Vape Battery Accessories

Our range of Vape Battery Accessories have been designed for use with vape batteries. These are available from top brands and include plug adaptors, power banks and battery cases. These products essentially provide safety when using or storing removable vape batteries, which shouldn't be compromised at any given time given the power capacity and output that vape batteries possess.

5 Products
Double 18650 Clear Vape Battery Case
Dual 18650 Storage
Aspire A/C Plug Adapter
USB, Plug, Adaptor
Efest 12000mAh Vape Power Bank
12000mAh Capacity, Portable Charger
Joyetech 18650 to 21700 Battery Adaptor
18650 Battery Adapter
XTAR UK Plug USB Mains Adapter
XTAR UK Wall Adaptor