SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit

400mAh Built-In Battery, Fixed 11W Output, Includes A Free Pack Of Prefilled Pods, Inhale Activated, MTL Vaping
Battery Capacity 400mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Charging Type USB Type-C
Coil Resistance 1.1ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Pod Coil Type Mesh
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 28g
Height 8.8cm (3.5")
Width 1.7cm (0.7")
Depth 1.7cm (0.7")

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Pack of Pods Included
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The SKE Crystal Plus pod kit is ideal for vapers looking for a pocket-sized and easy-to-use device. Made by the same people who brought you the Crystal Bar disposables, it's available in three varieties – one that includes just the device, another which includes a prefilled pod and a device, and a third option which includes a device and a refillable pod. Whichever one you opt for, you'll also receive your choice of a pack of prefilled or refillable Crystal Plus pods. 


  • 400mAh Built-In Battery
  • Prefilled Pod Design
  • Inhale Activated
  • MTL Vaping
  • SKE Crystal Plus Pods

Thanks to inhale activation, using your Crystal Plus device is easy. All you need to do is simply inhale on the mouthpiece to get started. This style of vaping has a feel that's similar to a cigarette, so it's ideal for those looking to make the switch. The fixed 11W power output ensures a consistent vape each time, and this rechargeable Crystal Bar goes for longer before needing to be plugged in, with a full charge taking only half an hour.

Each of the prefilled Crystal Plus prefilled pods contain 2ml of 20mg salt nicotine e-liquid. This delivers a smoother throat hit than standard freebase e-liquid and is absorbed faster for quicker craving satisfaction. Since the pods are prefilled and designed to be replaced when finished, they’re a good alternative to disposable vapes. Beyond that, the refillable Crystal Plus pods can be filled up again and again with your choice of 50% VG e-liquid. If you’re not sure where to start, SKE's own Crystal Original range recreates the flavours of their famous disposables. 

For kits that include a prefilled pod, each colour comes with a different pod flavour – please check the list below for details. These kits also feature adjustable airflow, which allows you to control how loose or restricted each inhale feels.

  • Grey kit includes a Blue Fusion Pod
  • Aurora Blue kit includes a Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Pod
  • Aurora Green kit includes a Lemon & Lime Pod
  • Blue kit includes a Blueberry Raspberry Pod
  • Red kit includes a Cherry Ice Pod

Please note: The Crystal Plus kit does not include a USB-C charging cable, but you can buy a USB-C Cable separately.


  • SKE Crystal Plus Device
  • 2 x SKE Crystal Plus Pods
  • (For kits including a pod) SKE Crystal Plus Pod
  • User Manual
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Blue Fusion SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg Salt Nicotine, 2ml Of E-Liquid
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Blueberry Raspberry SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg Salt Nicotine, 2ml Of E-Liquid
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg Salt Nicotine, 2ml Of E-Liquid
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Pink Lemonade SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg Salt Nicotine, 2ml Of E-Liquid
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Rainbow SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg Salt Nicotine, 2ml Of E-Liquid, Mixed Fruit, Candy
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Blueberry Cherry Blackberry SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg , 2ml, Blueberry, Cherry, Blackberry

Is the SKE Crystal Plus similar to Crystal Bar disposables?

(29 Apr 2024)

The SKE Crystal Plus is designed to recreate the experience of Crystal Bar disposables. You’ll find that the pods are filled with the most popular flavours from the Crystal Bar range. The Plus device is similar to the disposables in size and shape, too.

How long does the Crystal Plus vape last?

(29 Apr 2024)

Each Crystal Plus pod delivers around 600 puffs before needing to be replaced. The Crystal Plus battery should last most vapers around a full day, and it can be recharged and reused again and again.

How do you use the SKE Crystal Plus?

(29 Apr 2024)

The SKE Crystal Plus is simple to use. Unwrap your kit and your pod, insert the pod into the device and then inhale on the mouthpiece to vape.

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5 stars (85)
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By Soph from Salisbury

Value for money (21 May 2024)

Brilliant value for money being rechargeable it won’t run out of puffs before your juice does

By Lo from Nottingham

Ske crystals plus (19 May 2024)

I’ve been vaping for years and tried so many vape devices. This has to be my favourite one so far ! With some devices I still get the cravings to have a cigarette, this little device takes it all away ☺️ the flavours are so fresh and last all the way down to your last puffs. There is no horrible after taste or the liquid leaking as some tend to do that. I highly recommend this device ! So go and try it guys ☺️

By Emm from England

amazing (17 May 2024)

I've had this device for over a year and will never go back to disposables. This pod kit feels like a disposable without the environmental guilt!

