Service URL to stop smoking now What method do the services or campaigns use? Successful quit rate (at 1 year) Online / Offline? NHS Affiliated (Yes/No)
NHS Smoke Free Online initiative which helps smokers with a tailored specialist quit plan through the help of advice, NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) and support. 36% Online Yes
Stoptober Annual month long initiative to highlight smoking's destructive nature 20% Online Yes
Smoke Free Life Drop-in clinics, support packs, helplines, group sessions (n/a) Offline No
VApril Encouraging the use of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation through social media campaigns, industry events, talks etc. 51% Online & Offline No
ASH (Action On Smoking & Health) National campaigning on tobacco epidemic with informative reports and guidance to smokers without condemning. (n/a) Online No
Quit Charity initiative who rely on fundraising and camapigning to succeed. Use helplines and community programmes to help smokers stop and young people to never start smoking. (n/a) Online/Offline No
Allen Carr Acclaimed author and ex-smoker with a worldwide outreach of stop smoking seminars, lectures and one-to-one sessions. Also extends to other addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs. 22% Online/Offline No
Quit With Help Neat online campaign with animated story videos & facts regarding smoking and health. (n/a) Online/Resources No
Hypnotherapy Directory A directory of hypnotherapists skilled and experienced in dealing with stop smoking. 20% Offline No
Platinum Healing - Stop Smoking Retreat An independent health retreat in Suffolk who use juice detoxing, yoga, hypnotherapy, reflexology and acupuncture to dispell smoking habits. (n/a) Offline No