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How To Check Your Vape Device Is Genuine

Here at Vape Club, we only buy from accredited manufacturers or wholesalers, so we know that every item we stock is genuine. However, there are many vendors out there that don't, which is how poor quality 'clones' are able to be sold to the unsuspecting public. These counterfeit copies of vape kits and disposable vapes can be very convincing and can easily catch people out. This has forced some manufacturers to devise a way for you to be able to verify their products.

We figured having them all in one place might make things easier, so here's a list of brands that allow you to verify the authenticity of their products.

Check Your Aroma King Product Authenticity

Each Aroma King bar comes with a security code on the packaging that you can use to verify whether your vape is genuine or not. To find it, you can scratch off the coating of the authentication label on the box and then enter it into the verification page on their website.

Aroma King disposable vapes are available with a large selection of fruit, soda and menthol flavours across two ranges. The e-liquid blends found in disposables are commonly replicated by counterfeiters, so remember to verify your device to ensure that you're receiving a genuine and high quality product.

Check Your Aspire Product Authenticity

Aspire products will have a 'scratch and check' label on the box, under which you'll find the verification code. When this code is entered into Aspire's official website (which we've linked below), they'll let you know whether your product is genuine.

As one of the most long-standing and trusted vaping manufacturers around, Aspire has produced some of the industry's most renowned hardware. With this in mind, you can see why nefarious con artists might make a clone or two.

Check Your Crystal Bar Product Authenticity

The SKE Crystal Bar boxes come with a verification code that you can type in on their website to check whether your vape is genuine or not. It comes in the form of a 14-digit password, which you simply enter on their verification page.

SKE crystal bars have become a household name in the world of vaping, creating disposables available in a wide range of distinctive flavours that are increasing in popularity. It's easy to see why clones and counterfeits exist on the market, so make sure to verify the provided code and keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Check Your dotMod Product Authenticity

On the side of your product's packaging, you'll find a security label. If you scratch this part off, it'll reveal the last four numbers of the 16-digit code. Then all you need to do is enter this number on dotMOD's website to find out if you have a genuine product.

dotMod is known for high-end vaping and features intricately designed hardware with serious attention to aesthetics. For this reason, their products are often cloned, but of course the quality is never what it should be.

Check Your Efest Product Authenticity

Efest provide an anti-counterfeit sticker with a 20-digit authentication code on the cell of each battery and on the box of their chargers. Entering this into their website will tell you if it's genuine and how many times the code has been looked up.

It's so important to be sure of what you're buying when it comes to batteries. A subpar battery can be dangerous, so we'd certainly recommend using their website to check the authenticity if you're unsure.

Check Your Eleaf Product Authenticity

Like many of the other brands, Eleaf's verification can be found on the back of the product box, alongside the serial number near the bottom. You'll have to scratch off the coating, which then reveals the anti-counterfeit code.

Eleaf are well known for their solid and dependable range of kits, mods and tanks. Their devices are often considered great value for money and due to this it's not that often there's news of an Eleaf clone, but it's always worth checking if possible

Check Your Elf Bar Product Authenticity

Elf Bar have made it easy to check whether your disposable vape is a clone or not. As well as a hologram sticker, micro text and an anti-counterfeiting pattern, you can simply scan the QR code and you'll know there and then whether you've got the real deal.

Elf Bar disposables have become one of the most popular and convenient ways to vape. As one of the leading brands in the industry, sneaky swindlers have tried their best to sell fakes. However, the innovative folks at Elf Bar created a way to counter the counterfeiters.

Check Your Elux Product Authenticity

All Elux Bar product packaging will come with an authentication label on the box. Once you've found it, you'll want to scratch off its holographic coating and scan the QR code, which will direct you to their verification page. You can then enter the authentication code above it to check if you've been sold a counterfeit product.

