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The Cost Of Vaping VS Smoking

The price of cigarettes is on the rise and an increase in both tax and the cost of production means whether you prefer pre-rolled cigarettes or loose tobacco, you're going to feel the pinch. Understandably, the cost is a huge driving factor for people quitting smoking. Vaping, on the other hand, isn't taxed like cigarettes and the saving potential is massive.

It can be a bit tricky working out exactly how much you could pocket by making the switch, which is why we've created our Cost Comparison Calculator! Unlike other versions, ours tells you not only how much you could save by quitting smoking, but also how much the different kinds of vape kit will cost and how they measure up next to the price of cigarettes.

This full breakdown even includes the price of vital extras like replacement coils and e-liquid, for a complete picture.

The Vaping Calculator

To get started just pick your style of cigarette (Cigarettes or Roll-Ups) and then use the slider to select how many you smoke a day. From there, you'll be able to see how much you're currently spending on average and what you can save per week, month and year.

Further down is our breakdown of how much the different styles of vape kits cost compared to cigarettes, based on how much you smoke. We've also included a brief description of the different kinds of kits, the differences between them, and how to use them. Finally, after this breakdown, you can find the average prices of products we've based our calculations on and how frequently you need to purchase them. This is so you can better understand how we came up with our figures, but it's not essential.

What Do You Smoke?
How Many? 10 / Day
Annual Costs Potential Savings
Cigarettes / Roll-ups £2190 £0
Disposables £730 £1460
Prefilled Pod Kit £672 £1518
Refillable Pod Kit - built in coil £359 £1831
Refillable Pod Kit - replaceable coils £377 £1813
Tank Kit £343 £1847

Cost Of Cigarettes

Cost of cigarettes icon

Whether you're smoking roll-ups or readymade cigarettes you're going to have felt the effect of rising prices. Financial costs aside, cigarettes produce huge amounts of waste, are the leading cause of preventable deaths in the developed world, and they stink! Swapping the smokes for a vape could do more than help save your bank balance, but for now, let's focus on the fact that by making the switch you could save a lot of money. Exactly how much you save will depend on what kind of vape you pick, but it could be hundreds or even thousands.

Average Costs Potential Savings
Week £42 £0
Month £180 £0
Year £2190 £0

Cost Of Disposables

Cost of disposables icon

A good place to start this list, disposable vapes are without a doubt the simplest option available and are often the first kind of vape that beginners will try. Each device arrives prefilled with e-liquid and with a pre-charged battery so there's no setup, plus they're available in a range of flavours and nicotine strengths. When they're empty you can dispose of them and replace them with another. Although convenient, because you'll be constantly replacing your device when it runs out of e-liquid - although significantly cheaper than cigarettes they're not the cheapest vaping option long term.

Average Costs Potential Savings
Week £74.20 £148.40
Month £318 £636
Year £3869 £7738

Cost Of Prefilled Pod Kits

Cost of prefilled pod kits icon

Featuring replaceable prefilled e-liquid pods, and a slim design just like disposable vapes, prefilled pod kits are a popular choice. Maintenance is kept to a minimum - you'll only have to charge the battery and replace the pod when they run out of e-liquid, at the same time they're also cheaper because you won't be replacing an entire device: just the pods. We've included the cost of buying replacements in the weekly, monthly, and yearly breakdown. Although cheaper than smoking or using disposable vapes, the biggest savings can be found with kits that you fill yourself. They're slightly less convenient but more cost-effective.

Average Costs Potential Savings
Week £67.10 £155.50
Month £287.40 £666.60
Year £3497.10 £8109.90

Cost Of Refillable Pod Kits

Cost of Refillable Pod Kits With Built-in Coils icon

Rather than relying on prefilled pods, a refillable pod kit can be combined with an e-liquid that you've chosen. This means that they're cheaper to use but also give you a lot more options when it comes to flavour, nicotine strength, and nicotine type. You'll have to carry out a little bit of maintenance like charging the battery, refilling your pod, and swapping to a new pod around once a week, but because the pods feature built-in coils there are no messy coil changes to deal with. Our calculator includes the cost of replacement pods and e-liquid.

Average Costs Potential Savings
Week £24.90 £197.70
Month £106.90 £847.10
Year £1300.70 £10306.30

Cost Of Refillable Pod Kits With Removable Coils

Cost of Refillable Pod Kits With Removable Coils icon

Just as compact as a standard refillable pod kit, pod kits with replaceable coils offer a lot more in the way of customisation. Multiple coils have been designed for each kit and this means you can experiment with different levels of vapour production to find out what works for you. A little extra maintenance is involved because you'll have to replace your coil around once a week, in return you get a vape that's cheaper than disposables and cigarettes that you can finetune. Our cost breakdown includes the price of new coils and e-liquid for your kit, along with replacement pods.

Average Costs Potential Savings
Week £25.30 £197.30
Month £108.40 £845.60
Year £1318.70 £10288.30

Cost Of Tank Vape Kits

Cost of tank vape kits icon

Similar to pod kits with replaceable coils, vape kits with refillable tanks need to have their coils changed. They can help you save the greatest amount of money in the long run because the only kit part that needs to be replaced is the coil. A popular option, there are a lot of choices, with everything from vape pens to box mod kits and everything in between. They also boast the longest battery life out of every kind of vape kit and nothing comes close in terms of customisation, alongside a range of coils they also often feature built-in modes so you can change the power output or even temperature for the perfect inhale.

Average Costs Potential Savings
Week £24.60 £198
Month £105.60 £848.40
Year £1284.70 £10322.30

Cost Assumptions For Tobacco and Vapes

If you're wondering how we came up with these figures (you can skip this bit we won't get offended, promise), here's a breakdown of the average cost of cigarettes, vape kits, and all the extras. These might change: the price of cigarettes will only get higher, but this just means potentially bigger savings if you make the switch.

The pricing of the various vape products has been calculated using the average cost on Vape Club, and we have taken into account the multi-buy deals as they offer the best value and are the most popular method of purchasing products. There will, of course, be some cheaper products and some that are slightly more expensive, but the costs outlined below give a reliable indication as to how much you can save.

  • Loose Tobacco 30g Pouch (not including papers and filters): £20 / equivalent to 50 cigarettes
  • Pack Of 20 Cigarettes: £15
  • Disposable Vape (2ml): £4 / equivalent to 20 cigarettes
  • Prefilled Pod Kit: £15 / one purchased per year
  • Refillable Pod Kit: £20 / one purchased per year
  • Refillable Tank Kit: £20 / one purchased per year
  • 10ml E-Liquid: £3 / equivalent to 50 cigarettes
  • Built-In Coil Pod: £2.50 / one used per week
  • Refillable Removable Coil Pod: £2 / one used every three months
  • Coils For Pods: £2.50 / one used per week
  • Coils For Tanks: £2 / one used per week

Summing Up

Numbers don't lie, and if you're a smoker looking to save money vaping could be the solution you've been looking for! There are a lot of different kits to choose from and if you're feeling a bit stuck then we recommend you check out our vape kit guides, they're packed with advice and our recommendation on the best disposable vapes, top pod kits and which vape starter kit is the best to buy in 2024.

If you're looking for a direct recommendation on the best vape for you, from the experts, get in touch with our customer service team. They have all the info on the latest vapes and are always happy to lend a hand!

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