Divided By Taste: See The UK's Most Popular Flavours In The Year 2020


Britain is a mixed melting point, so it’s no surprise that the UK is somewhat divided by taste, particularly when it comes to e-liquid. The e-liquid flavours in Britain can be viewed above and it makes for some interesting viewing.

As evident, it’s pretty fair to conclude that menthol e-liquid and strawberry e-liquid are resounding nationwide winners, yet there are some surprises with Huddersfield liking a spot of vanilla and Doncaster fancying a twist of lemon. Overall, London follows the nation’s same trend of menthol and strawberry yet the West and South West of the capital seem to like tobacco e-liquid the most.

These might be the nation's favourites, but we cater to every kind of vapour and are proud to stock the UK's largest range of e-liquid flavours. Our range is packed with e-liquid to suit every budget, with a comprehensive selection of VG/PG ratios and bottle sizes available. 


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