Peppermint Disposable Vape

Peppermint e-liquids, believe it or not, are quite complex. In nature, peppermint is created by crossing watermint and spearmint. So, when it comes to e-liquid you’ll experience a sweet taste undercut by cool and almost-spicy notes. Looking for a really icy vape? Try it combined with menthol. For a sharper exhale there’s peppermint paired with lemon, and for those vapers with a sweeter tooth there are many blends available that combine the mint with candy. Their versatility and popularity has led to a rise of e-liquids available to suit every kit. This includes 50/50 and high PG liquids, if you’re looking for something that creates more vapour why not try a 70% VG e-liquid.

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1 x 2ml
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Triple Mint Riot Squad Q Bar Disposable Vape

550 Puffs, 0 - 20mg, Hybrid Nic Salt, Inhale Activated, Recyclable
1 x 2ml
50% VG

Cool Mint Moreish Puff Air Bar Disposable Vape

575 Puffs - Outlasts 20 Cigarettes, 20mg Nic Salt, No Maintenance