With so many fakes on the market nowadays, Elux have made use of advanced anti-counterfeiting technology to reduce the risk of you wasting your money on a counterfeit or poor-quality vape. This ensures that you can enjoy their premium quality and innovative products with peace of mind.

Check Your Freemax Product Authenticity

Freemax is a big brand in vaping and there are many rip-offs in circulation. Luckily, they've made it easy to verify your product. Scratching off the coating reveals a code that you can input into their website manually, otherwise just scan it with a smartphone.

Freemax have built their brand on precise design and enough variety to appeal to pretty much any vaper. With a huge range of popular vape kits, tanks and coils, Freemax products are often the target of cloning scams.

Check Your Geek Bar Product Authenticity

Geek Bar is another brand that's made big enough waves in the vaping industry that their products need verification. On every box, there's an authentication label. Scratch off the coating and enter the code into their website to know whether your item is genuine.

Created as a sister company to GeekVape, their massive range of disposables quickly became popular among vapers who knew the brand or just wanted a simple way to vape. Of course, underhanded opportunists have found a way to replicate them.

Check Your GeekVape Product Authenticity

There are few ways to check the authenticity of your GeekVape product. You'll find a little sticker on the box that you can scratch off to reveal a code which you can then enter on the website. Alternatively, you can also just scan the QR code with your smartphone.

GeekVape is a big name in the world of vaping and has been for years. Though, with that success comes the responsibility of ensuring your customers aren't being taken advantage of with poor quality rip-offs and tarnishing your brand's name.

Check Your Happy Vibes Product Authenticity

The manufacturers of Happy Vibes disposable vapes have included a verification system for your peace of mind. To check that your Happy Vibes disposable is legitimate, just scratch off the coating on the authentication label on the packaging to reveal a code which can be entered on their website.

Happy Vibes vapes feature a unique design that allows you to load in four cartridges and then twist the mouthpiece to switch between them. With such an innovative format, it’s no surprise that irresponsible retailers may try to sneakily sell you counterfeit copies.

Check Your Innokin Product Authenticity

To make sure you're receiving a genuine product, Innokin have provided a scratch-and-check authentication sticker, which can be found on the reverse of the box. Once entered into their website, you'll then be able to confirm the authenticity.

Innokin can lay claim to some of the most exceptional and reliable pieces of vape hardware, from simple starter kits to some of the most powerful vapes out there. Knowing that, you can see why their products are often cloned.

Check Your IVG Bar Product Authenticity

All IVG Bar disposable vapes feature either a QR code or numbered security code, depending on what model you've bought. To find either, you have to remove the holographic scratch-off section on the packaging and it'll reveal the code.

IVG Bar is a series of easy-to-use disposable vapes that recreate the flavours from the IVG e-liquid range. It features a wide selection of fruit, soda and menthol blends that have become favourites among many vapers, so it's easy to see why there might be counterfeits on the market. This is why it's crucial that you remember to verify your vape before taking it out of the box.

Check Your Joyetech Product Authenticity

Similar to other manufacturers, Joyetech puts a security code strip on their products that you can scratch off. Once you've got your code, simply head to the official Joyetech site, and type in the code into the serial number box to find out if your purchase is genuine.

Joyetech are a Korean vape brand with their metaphorical finger consistently on the pulse. They've developed some truly innovative pieces of equipment, so it's no surprise that clones and copycats of Joyetech products exist on the market.

Check Your Lost Mary Product Authenticity

It's easy to check whether your Lost Mary is genuine or a counterfeit, thanks to a QR code that you can scan on the side of the box. Just remove the scratch-off area above it to reveal the code with a string of numbers across the bottom, which will be your security code. When scanning the QR code, it should take you to Lost Mary's website for verification.

Their page will then tell you whether your device is genuine or not and also tells you how many times the provided code has been scanned. If it's been scanned more than once or the QR code takes you to any other website than Lost Mary's then it might be a counterfeit. This is unless the wholesaler or retailer has already scanned it to check its authenticity (it's important to them too!)

