Kanger Ceramic Coil
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Kanger Ceramic Coil
Kanger Subtank & Toptank Range, Nebox, Subvod
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Kanger CLOCC Ni200 Coil
Kanger CLtank
Kanger CLOCC Replacement Coil
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Kanger CLOCC Replacement Coil
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Kangertech SSOCC Replacement Coils
Kanger Subtank & Toptank range, Nebox, Subvod
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Kanger VOCC-T Coil
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3 stars (0)

By AJ from London

Hit&Miss. (18 May 2018)

I've had mixed experiences with these coils.
When they are good, they are really really good. Great flavour, great vapour production, and one coil can last a week, to 10 days.
When they are bad, they suck. Dry burning, horrible throat hit and last no more than 2 days.
Is a shame, as I love my TopTank Nano, but I'm not prepared to waste any more of my money on inconsistently performing coils.

By Sailorman444 from Belfast

Nice flavour (18 April 2017)

These coils provide so much flavour from your juice. Sometimes they leak, but from watching a YouTube tutorial on how to prevent this I have found that these coils are on the more reliable side when it comes to KangerTech.

By leelee from west yorkshire

poor (26 August 2016)

really poor never had a worse coil then these they leak like mad and really don't last that long on watts over 30 get the sscc ones way better but vape club yet again fast postage

By ramage from London

Wasting my juice. Ruining my trousers. (19 August 2016)

These coils leak horrendously for no apparent reason. You'll go into your pocket and emerge with your hand covered in juice. Just a terrible piece of design.

By MarkyB from Cambs, UK

leak, leak, leak (21 July 2016)

I've been vaping for over 18 months & used various coil arrangements in that time. I've used 4 of these coils and although they vape fairly well, 3 of them have leaked (leaked out of the air holes). I've ruined a pair of jeans & a leather jacket. I changed my tank to check that it wasn't a faulty tank.
Ive also e-mailed Kanger.

By Jase from Uk

So far so good (25 June 2016)

Just received my claptons and producing such a sick flavour and good clouds! Heard about them not lasting so long but will Probs update in the future if they don't... So far so good!

By dsa22 from london

have to agree (15 March 2016)

have to agree with other reviews. these were great for the first day or so then tasted burnt. i went threw all 5 in a few weeks. ive since switched to the SOCC and they are miles better.

By lfc Jon from Plymouth

clapton coils (04 March 2016)

try'ed out Clapton coils.
three in 2 days last coil did not last one hour like to think I had a bad box of 5 coils
Put in old occ 1.2 coil had it in for 3 days so far
got a box of ssocc 1.2 coils see how I get on
Using them with Odyssey 18650m and Kanger tech Toptank Mini so not using on big power

By Tom from North East

Dissapointed (03 March 2016)

Only tried one so far, it produced great vapor and flavor however i have only been using it since tuedsday... it is now thursday and already i need a new coil. if these lasted longer i'd give them 8/10, but they don't so i'm only giving them a 3/10.

By C6ckney from London

Not to great.... (24 February 2016)

I tried these in a hope for a better coil over the old square type. I have the 0.5 OHM and am running it at 35w. After a day or so everything just taste burnt! It's a great vape for a while then it goes down hill very fast! Gone through 4 of these now and all have been the same.

I will try the standard new style SSOCC coil, hope they are better! If not gon go back to the old style.....