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The Best Nicotine Free Vapes Of 2024

Nicotine free vapes are popular with vapers looking to reduce their nicotine intake while not quitting vaping entirely, and with infrequent smokers who crave the physical action of inhaling more than the nicotine from a cigarette. While most vapes do contain nicotine, plenty of our biggest brands also offer their most popular flavours in 0mg versions. In this guide, we aim to take you through some of the top options for nicotine free vape liquids and 0 nicotine disposable vapes.

Whether you're looking for a high VG vape liquid to pair with a powerful sub ohm kit, a 50/50 or high PG juice to use with a discreet MTL (Mouth To Lung) kit, or even a disposable vape, we've covered it all in our guide to the best nicotine free vapes.

Just to note, we won't be including any shortfill e-liquids in this guide, as all shortfill liquids are nicotine free. A law called TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) prohibits any e-liquid larger than 10ml in size from containing nicotine - so all bottles bigger than that will contain vape juice without nicotine. However, do note that shortfill e-liquids are more concentrated than 10ml e-liquids as they are designed to have a nicotine shot added. Without this, the flavour will be stronger and they may be harsher on your coils. Zero-nicotine booster shots are available which can be added to shortfill e-liquids in order to dilute them slightly.

Lost Mary BM600 Disposables

Lost Mary disposable vapes are some of the most popular around. The range boasts a massive variety of flavours in both 20mg and 0mg strengths. Plus, they produce a discreet amount of vapour for a cigarette-like inhale and they feature a pocket-friendly shape and compact size. It’s not hard to see why they’re some of our best-selling disposables!

When it comes to zero-nicotine Lost Mary vapes, the most popular option is Pineapple Ice. It’s a fruity and tropical blend that’s cooled down by a chilly finish. If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, the zero nic Grape Lost Mary is ideal, delivering the dark taste of bold black grape. If you’re after a simple flavour, the nicotine-free Menthol Lost Mary provides the traditional taste of classic cool menthol.

Most Popular Nicotine Free Lost Mary Flavours:

Vampire Vape E-liquids

Vampire Vape is one of the UK's leading flavour houses, with a huge portfolio of over 50 unique and well-crafted blends. Luckily for Vampire Vape fans, most of their flavours are available as nicotine-free juices. Unluckily for us, that makes it difficult to pick just three top blends from this award-winning manufacturer.

However, sometimes you just can't beat the classics, and that's why nicotine-free Heisenberg earns top spot. This flavour features a complex blend of berry, ice and menthol notes that's often imitated, but never equalled. Zero nicotine Pinkman is a sweeter fruity vape, fusing a medley of citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Black Jack without nicotine delivers a punchy combination of herbal aniseed and sugary candy.

Buy Nicotine Free Vampire Vape E-liquids

Most Popular Vampire Vape Nicotine Free E-liquids Flavours:

SKE Crystal Bar Disposables

Crystal Bar disposable vapes took the market by storm when they first launched, and they’re still incredibly popular today. They feature a compact and lightweight design and deliver up to 600 puffs each, which means they’re ideal for vaping on the go. Crystal Bar vapes initially only came in 20mg, but you can now find 0mg versions of a selection of their popular fruit, tobacco, soda, dessert and ice blends.

If you’re looking for a Crystal Bar without nicotine, our best seller is the tangy, citrus flavour of Lemon & Lime. If you’d prefer a vape that’s a little sweeter, the zero nic version of Blueberry Raspberries is an ideal option thanks to its fusion of juicy-tasting berry notes. For a fruity vape with a frosty finish, we’d recommend the nicotine-free Watermelon Ice, which cools down the tropical flavour of melon with a chilly ice finish.

Most Popular Nicotine Free SKE Crystal Bar Flavours:

Club Juice E-liquids

Club Juice is a UK-based brand offering high-quality e-liquids with straightforward flavour profiles. The 50% VG concentration makes this range best suited for MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape kits, and they're part of our 4 for £10 multibuy making them an ideal choice if you're looking for a budget-friendly vape.

If you're looking for a fuss-free zero-nicotine vape, Club Juice Menthol e-liquid delivers the simple flavour of menthol with a cool finish. For something on the sweeter side, nicotine-free Berry Menthol e-liquid layers mixed berries with an icy note. The balanced flavour of 0mg Blue Raspberry plays between sweet and sharp notes in each puff.

Most Popular Club Juice Nicotine Free E-liquids Flavours:

Element E-liquids

Element is a famous e-liquid manufacturer based in Florida, USA. They're well known for their intense and complex blends, with flavours ranging from fruit to dessert to tobacco. The high, 80% VG concentration of Element's Dripper series means they work best in sub ohm vape kits, where they'll produce improved vapour compared to e-liquids with a lower VG blend.

Pink Lemonade is our best-selling zero nic Element flavour. It delivers a balanced blend of zingy lemonade and sweet red berries for a layered, summery vape. If you prefer a rich but still fruity blend, Strawberry Whip delivers an authentic strawberry base complemented by a sweet whipped cream finish. And if you prefer a fully dessert-based vape flavour, look no further than Crema, which features the taste of smooth-tasting vanilla cream.

Most Popular Element Nicotine Free E-liquids Flavours:

Hangsen E-liquids

One of the world's oldest flavour houses, Hangsen has been creating high-quality vape liquids for over twelve years, and their products are found in over 85 countries. Our picks from Hangsen are all high in PG, which makes them ideal for MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape kits, and allows them to produce a very discreet level of vapour.

We've gone for three zero-nicotine tobacco vape flavours from Hangsen because they're so popular with our customers. 0mg USA Mix is a robust, woody and earthy tobacco flavour. Nicotine free RY4, on the other hand, features a sweeter tobacco rounded out with notes of caramel and vanilla. Finally, zero nic Golden VGA replicates the classic taste of a light and mellow Virginia tobacco.

Most Popular Hangsen Nicotine Free E-liquids Flavours:

Riot Bar Disposables

Riot Bar disposable vapes have been developed by UK brand Riot Squad. These unique vapes are carbon negative and made from bioplastics, which are 75% less carbon intensive and use zero fossil fuels. Each bar is filled with UK-made e-liquid.

The nicotine-free Cherry Fizz features a sweet and fizzy-tasting cherry sherbet flavour. Blue Burst 0mg blends the fruity taste of blue raspberry with a cool menthol exhale, creating a balanced vape. For sweeter fruit and ice blend, the zero nic Strawberry Blueberry Ice Riot Bar fuses a duo of juicy berry notes with a frosty finish.

Most Popular Nicotine Free Riot Bar Disposables Flavours:

El Diablo E-liquids

El Diablo is an established British vape manufacturer, well known for their authentic fruit, ice and dessert blends. Their 10ml e-liquids feature a 50% VG concentration, which produces a minimal level of vapour along with improved flavour. They also offer these flavours in zero nic shortfill form.

If you prefer rich vapes, Calavera Catrina delivers the complex flavour of sweet strawberry shortcake. For a sweet and fruity taste, St Louis features a tropical berry blend. If you prefer a slightly sharper flavour, Passion Bomb fuses sweet strawberry and dragon fruit with tart apple and passion fruit.

Most Popular Nicotine Free Vape Juice From El Diablo Flavours:

Summing Up

We hope this list has helped you choose your next zero nicotine e-liquid. If you still need more inspiration, you can browse our full range of vape juice, and use the filters on the side to select for 0mg e-liquid. You can also visit our shortfills page - all of our shortfills are nicotine-free.

If you need any advice on selecting an e-liquid, or guidance on switching to a vape without nicotine, feel free to contact our helpful customer service team. Our friendly vape experts are available to help seven days a week.

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