Amaretto E-liquid

Amaretto e-liquids are a vaper’s interpretation of the distinct rich taste that this popular liqueur is known for. Despite the rarity of amaretto e-liquids, you’ll find that almond vapes have a similar flavour profile and make a great alternative. Thanks to its sweetness, it can mellow the more woody or bitter notes of many tobacco blends, creating a welcome balance in flavour. With salt nicotine options, you’ll be able to find amaretto e-liquids that are smoother on the throat. However, if you prefer a throat feel that’s more like a cigarette, there are freebase blends available too.

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50% VG

Firewater No. Three E-Liquid by Manabush

Tobacco, Bourbon, Amaretto, Red Fruits
50% VG

The Humidor Pack by Firewater

Tobacco, Bourbon, Red Fruits, Cola, Lime