Smok Resa V12 Prince Vape Tank
0.12Ω, 0.15Ω, 0.4Ω
Smok Resa V12 Prince Vape Tank
Top Fill, Bottom Airflow, LED Coil
Smok TFV-Mini V2 Vape Tank (TFV8 Baby V2)
0.17Ω, 0.2Ω
Smok TFV-Mini V2 Vape Tank (TFV8 Baby V2)
2ml Capacity, Top Fill, Dual Bottom Airflow, Direct To Lung
Smok TFV12 Baby Prince Vape Tank
0.15Ω, 0.4Ω
Smok TFV12 Baby Prince Vape Tank
2ml Capacity, Bottom Airflow, Large Range of Coils, High Performance
Smok TFV12 Prince Vape Tank
0.12Ω, 0.15Ω, 0.4Ω
Smok TFV12 Prince Vape Tank
Top Fill, Adjustable Airflow, Low Resistance Coils
Smok TFV8 X Baby Vape Tank
0.25Ω, 0.4Ω
Smok TFV8 X Baby Vape Tank
2ml Capacity, Top Airflow, Top Fill
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1 star (0)

By weegkreeft from The Netherlands

Not for me (14 March 2018)

I was looking for a robust, good quality tank for mouth to lung vaping when I gave up cigs. I was not too happy with this tank. It is difficult to pour in eliquid, the coils are almost impossible to prime (the coils therefore lasted only 2 days). In case of inapperent differences between coils, the coil got stuck (screwed stuck) in the upper part of the tank, and leaked empty. Threw one of the tanks away, bought a new one and that was even worse with the coils getting stuck. It is now a back-up tank, in case my Uwell Mini dies.

By moonwitch from Belgium

It started off well (04 February 2018)

I've had this tank for a while; it was my 'upgrade' from my TFv4, how I wish I had never traded 'up'. Flavor was ok, but this thing leaked like hell. It actually ruined my mod (built-in battery). I tried o-ring replacements, different coils, everything. Even wrote Smok themselves, and other then o-rings nothing. I trashed this tank because it was so unreliable, which is a shame since I had such high hopes.

By Nate from Hertfordshire

Baby tank. (27 October 2017)

Love this tank great vape and pure taste of juice, always grab the q2 coils for this baby

By IAN from England

Monster of a tank (21 October 2017)

Great sub-ohm tank! Drinks juice like no other though! The clouds from this with a high VG juice will create thick clouds and incredible flavour. Definitely worth the price and speedy delivery from vapeclub.

By DB from Surrey

Yes! Merry Christmas to me! (25 December 2016)

As politely and persistently requested, my missus got me this for Christmas (from Vape Club, naturally!) Only been playing with it for a few hours, but already gone through a tank and a half of juice, and it's great. No more tentatively staying around the 60W mark - this bad boy demands the extra power! Tooting away very happily at 85W on the 0.2 coil and I'm getting so much flavour and such big clouds, it's unreal. I've been very happy with the Baby Beast, and this looks and works much the same way, but just cranks everything up a notch. Performance aside, it's got so much in the packaging with it, including a 0.15 quad coil, an RBA and two extra glasses (one for use with the RBA). This is going to be my new 'home' tank, and I'll switch to the Baby for out and about.

By mickieboy from Hertfordshire

Wow a brilliant and impressive tank (24 December 2016)

I got this tank to go with my Smok alien and wow this is one impressive tank I bought the alien kit and the tank that came with it is good I just wanted something that had a bigger capacity it gives more cloud more flavour and holds 5 ml of liquid and you also get the added bonus of the rba deck that comes with it so that you can build your own coils I have not used this deck yet but I will do as I do like to build my own coils also the rba deck comes with two coils already on so you can use it straight away out of box and all the other spare parts that you get with it in the box is an even bigger added bonus this Is a perfect match for the alien and yet it is a another brilliant product that has come from smok I am giving this 10 stars as I really love this tank I would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for a bigger and brilliant tank to go with the alien.
Brilliant customer service and quick delivery as usual form vape club thanks again vape club you guys are brilliant. A+++++++

By Mick R from Scottish Borders

Impressive (22 December 2016)

A very impressive piece of kit.. I bought an OSUB Kit which comes with Brit Beast tank from SMOK, pre-installed with the 2-core head. This was ok, but lifted to another level when I put a T8 (8-coil) head in it, however still strangely unsatisfying, and leaks juice like a sieve.

I ordered a TFV8 Big Baby, simply so that I could keep 2 different flavours "on the go".
On receiving it, with preinstalled 4-core head, I filled up with Manabush Chiricahua 12Mg, and popped it on the OSUB.

What a difference - like chalk and cheese - the Big Baby is on a whole different plane - hugely improved taste, bigger clouds, and so far the leaks are nothing like the "out-pouring" from the Brit Beast. whether the 4-core head (fires at considerably less Watts than the T6 and T8) is making the difference I don't know, but will try the 6 and 8-core heads in rotation so see which is preferable.

Either way, I now know that a TFV8 Big Baby with T4 coil is light years ahead of the Brit Beast and I won't be going back - this is what vaping SHOULD be like!

Highly recommend this great tank

By Ben from Newark

Wow (15 December 2016)

Wow just wow. I thought the TFV8 baby tank was good but this is on another level. Wanted a tank with a bigger capacity so decided do buy this.

Using the 0.15 ohm T8 coils vaping at 80 watts on the Smok alien the vapour it produces is crazy. The flavour as well is on another level I thought the baby was good but this again is on another level. Vaping apple butter by liquid state at 6mg is brilliant.

Highly recommend this great tank

By Andy.1 from Leeds

Go straight to the front of the que! (10 December 2016)

If you're looking around for a new tank then this is the first and last tank you should check out.
I've been a Kanger man for nearly 3 years now and as much as I love a subtank this is another level or two up!
Easy to fill, awesome looking coils the rba deck even has two coils pre fitted just ready for some bacon.
The flavour and clouds produced from the .15ohm coil is as close to building your own deck as you'll get but without any of the hassles and I've not tried the .2ohm triple beast one yet.
Loads of spares come in the box including a spare glass collar which is always nice.
Sits very nicely on my Tessla Nano 60w especially in black. Doesn't seem to leak but it does like to burn it's way through a bottle quite quickly.

By Norwegian Vaper from Narvik, Norway

Best Sub Ohm-tank 2016 (05 December 2016)

In my (subjective)opinion this is by far the best sub ohm-tank so far this year.
The Cloud Beast was never a big favorite for me, it had a lack of flavour even when vaping on insane wattages.. It also drinks ejuice like a crazy person!
The Baby Beast was more up my alley, it had tons of flavour and nice clouds.
But for me, it felt to constricted, not enough airflow and had this whistling noise sometimes when i was vaping on it.

The Big Baby has none of these problems, the airflow is back!
Big Baby uses the same widebore driptip as Tfv8 cloud beast but there's a 510-adapter in the "goodiebag" if you want to use your own driptip.
There's also a few coils included and an rba-deck.

High value for your money! Imo this is by far the best sub ohm tank so far in 2016.
Wish I could give this tank 100 stars(Y)(Y)