Kibitzer E-Liquid by Five Pawns Taken Three
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Kibitzer by Five Pawns Taken Three features a blend of Pineapple and Cake.

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By from Cambridge

Bit puzzled (15 September 2016)

Tricky one this.
I stopped buying five pawns juices a while back as superb as they are the price is just a little extreme for eliquid.
Very excited about trying this .
Tried it on a .4 Clapton @ 60 watts to start and the flavour was very muted.
Generically sweet,nice but not WOW
Next tried it in a single micro coil .8 in the derringer @ 38 watts
Better but still no wow!
I'll continue tinkering but after an hour I must admit I was slightly underwhelmed for a juice in this price bracket.
It's nice.
Just not ..special.
Jimmy the juice man does the broad,fruity flavours much better

By from Wimbledon

Amazing all day Vape! (05 July 2016)

This ejuice has it all.. the flavour, the inhale / exhale ratio and the vg. It smokes to well and the flavour is subtle yet intense. It's unlike most pineapple flavours, it's more of a juicy tropical version than an overpowering sour taste which most liquids have. I am truly impressed.
A full 10 star for Kibitzer.

Perfect ADV (20 May 2016)

Perfect from the start, everything I expected in taste. Grilled pineapple & sponge cake.
Neither flavour is too overpowering. Inhale with grilled pineapple & exhale a sweet cake taste. I can vape this all day, and I have.
One of my favourites

By from UK

Sweet. (12 May 2016)

Could have used a little more pineapple as it was slightly lacking, tastes more like a sweetend sponge cake with only the faintest hint of a pineapple... Its still a pleasant taste though and I quite like it, just needs a touch more pineapple.

By from kentucky

kibitzer (11 May 2016)

its okay tasting I put a new coil in it and it almost taste burnt but I wasn't sure if that's just the grilled pineapple taste. anybody have any feedback to this?

By from Ipswich

Amazing! (19 April 2016)

This is a amazing juice straight from the bottle. A delicious smooth pineapple which isn't overpowering. I have 6mg and using a subtank mini SSOCC 0.5 ohm coil at 20-25w the throat hit is medium and not a huge cloud production but very tasty. Great VC service as ever.
Not too sweet and a good ADV

By from london

Delicious (14 April 2016)

This is delicious! The pineapple is very strong and clear in it, to the point where you almost taste the acidity of a real pineapple - yet somehow it manages to stay incredibly smooth at the same time, and has none of the harshness that some fruit flavours can have. It has some sweetness to it also, as if the pineapple is perfectly ripened. Perhaps it is the 'cake' element that soothes the flavour? I have been stuck on mystique asteria as my all day vape for a year, and have never found a comparable e-liquid, but I certainly think this could hold up against it. Having said that, I have only had this liquid for a day so I might change my mind. I am on an aspire quest kit on a very low wattage.

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