SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit

400mAh Built-In Battery, Includes A Free Pack Of Prefilled Pods, Inhale Activated, MTL Vaping
Battery Capacity 400mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Charging Type USB Type-C
Coil Resistance 1.1ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Pod Coil Type Mesh
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 28g
Height 8.8cm (3.5")
Width 1.7cm (0.7")
Depth 1.7cm (0.7")

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Free Pack of Pods
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The SKE Crystal Plus pod kit is ideal for vapers looking for a pocket-sized, easy-to-use device. Made by the same people who brought you the Crystal Bar disposables, there are two varieties of the Plus pod kit available; one which features just the device and one that includes a prefilled pod. To help you get started, we're also including a free pack of pods – in your choice of flavour – with both styles of device. Designed for MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping, this kit produces a discreet amount of vapour that feels just like a disposable.


  • 400mAh Built-In Battery
  • Prefilled Pod Design
  • Free Pack Of Pods Included
  • Inhale Activated
  • MTL Vaping
  • SKE Crystal Plus Pods

Thanks to inhale activation, there are no complicated menus or awkward buttons to deal with. All you need to do is simply inhale on the mouthpiece to get started. This style of vaping has a feel that's similar to a cigarette, so it's ideal for those looking to make the switch. The fixed 11W power output ensures a consistent vape each time, and this rechargeable Crystal Bar goes for longer before needing to be plugged in, with a full charge taking only half an hour.

Each of the Crystal Plus prefilled pods contain 2ml of 20mg salt nicotine e-liquid. This delivers a smoother throat hit than standard freebase e-liquid and is absorbed faster for quicker craving satisfaction. Since the pods are prefilled and designed to be replaced when finished, they’re a good alternative to disposable vapes.

For kits that include a pod, each colour comes with a different pod flavour – please check the list below for details. These kits also feature adjustable airflow, which allows you to control how loose or restricted each inhale feels.

  • Grey kit includes a Blue Fusion Pod
  • Aurora Blue kit includes a Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Pod
  • Aurora Green kit includes a Lemon & Lime Pod
  • Blue kit includes a Blueberry Raspberry Pod
  • Red kit includes a Cherry Ice Pod

Please note: The Crystal Plus kit does not include a USB-C charging cable, but you can buy a USB-C Cable separately.


  • SKE Crystal Plus Device
  • User Manual

How To Set Up & Use Your SKE Crystal Plus Kit

Charge Your Crystal Plus Battery

Charge Your Crystal Plus Battery

Before using your kit, ensure it's fully charged using the provided cable. Thanks to super-fast charging, your kit will reach 100% in around 30 minutes.

Remove The Rubber Bung From The Crystal Pod

Remove The Rubber Bung From The Crystal Pod

Get your Crystal e-liquid pod ready for use by removing the rubber bung sticking out of the mouthpiece.

Check For Air Bubbles In The Pod

Check For Air Bubbles In The Pod

Removing the bung from your pod will also lift the anti-leak sleeve, and e-liquid will begin to saturate your coil creating air bubbles.

Insert The Pod Into The Crystal Plus Device

Insert The Crystal Pod Into The Device

When your device is charged and unplugged, insert the pod. The magnets on the pod will hold it firmly in place.

Prime Your Crystal Plus Pod Coil

Prime Your Pod Coil

When your kit is fully assembled, leave it standing upright for 10 minutes. This will give the e-liquid time to saturate fully – this is called “priming your coil”.

Vape Your Crystal Plus Pod Kit

Vape Your Crystal Plus Pod Kit

You can now start vaping with your Crystal Plus pod kit. Inhale on the mouthpiece and your kit will create a small amount of vapour.

