What Are The Best Disposable Vapes Of 2024?

Devices you’ll never want to throw away.
By Helena, Lead Copywriter
20 Jun 2024(updated)

Wildly popular and very convenient, disposables took the vaping world by storm when they first came out. Everyone, from big names to indie brands, has had a go at releasing their own single-use vapes.

The announcement of the UK’s potential disposable vape ban came as a shock to retailers and vapers alike. Since the ban was announced, it seems many of us are in a bit of a scramble to stock up our favourite disposable vapes while we still can. Now seems as good a time as any to get your hands on something new!

So, we’ve gone through our favourites and searched high and low for our customers' top picks, all in the name of creating a comprehensive guide and answering the question: what’s the best disposable vape brand? We’ll take a look at which disposables are the cheapest, the longest-lasting and best quality, plus, we’ll recommend the top flavours from each range.

Our Most Popular Disposable Vapes List

First up, we have the Lost Mary BM600 disposables. One of the biggest disposable vape brands in the world, they became popular thanks to their small size, compact shape and wide range of flavour options. Prefilled with 2ml of 20mg nic salt e-liquid, they’ll deliver a smooth throat hit and up to 600 puffs.

Whether you prefer to keep it classic, bold or cool, there’s a Lost Mary flavour to suit almost every palate. Some of the most popular include their fruit and ice blends – or go for a single-note menthol or fruit flavour to keep things simple. Our 3 for £12 multi-buy means it’s easy to switch things up.

Elf Bar is widely credited with kick-starting the disposable vape craze – we don’t disagree. Few other brands could claim to have shaped the vape industry the way Elf did, and continues to do. It’s all down to their sleek, pocket-friendly design and huge selection of flavours. Capable of delivering up to 600 puffs, they’re filled with nic salt e-liquid that provides a smooth throat hit.

If you prefer a traditional or simple vape, Elf Bar offers a range of tobacco, mint and menthol options. For something a little sweeter, try one of their fruit, candy or soda blends. They’re part of our 3 for £12 multi-buy, which makes stocking up on your favourite more budget-friendly.

If you’re looking for a disposable vape with a more eye-catching design, check out the Crystal Bar range. These colourful and clear disposables are prefilled with 2ml of nic salt e-liquid and each delivers up to 600 puffs. This brand is about more than looks – you’ll find a wide range of classic and unique flavours available to try.

Speaking of flavours, there’s a Crystal Bar to suit most tastes. Pick from a large selection of zesty citrus blends, sweet berry fusions, cool mint medleys and much more – mixing and matching is easy with our 3 for £12 multi-buy.

Now here’s a range with a difference. Gold Bar disposables feature an elegant design and plenty of unique flavours to try. Each is prefilled with 2ml of 20mg nic salt e-liquid, so they’ll provide a smooth throat hit up to 600 puffs.

The Gold Bar range offers a variety of both simple and complex blends, featuring fruit, soda, candy and dessert notes. For a better look at this disposable and a round-up of our favourite flavours, check out our Gold Bar disposable vapes review.

The Lost Mary QM600 disposables boast many of the same features that make the original BM600s so popular, including some of the best-selling flavours from that range. What sets them apart? The QM600 contains an updated QUAQ Tech mesh coil that boosts both flavour and vapour production.

This collection includes a wide range of both straightforward and layered blends, featuring fruit, candy, soda and ice options. Since they’re part of our 3 for £12 multi-buy, you can save money when trying out new flavours.

The Elf Bar V2 range takes the original Elf Bar and boosts its flavour by adding a QUAQ mesh coil and extra-absorbent wick that’ll ensure no e-liquid gets wasted. Plus, its easy-to-recycle design makes it a greener option. Each device delivers up to 600 puffs and features nic salts for quick craving satisfaction.

There are plenty of options to pick from, with flavours inspired by the original Elf Bar range, along with a few new blends added into the mix. These include everything from straightforward fruit flavours as well as more complex soda and cocktail-inspired blends.

Next in line, we have Found Mary! These compact and lightweight disposables deliver up to 600 puffs each. Smaller than your average disposable, they’re the perfect choice if you’re on the go or are simply after a more discreet vape. But don’t let its size fool you, it still keeps up with larger competitors in terms of puff count and flavour range.

While the Found Mary range features a slightly smaller selection of flavours than some of the others on this list, there's still a vape to suit most tastes. The most common and popular flavour type in the range is fruit, but there are still plenty of drink and candy blends if you prefer a more sugary taste, as well as cooler options for frosty finish. In fact, the bestseller in the range is actually the mint flavour.

Next, we have another range from Lost Mary. Like their predecessors, the Lost Mary BM600S disposable vapes deliver up to 600 puff. What sets the BM600S apart from the original Lost Mary is its updated QUAQ coil, which offers a much bolder and more consistent flavour by combining mesh and high-absorbent wick.

There’s a solid selection of fruit, drink, dessert, and ice blends available for you to try. These include both classics from the original Lost Mary range and new additions, so finding a new favourite should be easy. Plus, these disposables are part of our 3 for £12 multi-buy, so you can mix and match for less.

Sikary S600 disposable vapes stand out from every other entry in this list for one main reason: they come in handy twin-packs. This makes them a really budget-friendly option as the twin packs are part of our 3 for £15 multi-buy, so, you get six vapes for £15.

In terms of flavours, this range offers some pretty unique options, including dessert blends – those are rare to find in disposables. Beyond that, you’ll find classic options including tobacco, fruit, ice and soda flavours.