By Anonymous

Value pack (17 May 2024)

Nice and cheap. Works well I've not tried this device with cystal eliquid yet. However it is good with other made eliquid too.

By Lexi from Teesside

Planet of the Vapes (24 April 2024)

This is EXCELLENT. Love mine so much I bought another for when the first is charging. Not that I particularly need to, because these things are fully charged in about half an hour. It is so much easier than faffing about with refillable juice, and much easier than having to save a boat load of dead disposables to take to the recycling centre. Really great, you won't be disappointed.

By Gidget from Kent

Best Change I have made (24 April 2024)

I am so glad I changed to these reusable pods. The savings in money alone make it worth the investment. The bonus is it opens up a world of other flavours to try. I am a big fan. Only downside I have found is when the coil burns out if Im lucky this happens towards the end of a refill but more often than not it happens just after I have refilled and ruins the whole pod but they still work out better on cost to my purse and better on the planet than disposables.

By Robin from West Sussex

Game Changer (17 April 2024)

These are superb all the flavour and nicotine hit of a disposable without the frustration of it running out and becoming useless and bad for the environment,charges quickly and amazing range of flavours the fire brew is a particularly good flavour .10 on 10

By L-J from Suffolk

Awesome vape (06 April 2024)

Great size, easy to use, quick to charge, easy to refill or change prefilled pods, and just the right amount of resistance on the drag. So glad to see crystal are bringing out all their new liquids too so there will be an even wider variety to try.

By Mel from Norfolk

Wow (05 April 2024)

I often have a disposable with me just for the extra hit if I need it after quitting smoking and dropping nicotine strength. This little vape is great. The pods taste just the same as the full disposables I was buying (and cheaper) and less waste. What's not to love?


Like the disposables but better (05 April 2024)

I have 2 of these, one for spares. Charges quick and does the job. No complaints.

By Ross

So Good I Bought A Spare! (23 March 2024)

With so many brands to choose from, it’s difficult to find one that is great. Luckily I found this a few months a go and it’s so good that I’ve bought another as a spare so when one runs out of battery, I can use the other whilst one is charging! Fantastic product!

By Alice

Wow! (21 March 2024)

Oh wow! I love this little vape! It’s just like a disposable but rechargeable! I’m a little disappointed that the colour doesn’t look exactly like it does on the pictures but that’s no biggie.

By Kimbo from Wales

Smart little vape (20 March 2024)

I love the disposable vapes for convenience in work . This rechargeable vape is great , same size as a disposable to fit in my pocket. No leaks . Charges quickly and the pods are easy to fit . Pods are a variety of flavours . And work out cheaper than buying disposable . So a win for me .

By Aly from Middlesex

Good rechargeable vape (16 March 2024)

I really like this vape, ideal for going out or spare in bag, I have bought 2 so 1 is always at hand. Quick charging and last a long time. Like the option of buying a 2 pack and different flavours available.

By MC from Hertfordshire

Great rechargeable (12 March 2024)

Perfect as an alternative to the disposables, charges quickly and feels the same!

By Anonymous

Great Value (28 February 2024)

Excellent value kit, highly reccommend instad of disposables

By Caitlin from Scotland

Favourite kit (28 February 2024)

I've had my rechargeable crystal bar for almost a year now and it still works great I've had no issues at all, the charge lasts a couple of days and I bought a spare one just in case but I've never had to use it.

By Jessie from Milton Keynes

Good Piece of kit (21 February 2024)

This is a good piece of kit to use, the only downside I found is that when I forget to charge it and buy disposable ones I end up mixing the two devices up as they are identical in design.
They have a wide range of flavours, with a very decent battery time and recharge time.
I thoroughly recommend this to someone who has just started with a reusable kit and doesn't want to get confused with the DIY projects that are the modded ones.

By Reaper

Good things in little packages (21 February 2024)

For what it is, it can pack a good punch when you need it. For just quitting smoking this is a great little item to help you on your way, very pleased they actually added airflow option on the bottom

By Dean from Dorset

Impressed (21 February 2024)

Really good pod system! I was sceptical due to the low price and wasn`t expecting much but it turned out to be quite impressive, they are as good as a lot of low cost pod system`s out there that I have tried. It is a side filling pod that some people don`t like and the battery life isn`t that great at 400mAH, so probably need two if you want it for going out. All in all for it`s price I can`t fault it.

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