Hugo Vapor are a vape hardware company specialising in mods with an emphasis on feel and ergonomic design. Some brands focus specifically on advanced chipsets with no real care for grip, however, Hugo Vapor constructs lightweight, comfortable mods with the technology to go with it.

The bulk of their range consists of devices that are simple to use and require little maintenance, making vaping as easy as possible. For the more advanced users, a range of output modes and safety features, such as variable wattage and temperature control, highlight Hugo Vapors all-inclusive approach to vaping.

If you're after a tactile mod that features a range of modes, then Hugo Vapor is the brand for you.

Hugo Orbiter GT230 230W Vape Box Mod
Hugo Orbiter GT230 230W Vape Box Mod
230W Output, Requires Dual 18650 Batteries, Lightweight, VW & TC Modes