With an innovative revolving pod design that allows you to seamlessly switch between four prefilled pods, this 2400-puff disposable from IVG had to show up on this list. While the IVG 2400 boasts a unique design, it still maintains the same simplicity that makes other disposables so popular, since all you have to do to vape is inhale on the mouthpiece once you’ve loaded in the pods.

Just rotate the cap to switch the pod and alternate between four different pre-set flavours. These disposables feature a wide range of fruit, soda, candy and mint blends, so there’s something to suit most palates, whether you prefer it sweet or cool. Try two with our 2 for £25 multi-buy and you’ll get free delivery.

If you’re looking for a vape that complements a compact design with a wide range of flavours, the Yolo Bar might be just the ticket. Each device provides up to 600 puffs, and they’re filled with nic salt e-liquid that will satisfy cravings fast.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, Yolo Bar specialises in more straightforward flavours. While it’s another collection that focuses on the fruitier side of things, there are still candy and soda blends if you prefer sweeter options. If you’d rather just go with something cool and classic, there’s a menthol option available too.

Vuse Go 700 disposables look pretty standard, right? They’re compact, lightweight and easy-to-use, like the vast majority of disposable vapes. But, there are two points of difference: they deliver up to 700 puffs, which is higher than you’d expect from most disposables, and they come in a wide range of unique flavours.

Within this collection, you’ll find plenty of classic fruit, ice and tobacco blends. Beyond that, there are creative coffee and dessert options, making the Vuse Go a good choice if you want something a little different. As they’re part of our 3 for £15 multi-buy, it’s easy to try new flavours and stock up on the ones you like the most.

If you’re after a simple, long-lasting disposable, check out the Blu Bar 1000 range. Thanks to its efficient mesh coil and built-in 520mAh battery, each device can deliver up to 1000 puffs! Plus, for extra peace of mind, these vapes feature a security ring that can be rotated to lock them.

Blu Bars feature a range of classic blends, including fruit and ice fusions. Their simple flavour profiles mean they’re ideal if you want a straightforward vape. If you want to hear more about these devices, have a read of our Blu Bar 1000 disposable vape review.

If you like bold, punchy vape liquids, you might have heard of Double Drip. Now, these famous mixologists have put all their expertise into Double Drip disposables. Small, pocket-friendly and delivering up to 600 puffs, they’re ideal if you want something lightweight.

Within this collection, you’ll find a variety of sweet fruit, cool ice and sparkling soda blends. These disposables can be found in our 3 for £12 multi-buy, along with plenty of other popular brands, allowing you to mix and match.

Zap Shades disposables are made by UK e-liquid manufacturer Zap Juice. These devices are ideal if you want something discreet, thanks to their classy monotone palette. They feature a built-in FEELM ceramic coil, which heats e-liquid quickly and evenly boosting flavour and vapour production.

The Zap! Shades range boasts a carefully-curated range of flavours, including fizzy-tasting soda blends, cool icy vapes and layered fruit fusions. Since they’re part of our 3 for £10 multi-buy, they’re a good choice if you want a more budget-friendly disposable.

If you’re after a vape that fuses modern design with a unique selection of flavours, try the Kiwi Go disposables. Each delivers up to 600 puffs, and like the Zap Shades devices we mentioned above, they feature a FEELM ceramic coil that improves the flavour of the e-liquid.

You’ll find some pretty unique flavours in the Kiwi GO range. There are coffee blends, tobacco blends and plenty of fruit, mint and ice options. There’s even a flavour that recreates the taste of coconut milk!

For our last couple of entries, we’ll be looking at popular big puff vapes. Let’s start off with the Elf Bar AF5000 disposable, which features a 10ml refill container that tops up the built-in 2ml pod. This clever design allows the device to provide up to 5000 puffs.

When it comes to flavour, you can pick from classic Elf Bar blends, including their most popular fruit, ice and soda options. If you prefer something simple, there are single-note menthol and tobacco AF5000s, as well as a flavourless version.

Next up is another big puff vape, this time by Lost Mary. Lost Mary BM6000 disposable vapes come with a 10ml refill container. Plug it into the device, then turn the device upside down to refill the built-in 2ml pod. Each one can deliver up to 6000 puffs.

The BM6000s are available in all the most popular Lost Mary flavours, including their best-selling fruit and ice fusions, as well as some new blends. Whether you prefer a taste that’s sweet or cool, complex or simple, there’s something to suit every palate.

Looking for a vape that’s a bit different? The Titan 10k should fit the bill. It features a design that’s totally unique. The device comes with eight 2ml prefilled capsules. One of these is loaded into the device, while three more are stored in the handy storage compartment. Run out of juice while out and about? Just grab a capsule from the storage section and insert it into the device.

Titan 10k disposables are available in a wide range of bold flavours, including sweet fruit, cool ice and sparkling soda blends. Since they’re part of our 2 for £25 multi-buy, you can save money while stocking up.

Our final pick is the Zap Instafill disposable vape. Wrapping things up with another best-seller, this option that delivers more puffs than your average disposable. Each device can provide up to 3500 puffs, lasting longer than five standard single-use vapes.

The Zap Instafill is available in eighteen flavours, with both classic and unique blends on offer. Pick from sweet fruits, fizzy sodas or rich tobaccos. They’re part of our 3 for £30 multi-buy, so you can try new flavours for less.

Summing Up

With the disposable vape category growing each day there’s plenty to choose from, and if you’re looking for more options you should check out our full selection of disposable vapes. Part of a wide range of vapes that we offer, disposables may be a popular choice but they’re not the only way to go. Our comprehensive selection of vape kits has something to offer everyone, regardless of your budget or how experienced you may be with vaping. If you have any questions or are looking for a personal recommendation, our customer service team is here to help.

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