Check Your Lost Vape Product Authenticity

To see whether your Lost Vape kit is authentic, you can check the packaging for a 16-digit security code and enter it into the Lost Vape website. Alternatively, tilting the box should make the hologram move if your product is authentic.

This code can then be verified via Aspire's official website, which you can find by clicking the link below and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Once entered, Aspire will then inform you of whether the code is genuine or not.

Check Your OXVA Product Authenticity

As well as the holographic sticker, if you want to be sure your OXVA product is genuine, you can input the authentication code into their website. On each box, there's a section that says 'Scratch and Check', with the code underneath.

OXVA was only founded in 2019, but has since grown into an internationally respected vaping company. Their rise to prominence has been met with many imitations and clones along the way, which has made authentication a necessity.

Check Your PuffMi Bar Product Authenticity

PuffMi Bar disposable vapes always come with an authentication label. To verify your vape, all you have to do is scratch off the coating to reveal the security code. Once you've entered the code on their verification page, you'll be able to find out whether your device is genuine or counterfeit.

PuffMi features a wide range of disposable vapes, which are becoming increasingly popular. With such a vast selection of high-quality flavours in their inventory, it's not uncommon to spot fakes and counterfeits, so it's important that you verify your product upon purchasing.

Check Your Smok Product Authenticity

Smok's updated verification system requires the user to download the IVPS Tour App and scan the two QR codes located on the back of Smok product boxes. It may be more time consuming than other verification processes, but you'll be sure your product is genuine.

As another one of the vaping industry's most reputable and popular manufacturers, Smok are also well known for their performance-driven kits. They consistently test the limits of technology, making them a target for clones.

Check Your Uwell Product Authenticity

Uwell have an anti-counterfeit code on the box of their products that you can enter and instantly know whether what you've bought is legitimate or not. It's a quick and easy way to find out if your purchase is authentic.

They're probably most popular for their super simple, super sleek Caliburn vape kit series. Because this range has sold so well, there are many rip-offs in circulation too and Uwell has therefore had to come up with a way to verify their products.

Check Your Vaporesso Product Authenticity

For Vaporesso, you'll see the authentic verification code sticker on the packaging of your item. All you need to do is scratch off the coating and the code will be underneath. Then you can either scan the QR code or enter the alphanumeric code into their website.

Though cloning is illegal, when you know the impact Vaporesso products have had on the world of vaping, it makes sense as to why there are so many counterfeits out there. Thankfully though, they've developed ways for you to check.

Check Your Vapes Bars Product Authenticity

Whether you have a Diamond 600 bar, a Ghost 800 or a Found Mary, all Vapes Bars come with a security code on the box to check their authenticity. The code is hidden under a sticker that you can scratch off to locate it. To find out whether your vape is genuine or not, you can enter the code on the verification page of their website.

Vapes Bars boast a massive range of flavours that are available in different styles of devices. With such a vast selection of popular fruit, menthol and dessert flavours to choose from, it's no surprise that there are counterfeiters creating clones of these blends and putting them on the market, so it's important that you remember to check.

Check Your VooPoo Product Authenticity

Not only is there a QR code and a standard code that you can use to verify, you can also check the hologram to be sure you've bought a genuine product too. If the 'V' moves around as you tilt the box, you've got yourself a real VooPoo item.

VooPoo's DRAG S and DRAG X vape kits won the 2020 Best Vape Brand Award, the Best Equipment of the Year and many other awards, so of course there are fakes on the market. So many in fact, that it was necessary to combat this with an authentication system.

Summing Up

We've covered some well-known vape manufacturers to give you and other vapers the best possible chance of verifying your products. It's also worth noting here that whether you're looking for vape kits, e-liquid or anything else, we recommend that you always purchase your vape products from a reputable vendor to ensure it's 100% genuine.

If you have any other queries relating to counterfeit products or vaping in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

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