Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit

Rechargeable Lost Mary Vape, Inhale Activated, Prefilled Pod Included, MTL Vaping
Battery Capacity 750mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Charging Type USB Type-C
Coil Resistance 1.2ohm
Made In China
Pod Coil Type Mesh
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 54g
Height 7.2cm (2.8")
Width 3.7cm (1.5")
Depth 2.0cm (0.8")


Pack of Pods Included
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The Lost Mary Tappo vape kit is a compact and easy-to-use vape. Ideal for beginners, vapers moving away from disposables, and anyone looking for a simple rechargeable kit, its low-maintenance approach makes it a very popular option. Utilising the prefilled Lost Mary Tappo pods, experience the flavours that made the disposables famous and a discreet MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape.


  • Rechargeable Lost Mary Vape
  • 750mAh Battery
  • 600-Puff Pods
  • Inhale Activated
  • MTL Vaping
  • USB-C Charging

Just like a disposable, getting started with the Tappo is simply a case of inhaling on the mouthpiece. The kit produces a small amount of vapour with every puff, which is very discreet and feels like a cigarette or single-use vape. The built-in 750mAh battery will last most vapers a full day and is very quick to recharge. Recharging your kit is the only maintenance required; when your prefilled cartridge runs out of juice, swap it over for a new one.

The Tappo 2ml pods are engineered to deliver better flavour, boasting mesh coils and a fresh seal that can be broken when you’re ready to vape by pressing up on the base of the pod. The 2ml of e-liquid inside lasts as long as a standard disposable, delivering up to 600 puffs. Replacements are available in two-packs for a more cost-effective disposable alternative and feature classic Lost Mary flavours as well as exclusive blends.

  • Dark Bronze kit comes with Blue Sour Raspberry
  • Blue Green kit comes with Lemon Lime
  • Silver Stainless Steel kit comes with Strawberry Ice
  • Green Pink kit comes with Watermelon

Please note: The Tappo kit does not include a USB-C charging cable, but you can buy a USB-C Cable separately.


  • Lost Mary Tappo 750mAh Vape Device
  • 1 x Lost Mary Tappo Pod

How To Set Up And Use The Lost Mary Tappo Kit?

Charge Your Kit’s Battery

Charge Your Kit’s Battery

Your Tappo pod kit may not arrive fully charged, plug it in using a USB-C cable. A full charge from 0% will take around an hour.

Prepare Your Tappo Pod

Remove the rubber bung from the mouthpiece and the sticker from the base of your prefilled Tappo pod.

Break The Pod’s Freshness Seal

Break The Pod’s Freshness Seal

Each Tappo pod is fitted with a freshness seal to preserve the e-liquid’s flavour, push the button on the bottom of your pod to break the seal.

Insert Your Tappo Pod

Insert Your Tappo Pod

After charging the kit’s battery and breaking the pod’s freshness seal, insert the pod into your device, a magnetic connection will keep it secure.

Prime The Pod’s Coil

Prime The Pod’s Coil

Leave your kit upright for ten minutes, this gives the e-liquid time to soak in. Known as “priming” your coil it stops the coil from burning out.

Vape The Tappo Kit

Vape The Tappo Kit

You’re ready to start vaping! Inhale on the mouthpiece and your Tappo kit will produce a small amount of vapour that feels like a disposable.

Lost Mary Tappo QUAQ pods
Lost Marry Tappo pods feature a QUAQ coil, which heats e-liquid quickly and evenly for improved flavour.
Lost Mary Tappo pod kits in Silver Stainless Steel and Green Pink
The Lost Mary Tappo is compact and pocket-friendly, so it’s an ideal everyday vape.
Lost Mary Tappo’s 750mAh built-in battery
The Tappo kit houses a 750mAh rechargeable battery, which is big enough to last most vapers a full day.
2 x 2ml
1200 Puff
2 For £15

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How long does it take the Tappo vape to recharge?

(1 Dec 2023)

Using a USB-C cable, you’ll be able to recharge the Tappo kit in around half an hour from 0%. When fully charged, the light will flash a solid green.

Do I have to switch the Tappo kit on?

(1 Dec 2023)

Thanks to inhale activation, the Tappo kit is ready to go as soon as it's charged. Puff on the mouthpiece and the kit will create a small amount of vapour.

