Digiflavor Drop 24mm RDA

24mm Diameter, Multiple Coil Builds, Squonk Compatible

Temporarily Out Of Stock

The Digiflavor Drop RDA has been designed by the Vapor Chronicles and is the latest Digiflavour RDA. It features 4 large post holes and duel airflow which allows for a bottom airflow experience with no leaking.

The airflow design allows for precise control and an ultra smooth, whistle free vaping experience. The post placement and large spacious juice well allow for perfect liquid disbursement whatever your vaping style.

The Drop RDA is supplied with two different sized 810 drip tips and a 510 drip tip adaptor, you will find a standard 510 and raised BF squonk 510 pin.


  • 1 x DigiFlavor Drop RDA
  • 2 x 810 Drip Tips
  • 1 x 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Bottom Feed Positive Pin


  • 24mm Diameter
  • Dual Airflow
  • Single, Dual, Triple and Quad Coil builds
  • Removed Gold Plated positive and negative posts
  • Deep and Spacious Juice well
  • Internal raised BF Squonk Pin included.

Important information about Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers:

Rebuildable atomisers are recommended only for experienced users. You should have the knowledge and access to the equipment that is required to set up this atomiser properly.

Before building or using an RDA you should have a thorough knowledge of battery safety, Ohm's Law and vaping in general.

Before fitting a coil onto your rebuildable atomiser ensure it is in a safe condition and registering the correct Ohmage, this testing and checking can be achieved by using a dedicated Ohmmeter. Coils should not be tested on vape devices.

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By Steve from London

Simple and Effective! (23 July 2019)

I purchased the Dead Drop as my first RDA around 4-5 weeks ago, and it opened my mind to dripping. Previously I was using the Smok Prince with bubble glass and hating the coil prices.
The Dead Drop was ok, but I found it took a lot of re-positioning to get the best flavour but I always felt it was just ok for both flavour and clouds. I decided to try the Digiflavour Drop...and man, do I wish I got this first.
Easy to build on, the drip tip (problem with my Dead Drop), feels glued in place. Easy to build on and the airflow is superb. Loads of space if you want to ram it full of cotton but I have found just having the ends of the wick touching the deck the best. Super easy to set up and a nice robust feel

By Tad from London

Fantastic all rounder (19 June 2019)

Fantastic to build on. It was first and still one of my most used RDA's. Warm vape comes off this and loads of airflow... I have it in squank mode on my topside and honestly no complains. Great build quality too. its not a flavour beast but an overall great tank.

By SSM from Keighley

Great RDA (17 April 2019)

One of the most reflowing RDA's on the market. Cloud production is excellent with flavour to match. Personally prefer this over the dead rabbit. Better in drip mode than squonk. Definitely one of my favourites and for the price it's a bargain. Best build deck on the market too. Super easy to work on.

By Cee

Great Flavour and Build Quaility! (03 April 2019)

I've been nursing my old Wotofo TROLL v2 for a while now. It was never a great RDA, but it produced decent flavour and was easy to slap a build on.
Finally I decided to pick up a new toy and the Drop was that deck.
First impressions was great with it's nice simple yet sturdy design with its unique T bar airflow system.
The finish (Gun metal) is nice and it wasnt covered in oil (I still washed it) and fits together nicely.
The deck has a nice bent post system that allows for coils to be dropped in, at first it felt odd, but given a week of messing about it'll be simple.
The gold plated terminals are a nice touch and everything can be removed for cleaning.
The air flow system is amazing! It has 16 holes that can all be shut down individually and the coil placement and cleaver design means the air hole always match to the coils thanks to a little notch on the bottom of the barrel.
I quickly wrapped up a couple 24ag 6 wrap kanthal coils 0.22 I'd been using in the troll for an easy comparison and added some really berry and fired away full @46.5w and the flavour was miles better fully opened than the troll (naturally) and after shutting down a few holes I've come to find the flavour and cloud are leaps ahead.
The box comes with the usual spares o-rings,grubs,tool and a 510 and 810 drip tios which both fit solidly. It's nice to have the choice for either cloud or flavour.
All in all I'm pleased and think its £20 well spent even if there is better or newer rda's out this one fit my needs perfectly.
Also shout out to VC for always delivering quickly and undamaged. You people are doing gods work.

By Snowdoggy from South Yorkshire

Best Birthday Present Ever! (24 November 2018)

I have been wanting a decent RDA and after months of research and watching and studying RDA videos and reviews online, I decided the best bet was to go for the Digi Drop so asked for one for my birthday which isn't until the Friday after next.
I've got this week off work so managed to persuade my better half into letting me have my present early so I can have a whole week of freedom to play with it.
All I can say is wowzer! I have been blown away by how easy it is to build on and the flavour and clouds are mind blowing.
I chose the solid gun metal finish and the machining and finish is top notch. A really luxurious feel and look to it.
I have dug a few old juices out of my vape cupboard that I didn't think had any flavour at all when used on my various tanks and they taste fantastic on this RDA. Just what I hoped they would taste like when I purchased them and the juices I already love taste even better.
One thing I will advise to newbies like me is to take a few hours and watch experienced vapers set the Digi Drop up online to get the positioning of the coils and the wicking correct before using as I have heard that it can make a major difference to both flavour and performance.
Well worth five stars and I highly recommend to anyone wanting to delve into RDAs.

By Ryan from Surrey

Muted flavour (09 October 2018)

OK so my first thoughts on the tank are pretty good, exceptional quality and really easy to build on. The only niggle that I have is that compared to my scion 2 tank the flavour is rather muted. I've tried running through the different wattage modes, I've even tried flat coil wire and closing off some of the vents and still I get less flavour than my tank. I'm also using cotton bacon prime which has been pretty good. I prefer the fruit flavours and truly I just get lots of sweet with really little flavour notes. This is a hot vaping rda as the coils sit quite high but that suits me just fine. This Rda is a massive cloud chaser. If you are a dripper this unit does suffer from hot spit back, however running it in squonk mode it is buttery smooth and have as yet not had any spit back. If the flavour was better I'd give it top marks. I'm going to try the solo drop to see if I get more flavour as it is a smaller unit.

By Rda Newbie

Blown Away (10 July 2018)

As a complete newbie to RDA's I didn't know what to expect from the drop. I started on the Athena squonk and was happy but after seeing multiple reviews stating how good the drop is I gave it ago. As the title states I was blown away, the design works perfect from the 4 posts to build on to the side air flow. It's easy to build on, wick and use even for a beginner and once you're set this thing is smooth. You can chug big clouds and flavor so I highly recommend this product.

By Anonymous

Drop rda matt black (07 April 2018)

Really nice flawless rda also have pulse 24 and bonza used the pulse 24 as all day tank as i was getting into sqounking as it is good starter sqounk rda but am now using drop which has improved flavour probably due to bigger juice well it is must have rda and a breeze to build on and high quility finish

By Oldvaper from London

Great (10 March 2018)

What can I say only had this a week and what a great RDA works well with any coil build you want to use and clouds for days

By DB from Surrey

Seriously, the first to review this RDA?! (02 March 2018)

The hype around this has been massive and it’s all justified! For such a simple piece of kit, there’s so much you can do with it. I’ve only run basic builds in it for the three weeks I’ve had it, but it can take all sorts of coils in a number of configurations. The two main things beyond that are the airflow and coil positioning - so much adjustability and flavour. It looks good too, and either two-tone option will sit on top of almost any mod and look great while also giving a fantastic vape. Got mine in black and use it on my RX Gen 3 - hoping to see Vape Club pick up the solid colour options so I can get matte black and blue too! Buy one.