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Aspire Nautilus X Replacement Coil
5 Pack
1.5Ω, 1.8Ω
Aspire Nautilus X Replacement Coil

The latest iteration of Aspire's venerable Nautilus tank; the Nautilus X is a great upgrade for a beginner from a more basic device. The Nautilus X takes its innovations from the well-regarded Cleito tank and distils them down to a user-friendly and easy to use package.

Featuring Aspire's U-tech coil technology that improves airflow and flavour performance, it also improves on the excellent mouth-to-lung performance that the original Nautilus is known and loved for.

The Nautilus X is ideally vaped between 14 and 20 watts.


  • 1 x Aspire Nautilus X Tank
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x Replacement 1.5 Ohm Coil


  • 2ml Capacity 
  • Top Fill Design
  • Leak Proof Design

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Aspire Nautilus X Replacement Coil
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Aspire Nautilus X
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Aspire Nautilus X Tank
Top Fill, Great Mouth To Lung Tank, Ideal For Beginners

By from Surrey

All rounder perfect for beginers (28 February 2017)

All the tanks I've owned over the years... the X is the only one not to flood the coils when I take it out with me to work.

No spitting, no flooding.

The airflow setting is not easy to see, and you should (but don't really have to) empty the tank to change the coil.
But for the sheer day to day performance of the tank it's a solid 5 stars from me.

By from uk

Great MTL tank (23 February 2017)

Firstly, forget this if you're *not* a MTL vaper.

This is a tiny tank, even with the extension kit (totally recommended, and ups it to 4ml capacity), it's about the same height as most other tanks. it's really well made, simple to fill, and genuinely leak free - nothing has leaked at all in 4 months of abuse.

I don't understand complaints about the airflow control - it's tiny, yes, but this just means you can't accidentally move it. it's a nice draw fully open (remember, MTL!) and can be closed right down.

Flavour. I've compared this directly to a Nautilus mini, and can honestly say, the X is just as good. BUT, the 1.5 ohm coils are dire. stick to the 1.8 coils at around 14W. Perfect.

No problems at all with 70% vg.

So, Small, great flavour on the 1.8 coils, and I'm getting a solid 2-3 weeks from the coils, at about 5ml a day.

100% recommended, especially with the extension kit, which also cools the vape down a little; the only complaint I'd have is that it's a little hot with the 2ml setup.

By from `UK

Nautilus X (09 February 2017)

Bought this tank because nearly every other tank on the market is sub-ohm.

Perfect for new vapers, casual vaper, people trying to quit smoking and people like me who dont want to blow the biggest clouds possible.

New U shaped atomizer design seems logical and well designed, two internal coils give you good vapour production and flavour while the U shape of air flow reduce chance of leakage or spitting. This atomizer was advertised as 'leak proof' and it seems to do the jobs but can still get build up in the mouth piece after heavy usage.
TIP: make sure you prime new atomizers before use by dabbing a few drops of juice on each side of cotton. Coils should last about 2-3 weeks.

I dont like how the 'top-fill' loading works, if the atomizer isnt properly screwed into the base then when you twist the top of the tank off it can unscrew the atomizer from the base and cause juice to flow into the connection, making a real mess. If you unscrew carefully this doesnt seem to happen very often.

Top air flow seems to work nicely, no blockages or leaks.

2ML tank capacity is not great but we will blame that on the new TPD regs. (i understand there is an extension kit that increase to 4 or 5 ML)

Been using this between 15-20W (depending on juice) on a 1.5ohm coil and it gives great flavour and cloud production.

Overall i would definitely recommend this tank, its hardly perfect but its consistent and efficient. Great mouth to lung device.

Also, a rubber mouth piece would be nice, hard plastic sometimes hits your teeth :)

By from London

Great tank but needs pockex coils (31 December 2016)

This tank is great for me, the flavour is great and the design is fantastic. Having said that, the new pockex from aspire has much better coils. They are 0.6 ohm and should definitely have been made for this tank originally. They are an exact match with the nautilus x tank. So everybody who isn't sure about this tank, go and get some pockex coils to go in it. 4 stars just for not making the right coils for the right tank

By from Birmingham

Totally regret this (22 December 2016)

I bought this tank from a store close to me as I wanted to replace my ageing Nautilus tank. I bought the Limited Edition version because for looks, this tank is stunning!

