Charger Vape Batteries

Battery chargers are the safest and most efficient way of charging your vape batteries. We stock models that are compatible with popular battery types including 18650, 20700, 21700 and 26650. Inbuilt safety features, such as overcharge protection and reverse polarity protection ensure your batteries will remain protected.

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Hohm Tech Hohm School 2A Charger

Two Bay Battery Charger, 2A Charging Current, Power Regulator

Aspire A/C Plug Adapter

USB, Plug, Adaptor

Hohm Tech Hohm School 4A Charger

Four Bay Battery Charger, 4A Charge Current, Built-In Safety Features

Innokin USB Charger Cable

USB Charging Cable, Compatible With Multiple Mods & Kits

Efest Lush Box Charger & Power Bank

Two Bay Battery Charger, Power Bank

NiteCore D2 Vape Battery Charger (Two Bay)

Two Bay Battery Charger

Innokin USB-C Lanyard Charging Cable

Combined Lanyard & Charging Cable, USB-C Connection

Juul USB Charger

JUUL Pod Kit

Voom Personal Charging Case

VOOM Charging Case, 1200mAh Battery, USB-C Charging
from £16.99

Efest iMate R2 Battery Charger

Two Bay Battery Charger, Compatible With Multiple Batteries, OLED

Relx Infinity Charging Case

Relx Infinity Charging Case, 1000mAh Battery, Compact Build

Efest LUSH Q4 Vape Battery Charger

Four Bay Battery Charger

Aspire Vilter PB (Power Bank)

Power Bank, 1600mAh Battery, USB-C Charging C, Vilter Compatible
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