How To Vape Guides, News & Advice

Get the tips and advice you need to answer all your vaping questions with our guides! We're here to help you decide what's the best e-liquid, what kind of vape kit suits you, and even how to maintain your vape with step-by-step guides for changing coils and refilling your tank. Looking to speak to someone directly? Contact our Customer Service Team!

Beginner Vape Guides / New To Vaping?

Want to start vaping and need a bit of assistance? We've created a series of guides aimed squarely at beginners to help you learn about what vaping is, how to pick the right kit, and even how to trade your cigarettes for a vape. All in plain English with no jargon!

Product Guides

Need a little help picking a vape kit or e-liquid? Then rely on the experts! Our product guides are where you'll find top ten lists of the best products and guides on how to pick the right kit, e-liquid, pod kit, or disposable vape from our huge range.

Vape Health & Safety

Staying safe when vaping is important and whether it's finding out which countries you can vape in legally, how vaping is different from smoking, and even what the government's position on vaping is, our guides give you the information you really need!

Vaping Advice & News

Want to keep up-to-date on what's happening in the vaping world or just need a bit of advice? Then you're in the right place. These guides will help you with everything from spotting counterfeit vapes, to saving money when vaping, and vape laws that affect you.

Video Guides

If you're all about the visuals or just don't have time to read a guide, then our series of videos are the perfect option. We cover everything from picking your first vape kit, which e-liquid is best for your kit, and even how much you could save by switching to vaping.

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