I got it home, primed the coil and let it sit and wick for 10 mins and tried it out on my RX200S on everything from 10 to 25 watts.

No flavour at all, even after using an entire 30ml bottle, the coils started to burn on 14W on the coil that came with the tank so I bought another Kenthal coil and the same thing happened.

I'm purely disappointed with this tank. I totally regret buying it and it is now sat in my drawer doing nothing.

I'd recommend totally avoiding this tank, it's useless!

By from London

Aspire Nautilus X Tank (04 December 2016)

I have owned this tank for 4 months now and I must say it is a good tank produces great taste and easy to use. However there is a major flaw with the design. Having to fill from the top and also adjusting airflow from the top with a micro adjuster has lead to the airflow being completely jammed. No way of unjamming it even using 2 sets of pliers. I am no way heavy handed realizing from the beginning that this is going to be a problem. Just tightening a touch too much after filling up can lead to the airflow being solid jammed. So have to buy again or try different tank.

By from London

Good (09 August 2016)

I am sitting here right now with my Nautilus Mini and Nautilus X in front of me, both sitting on an identical mod, and holding the exact same eJuice.

Head to Head, Who Wins?

Design - Nautilus X (Looks modern, and stealthier)

Ease of Use - Nautilus X (Top fill is apprecaited)

Vapour Production - It's a tie (ever so slightly more on the Mini)

Airflow - Nautilus Mini (Better Draw & Easier to adjust)

Leakage - Nautilus Mini - (Neither "leaks", but the X does get Clammy after fills)

Flavour - Nautilus Mini! Nautilus Mini Nautilus Mini! - (X Doesn't even come close.)

Winner - Nautilus Mini

The new design is welcome from Aspire, and I appreciate the thought behind the U Tech coil design, but they do not deliver the "more vapour and flavour" that Aspire claim. The flavour does not have a patch on the old BVC coils, it's not bad by any means, it's good, just no, no, no way near as tastier than the Mini, it's miles apart.

Due to this, I could no way recommend anyone who owns a mini to "upgrade", or recommend anyone to purchase this over the Nautilus Mini, why would you want half the flavour your juice is capable of delivering.

By from Sussex

X tank (02 July 2016)

Gr8 little tank looks good
Only had it a few hours seems to do what it says on the tin really good taste 4 a mouth to lung
Vc you done it again free posted turns up next day keep up the great work vc

By from Warwickshire.

Great tank. (02 July 2016)

Stopped smoking 10 weeks ago and started off with the Nautilus Mini and progressed on to the X yesterday and have to say the taste is much better.
I like this machine, a lot.
Sweet spot on an Eleaf 50w IStick for me is 18w 5.3v with the air-holes half open.
Love the design and the drip tip is a perfect size (same as a regular cig)
Dual coil gives out a much better flavour.
No cons as far as i can see...lovely piece of kit.

By from London

The Nautilus 2 (15 June 2016)

The best tank I have ever bought, period.

On my Mini Volt, it is the worlds smallest vaping setup, google it, it's outrageous, and people always ask me, "dude, what is that!?".

On my Coolfire IV Plus, it sits flush, and doesn't look out of proportion like the Nautilus or Triton Mini did. And I get about 5 days of battery life!! You heard me right, 5 Days!!!

The coils are immense, 2 weeks now and the original in the box is vaping like brand new. It can wick any juice. The airflow is perfection, allowing me to find the sweet toke of the original Nautilus (something that was missing on the Triton Mini). Flavour is fantastic, vapour is lovely, but the "Hit" is second to none.

This is the Nautilus 2 that I have been waiting so patiently for, and it's been worth the wait. Aspire have taken everything we loved about the original, and produced a sequel with a design more to todays standards. Just when I thought they couldn't beat 100%, they raise the bar.

I've seen a few slightly mixed reviews, as well as great ones, but experience has taught me reviews can be personal to everyone perspective. I'm glad I didn't listen to anyone and went out to try it, I'm the one that has to vape this thing everyday, so only my opinion matters, and in my view, no other tank has a patch on the X.

Mouth to Lung is back!

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