's place), just soft, smooth cream and strawberry clouds.

I think I slightly prefer Unicorn Milk, it seems just a tiny bit 'fuller'?? than this, but this is a 10/10 2nd best strawberry cream flavour for me. ignore the negative reviews, it's just a silly internet thing - this is the best thing in my juice drawer right now, I can't believe the price I got it for.

By from Northern Ireland

Never again (09 December 2016)

I bought this e liquid based on good reviews from everyone else as I like the creamy liquids. I gotta say I won't be buying it again!
The first few draws weren't too bad but the more I vaped the more it started to taste like a really sweet strawberry popcorny taste to it which was really sickening.

So therefore I have had to throw away almost the whole bottle
Vaping in the baby beast tank from smok at 60w on a 0.15 quad coil

By from Turkey

Too Sweet, not an all day vape. (04 December 2016)

The moment I take a single puff from my RDA, I felt like I ate a spoon of malt sugar. I dont know why people put tons of sweetener to such a good eliquid. It could be a worldwide star and number one without the sweetener. To me, this is unvapable due to tons of sugar taste.

By from Narvik, Norway

This is some really good liquid ! (14 November 2016)

Took a gamble(as usual) and ordered this from V.C never having tried it before.
I'm glad I did because this is one of the better strawberry milk-liquids on the market imo.
First time I tried it, it felt a bit harsh in the throat but I let it steep for about two weeks and now I could really taste the different flavour notes. Yummy strawberry on the inhale and thick, smooth and rich creaminess on exhale.
It doesn't get much better than this, guys<3

By from Exeter, Devon

A definite must for Strawberry and cream fans (09 November 2016)

Brilliant tasting juice, fresh Strawberry and whipped cream. The juice does exactly what it says on the tin. It's got a smooth ripe Strawberry taste on the inhale with creamy goodness on the exhale.

Would I buy again, defintly!

Cleito @ 44w 0.4 ohm
Troll v2 @ 50w 0.6 single Claptonight with muji cotton.

By from london

Very very nice (19 October 2016)

was a bit sceptical about this 1 but its bang very nice value and a very nice strawberry creme vape a must try

By from Blackpool

Whip'd Strawberry (15 October 2016)

Just received this today and been vaping all day on this creamy strawberry. Will now have to re-order as half gone already chain vaping. Now on my list of favourites highly recommend if you like cream and strawberry.

By from Darlington

Started out nice...gave me the tickely cough from hell! (14 September 2016)

I quite like Whip'd' liquids and this was the last flavour for me to try from them. Tastes perfectly fine. Very pleasant.

However, it gave me the worst tickly cough. One I could not shift until I stopped using it. Now, to be clear, I do not want to blame a liquid if it's not responsible. I've used many liquids so far and had no issues with any of them beyond liking the favour or not. This liquid is the first and only time I've had a cough in 2 years. I liked the flavour on this one (it really is a mild strawberry milkshake) but after a day of use I found my throat just feeling scratchy all the time (thus a cough started). After two days I sapped to another liquid and the cough instantly went away. Started using it again..cough re appears again. Swapped one last time...cough stops. Used it again today...yeah, I'm coughing and it's not nice.

I'm going to assume its something on the "strawberry" flavouring side that Whip'd' use. None of their other liquids did this nor has any other in the last few years. Nice flavour (and it really is) but it might just have unpleasant side effects for some. Hope I'm in a minority as I like their stuff as a rule. Worth trying for most but if you start coughing...stop using!

By from Stirling

Lovely vape (12 September 2016)

Very nice creamy liquid, as another review said it lacks a bit of Strawberry flavour. Great price for a 60ml bottle though and will definitely be trying the full range. Reminds me of breezy shake a bit only you get more bang for your buck.
Next day delivery from vape club = happy customer

By from Oxford

Every day vape .. im WHIP'D (11 September 2016)

This is at the moment the best ejuice i have vaped .. no horrible taste , creamy vape with a nice strawberry flavour with every vape a great all round ejuice love it deffo will be buying again 60ml at 20 quid is also great!
Vaping with an innokin cool fire IV tc100 at 40w and 375F with ss isub coil 0.5ohm

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