What do I need to do with the Tappo pods to vape them?

(1 Dec 2023)

On the base of each pod is a little black button, push it inwards to break the freshness seal and the e-liquid will soak into the coil’s wick so it’s ready to vape.

Is there salt nicotine in the Lost Mary Tappo pods?

(1 Dec 2023)

Each Lost Mary Tappo pod is filled with 2ml of 20mg nic salt e-liquid, the salt nic delivers a smoother throat hit with every puff.

Is the Tappo better than disposables?

(1 Dec 2023)

Thanks to its rechargeable battery and replaceable pods, a lot of people looking for a greener and cheaper way to vape opt for kits like the Tappo.

What’s the best Tappo flavour?

(1 Dec 2023)

Boasting a wide selection fruit, soda, menthol, and tobacco flavours, there’s a lot to try with the Tappo kit. Take a look at our Top Ten Tappo Flavours guide if you’re looking for a little inspiration.

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By Kt from Essex

Love (18 June 2024)

Loved this product... easy and quick to charge. Great flavour

By JOANNE from Cambridgeshire


This has kept me off of cigarettes :-) Charges in 30 mins 20mg seems alot but it has really stopped my cigarette cravings. Easy to use no on off switch Very compact no dials or settings no leaks :-) I personally prefer the Pineapple, Tropical fruit so far .. Lemon and Lime and theres a kiwi guava one there okay (ish) (Elf Bar Elfa Pods work with this device also) You can get refillable pods for these now as well, I haven't tried yet :-) I'd guess 50/50 Salts 10mg would be better option if you were to sample and try the refill pods in these. Answers on a postcard for anyone that knows about the refills.

By Vaper123 from Scotland

Great kit (27 May 2024)

Great kit, easy to use and charge and the pods work so well and last long. Buy every month and will continue

By Bigb from Ireland

Brilliant pod kit (24 May 2024)

I've been using this pod for couple of weeks now for work it has a long battery life which is so good and fast recharge and the pod juice would last me a day I would recommend this to my friends and anyone who wants to start of vaping

By Puff

Great (22 May 2024)

I've been using the elfa pro kits for a while and really enjoy a lot of the flavours. However I've found the batteries lose power way to fast and it affects the draw and flavour produced about halfway through a pod. Thought I'd give the Tappo a try as I enjoy the lost mary disposables.
So glad I did, the extra battery is noticeable and can last a whole pod without any noticeable change in the flavour or draw. It also has a slightly tighter draw than the elfa which I also prefer and of the flavours I've tried they've been mostly great especially the cherry ice. Highly recommend this device if you're looking an alternative to disposables.

By Ed

Great vape (20 May 2024)

Moved from disposable to these. Really good, very handy to have about and no messy refill or leaking like some of the pod systems

By Lo from Nottingham

Lost Mary tappo (19 May 2024)

I got this little beauty a while back for my partner as she used to be a very heavy smoker . Personally I find this a bit too strong but my partner gets on with it really well . We now have two of these and regularly buy the pods from this website . For a little device it’s got a kick to it and the flavours are bang on ! Cherry cola tastes just like Pepsi max cherry and the watermelon flavour is so fresh . I’m a regular buyer off this website and I’ve got to say I’ve had no problems at all with everything I buy . Everything is top quality and beats buying from the shops ! This little device is a bargain ! If you’re a new customer please check this website out they have so many good deals and really great devices for new vapers .

By Ross from Bristol


Should be 5 star rated but many people (myself included) got a burnt taste after about the 5th puff - You need to click the bottom of the pod up, before inserting!! It should sit inside the unit flush if you've done it right, rather than moving around.

Note - You can buy "Elfa Refillable pods" that work in this, making this even cheaper than disposables! The pods coil lasts 5-7 of your 2ml refills.

I've used Innokin Endura t18ii and FLTR, Pocke-X, Smoke Stick n2, and this thing hand down has soooooooooooo much more flavour. Tried my fav fruity flavour in this, Nasty Fatboy and the mango flavour was incredible: more intense, fruity and sweeter than the Innokin. Due to this though I've found 1 or 2 tobacco flavours (eg Nasty Silver Blend) actually taste better in the innokin.

