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Vape Club & Sustainability

Since day one we've been focussed on making Vape Club a sustainable vape retailer that offers the biggest and best range of products. We're committed to doing our part when it comes to recycling and offering environmentally-friendly options for our customers wherever possible. Keep reading to find out what we do and how you can help by recycling your vapes!

The Impact Of Cigarette Waste

As it stands, the tobacco industry is responsible for 84 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, produces 25 million tonnes of solid waste and 55 million tonnes of wastewater, and cuts down 25 trees for each 20-a-day smoker every year. All in the name of making 6 trillion cigarettes per year.

Although better for the planet, vaping isn't waste-free; that's why there needs to be measures in place to ensure that vapes don't add to the problems that cigarettes pose.

Cigarette waste

WEEE Waste

As a responsible retailer, we strictly follow the Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, which allows us to play an active role in the recovery, reuse and recycling of vape products and components. We financially support schemes throughout the year that open and assist recycling centres that can manage electrical waste more effectively. We are also proud members of the Distributor Takeback Scheme.

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The Distributor Takeback Scheme

We'll happily take your vapes back when you're done with them, as we're a proud part of the Distributor Takeback Scheme. This means you can send your vapes back to us by post or take advantage of recycling centres across the country that we've helped in part to fund.

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More Than Just The Minimum

While we follow environmental laws and guidance set by the UK government, we're always interested in doing more.

Recycled Packaging & Green Delivery

We process thousands of orders daily and do our utmost to ensure we use recycled and recyclable packaging whenever it's available. Our delivery partner, Royal Mail, has the lowest reported carbon emissions per parcel of any major UK delivery company.

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On-Site Recycling For Staff & Customers

We're vapers just like you! This means we have kits and e-liquid that need recycling too. We've teamed up with UK recycling companies to ensure that all of our staff and visiting customers can dispose of their old items with confidence. This includes metal, plastics, paper, and even batteries.

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Innovative Eco-Friendly Products

Manufacturers are looking more and more to the future, which means providing sustainable products - we're here to help. We've consulted with top brands and offered technical advice and guidance to help make their products greener. We also stock the UK's biggest range of refillable and reusable vapes.

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UK Business & UK Brands

We're a local business and while we're proud to serve the UK in its entirety, we encourage vapers overseas to find a similar local business to support their vaping needs - it's just better for the environment. Similarly, we stock over 200 UK brands, and you can check the country of origin of every product we stock.

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How To Recycle Vape Kits

The average vape kit is made up of a combination of metal, plastic and glass - all of which can be recycled. If you're planning to take your kits down to the recycling centre, follow these steps:

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Switch Off

If you can, switch off your kit before getting it ready for recycling - inhale-activated and buttonless vapes can skip this step.

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Unscrew the tank or remove the pod from your device - separating the two. If your kit uses replaceable coils, remove them too.

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Wash out your tank or pod with warm water to get it ready for recycling. When dry, tanks should be disassembled, separating the glass from the plastic/metal parts.

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Your battery device goes in the battery/electrical recycling bin, all other parts belong in whichever bin/s you use for plastic, glass and metal recycling.

How To Recycle E-Liquid?

Every e-liquid bottle we stock is recyclable and getting them ready for recycling is really easy. Empty bottles should be washed out with some warm water, and then they can be added to your usual plastic recycling or taken to your local waste centre. Alternatively, you can send them to us.

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What About Disposable Vapes?

Alongside offering disposables that are easier to recycle such as Slix, Riot and Elf Bar V2, here's some advice on what to do with your empty disposables:

  • Don't litter disposable vapes.
  • Don't attempt to disassemble a disposable yourself.
  • Do put your disposables in a battery or electrical recycling bin.

If you're looking to move away from disposables, there are literally hundreds of alternatives that are kinder to the planet and your wallet.

Prefilled pods are just as simple to use as disposables and can even be recharged - saving you money and generating less waste in the process. If you're looking to increase your "green credentials" check out refillable pods and vape pens.

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Vape Club BPRN Number: BPRN07606

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