Five different coloured SKE Crystal Plus vape kits in a row with vapour coming from their mouthpieces
The SKE Crystal Plus vape kit features a fixed output, so you can expect a consistent level of power each time.
All SKE Crystal Plus prefilled pods flavours
The SKE Crystal Plus prefilled pods come in a variety of popular flavours, such as Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava and Blue Razz Lemonade.
A SKE Crystal Plus vape kit with its built-in battery showing and stats relating to quick charged and consistent power output
The SKE Crystal Plus vape kit has a power output of 11W and a coil resistance of 1.1 Ohm, meaning it'll deliver an authentic MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape.
A mesh coil heating up e-liquid and information on how the mesh build produces better flavour
The SKE Crustal Plus vape kit has a mesh coil, which will heat up your e-liquid faster for improved flavour.

Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Vape Kit

Rechargeable Elf Bar, Prefilled Pods, Refillable Pods, 500mAh Battery, Inhale Activated
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Blue Fusion SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg Salt Nicotine, 2ml Of E-Liquid
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Cherry Ice SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg Salt Nicotine, 2ml Of E-Liquid
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg Salt Nicotine, 2ml Of E-Liquid
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Lemon & Lime SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg Salt Nicotine, 2ml Of E-Liquid
2 x 2ml
3 For £15

Pink Lemonade SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod

Prefilled Pods, Used With the SKE Crystal Plus Kit, MTL Vaping, 20mg Salt Nicotine, 2ml Of E-Liquid

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By Supernova from London

Best on the market (04 December 2023)

Best battery with replacement tops, great value for money, highly recommend.

By Claire from Beds

Newby (29 November 2023)

I have always used disposable vapes but decided to try these, I found them so much better than disposable vapes! You get a bigger hit from them and it’s smoother. Some of the flavors are different so read the reviews before buying. Unfortunately, I have had a couple of issues with charging the device but it’s been sorted by customer service immediately which I was extremely happy with!

By ZacTed02

Love (23 November 2023)

I love this pod kit. It’s easy to use, quick to charge and the pods last a while.

By Alys from East Midlands

Amazing (10 November 2023)

Love love love this pod kit, SO easy to use!
Takes about half an hour to charge fully and lasts all day, best thing I done going onto these instead of the disposables :)

By Vapourlicious from Essex

Better than the disposables (02 November 2023)

I absolutely love the crystal ice disposable but they only last a day. So thought I'd try the rechargeable vape. Does last longer. For me 3days I guess it depends on how often you vape.
The pods come in a pack of two and they are simple to connect the charge is quick I high recommend the rechargeable vape kit.

By LMH1987 from Norfolk

Surprisingly good (01 November 2023)

I used to vape years ago but went back onto the cigarettes as building my own rda set up became a chore and I didn't enjoy it anymore. Then i saw this device and I like this because it's simple and excellent flavour from these pods. No buttons to push and no messing around with wattage. Just put the pod in and draw on it.

By ZacTed02

Amazing (27 October 2023)

I have been using SKE disposables for a while but found they were running out too fast. I thought I would try these and they certainly last longer, and they are quick to charge.

By Ava :3

great reusable (23 October 2023)

so useful, pods last ages, doesn't take long to charge. wish they had more flavours though :)

By Deborah from Swinton

Crystal menthol disposable vape (20 October 2023)

Just tried the new menthol crystal vape what a lovely flavour this is, as I used to smoke menthol cigarettes this is a define must try. Over all very pleased with this flavour.

By Mellyjo from Cardiff

Love Love Love Crystal range (07 October 2023)

I was a loyal 'Crystal disposable' customer - vaping 1-2 a day
Then thought i would give this a go! The flavours are just as nice & suprisingly 1 pod lasts me longer than 1 Disposable! I just hope Crystal bring out more flavours in the Pods!! I've only recently been ordering with Vape club and im impressed with the Fast delivery 5*

By A S from West Midlands

amazing !! (27 September 2023)

will never look back from this, ordered one of these and the 3 for £15 pods. absolutely amazing, so good being able to see how much liquid is left too. takes about half an hour to charge fully and lasts ages!! 10/10

By Cez from Wales

SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit (21 September 2023)

I was dubious going over to rechargeable but this is awesome. Quick charging and lasts a few days for me. Highly recommended

By Dallas from Kent

This is the one! (13 September 2023)

This device is a game changer.
Crystal were always my favourite for flavours! This just tops it. Having crystal flavours, with a device that can be recharged. Simple, easy to use and also works out slightly cheaper than the disposables is a win win.
Not only that but now we're not producing as much waste with a rechargeable device so it's win, win, win
I highly recommend trying this!
I hope to see more fab flavours and it's a certain I won't look at another vape device again.