+Best device I've ever used for flavour, even disposables.
+USB-C charges very fast. 1hr or so lasts all day.
+Small and portable.
+Great battery life (seems to last as long as the 1000mAh Innokin endura mini).
+Can buy Elfa Refillable pods.

+The pods are still quite expensive at £6 for a dual pack (still cheaper than most disposables).
(Elfa refillable pods):
- Rarely leak.
- Rarely after a fill up they gargle: Just blow down the mouthpiece with tissue at the other end to clear.

Overall rating - 10/10

By Angie76 from Essex

Great vapes! (03 May 2024)

Tried a few different pods, this is the better one we’ve tried so far. After being fed up of the fake disposable vapes that last less then they are supposed to these keep their flavour throughout the whole use. The battery lasts well and the price of the vape is fair.

By Tasha from Essex

Brilliant (02 May 2024)

I have tried some many different vape with pods /liquids and this it best one I have had battery it great on it and you can taste the flavours as good the disposables which is something I have never had with others I have tried my husband also now uses one they are brilliant

By Dom from Uk

Great device (30 April 2024)

Great device!. The battery lasts me ages and the flavour from the pods comes through strong with no problems of a burnt taste that others have had. So easy to change the pods over. Really happy with it so far and would 100% recommend!

By Dan from Notts

Better than the disposables! (27 April 2024)

Great if your moving from disposables has a long battery after charge and charges quickly, no complaints here!

By Beachbaby28 from Hampshire

Really good kit (15 April 2024)

Received as a freebie (thanks vapeclub!) and I’m really enjoying it. Trying to ween myself off the disposables and this is one of the better pod options I’ve tried. Really love the design and easy to use, charge lasts ages and pods much longer than disposables. Flavours have been mostly good that I’ve tried.

By Emhuck from Swadlincote

Amazing (15 April 2024)

Needed to look at moving from disposables to a rechargeable unit. And this certainly is a perfect little kit. Cracking little device, a bit slippy in hand at first, but now I’m used to it, I don’t notice! Charges quickly, easy to change the pods, great price, battery life is awesome. If I find a negative, I’ll add it on here but so far, excellent!

By Em from Sunderland

Great! (13 April 2024)

Great device! Its comfortable to hold and feels solid and well made. The battery lasts me ages and the flavour from the pods comes through strong with no problems of a burnt taste that others have had. Really happy with it so far and wouldn't hesitate to recommend!

By Mark from Consett

Not my thing (10 April 2024)

Found these a massive let down. Awful nasty burning taste when taking a drag comes through and it just let's down the whole experience for me. So bad I actually just disposed of them without finishing which I've never done before. Won't be buying again

By Andrea from Surrey

Perfect rechargeable alternative to BM600 (04 April 2024)

I've just purchased my 2nd LM Tappo, after gratefully receiving my 1st as an unexpected free members gift in one of my previous repeat LM BM600 orders! I really like that the Tappo is pretty much the same size as their BM600, has a great battery life, quick to fully recharge via USB-C & plenty flavours of pods too. I'm now an official BM600 > Tappo convert👌

By Andria from Greater London

Brilliant rechargeable vape! (30 March 2024)

I was finally able to quit smoking ciggies after years of trying, with the help of my LM vapes. So, now after months of smoking disposable vapes, I wanted to try something a) more economical & b) less wasteful & enviro friendly cos of the disposables batteries etc I first tried an Elf one, but couldn't get on with it cos of shape (I have arthritis in my fingers & thumbs), so when I saw LM Tappo being released I had to try & I'm so happy 😊 it's basically their classic BM600 that I've always used, in a slightly chunkier metal case ~ it's PERFECT!! It charges quick & holds charge for ages, plus the flavours actually taste just like the BM600 👌 Also, the price is so good on here, I've just ordered my 2nd back-up one today! Would highly recommend to all the other BM600 fans like me to give it a try!

By Tc from London

Good value (27 March 2024)

Battery last a long time and the flavour is smoother than the disposables

By Alyssa

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit (25 March 2024)

I was very excited to receive one of these with my previous order! This kit works very nicely and has wonderful flavor! Also very smooth hit. I'm going to be ordering more of the pre-filled pods very soon to try more flavours. Thanks so much VC!

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