By WFC76 from Watford

Excellent! (11 September 2023)

Crystal are the best disposable vapes for flavour in my opinion, with full flavour till the end, but I always felt that the battery lasted slightly less long than some other brands. That problem is removed with this device as you just charge it up when it dies and can then finish the juice. Takes about 45 mins to fully charge. It’s really useful to see how much juice is left - can’t do this with standard disposables. The cost in use is another winner as well - works out half the price of the standard disposable if you buy the 3 for £15. Hopefully Crystal release more flavours.

By Miss Dena from Kent

Absolute Game Changer (07 September 2023)

I love Crystal disposable Vapes but this new pod system is a complete game changer. It looks and feels exactly like the disposable ones, But there is so much more that makes this so good.1. its rechargeable so we can feel like we are doing our bit to save the planet. 2. it holds its charge for (for my use) for almost two days. 3. it takes just 10 mins to charge (I bought a spare case so always have one fully charged) 4. the pods last so much longer than the disposables. 5. you can see how much vape fluid you have left. 6. the taste is the same from the first to the last draw. 7. very easy to set up and use. Only improvement I can think of is to be able to get more flavours but I expect this will come if more people convert to this system. Well done SKE. Wish I could give you 20 stars.

By Mandy from Surrey

Great vape (03 September 2023)

Really impressed with this little kit. Easy to use , decent battery life and easy to use refill Pods.
The flavors are impressive just like the disposables. Please add more flavors . The best part is because it's reusable its easier on the enviroment.. win win !

By Anonymous

Game changer (18 August 2023)

Honestly was so glad when SKE brought this out. Definitely better value for money than buying the disposables and better for the environment. There's a good range of flavours available and the flavours are just as good, if not better, than their disposable counterparts. Great device, battery lasts a very decent amount of time on a full charge and you get a really nice draw/inhale from the device. I bought a second one so that I've always got one charged. Definitely recommend if you like crystal bars

By Marek from Wales

GET THIS POD SYSTEM! (14 August 2023)

Honestly I’m not looking back after buying this.

The main factor I love is that I’m not wasting entire units including the VERY reusable lithium batteries. I personally think disposable vapes are terrible for the environment and waste so many of earth’s (supposedly very limited) resources so this being rechargeable makes it very worth it.

The pods are incredibly easy to setup and last longer than the disposable variants I have found.

The price is absolutely worth it and the pods are very affordable with the 3 for £15 on the site. I’ve worked out it’s cheaper for me to order from VapeClub than to drive to my nearest 24/7 to buy 2 for £10 disposables that run out seemingly 2 days later each. The pods last me over a week at a time.

One thing I absolutely love is the size of this vape is exactly the same as the disposable version.

I highly recommend this if you’re after a small pod system that you can recharge and reuse for a long time.

By Anonymous

I love it (13 August 2023)

I was using the disposable crystal vapes but saw this rechargeable version so I bought an aurora blue one. I like the design of the crystal vapes, and this one is just as nice.
I had tried old style vapes years ago and gave up as they were too fiddly but this is so easy to use, charge the unit (mine came fully charged when bought) and simply pop in a pod and it is ready to go.
I am quite a light user as one disposable lasted a week before flashing, this unit's pod has actually lasted longer as there was still juice in it after the week when it needed recharged.
There is a good variety of flavours though not quite as much as the disposables.
If you like the crystal disposables and it has the flavours you like then definitely switch to this, it is great value for money.

By Hannah from Manchester

Great device (04 August 2023)

This is a great device and works out a lot cheaper than buying the disposables. One little niggle is the battery isn’t as big as others on the market, so needs charging more.

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