Lemon Curd eLiquid by Mr Meringue
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70% VG
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Lemon, Sugar
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Bakery, Citrus Fruits, 60ml E-liquid, Mr Meringue
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Lemon Pie eLiquid from Mr Meringue is characterised by a tart and gooey Lemon Curd a-top a crunchy nest of Meringue.

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By from watford

Great lemon vape (18 January 2017)

Brought this juice as im a big fan of ' DL Lemon Tart'. I have tried other Lemon vapes and nothing could really compare. Mr Meringue is a smooth lemon pastry vape, very different to 'Lemon Tart' but in my opinion just as nice. I have had no issue vaping this at 40w or even 120w. If your a fan of Lemon based vapes I recommend this liquid. Another great nice blend from Charlies Chalk.

By from Uk

Mr awesome (08 January 2017)

Been looking and tried lots of juice that claims to taste of lemon meringue this is by far the nearest to date I can't put it down

By from Soutg East

A damn good juice!! (07 December 2016)

Usually, I tend to regard 'cheaper' juices as the ones that nobody usually wants. I thought I'd give this a bash based on my love for lemon. JESUS WEPT!! What a choice... This juice is a MUST for anybody with a taste for a desert vape. You can really taste this one. Rather than an overpowering chemical taste that some juices can give off when trying something like this, this one, to me at least tastes like I have just eaten a slice of lemon pie! Pastry is there too but just the right amount. Not that I think the setup is going to make too much difference here with this one but I was using a Wismec Releaux 200 with a Tsunami RDA Clapton build. Tried a few wattages but I suppose, really that's all personal choice. Same for the juice I guess. At the end of the day one persons gold is anothers trash but if it sounds good to you, chances are you will like it...ALOT! 60ml at 20 squids is a result and I'm hoarding some incase that price changes!


Its okay (06 December 2016)

So in first week of vaping this. I absolutely loved it! Great lemony tasty and it hit my sweet tooth perfectly.

But and it's a shame that there is a but. But I've noticed this juice is burning my coils out way too quickly. Using an aspire 0.5ohm Atlantis coil. I've not experienced this with any other liquid I've bought, but perhaps it needs to be burning higher..

From reading the reviews and because I loved the taste I will be certainly be trying dinner lady's lemon tart next.

By from uk

Best liquid i have tasted so far! (10 November 2016)

Up until now, the lemon tart by dinner lady was my ultimate favourite. However after trying this one i think it is now the best. It is a lot sweeter than the lemon tart, which is what i like and the after taste is amazing! Will defiantly be buying this again!!

By from hampshire

Against the grain (27 October 2016)

Sorry everyone this is a big thumbs down from me. I bought this juice a month ago an there is still 50 ml in the cupboard. I just cant get the meringue or the lemon from it it just tastes of pastry to me. I did 10ml of this over 2 days and I really did want to like it but it just tasted bland. if pastry with the odd taste of lemon is your thing this is for you. also found that it killed coils on the i sub V and tainted the tank.....
Sorry guys not for me.


Nice and smooth (26 October 2016)

Lovely and smooth lemon meringue flavour. Although it's a 70VG it vapes well at low temperatures too. It's very well priced at £19.99 for a 60ml bottle, you can't really ask for a better deal.
I bought this as a substitute of dinner lady since dinner lady is rather expensive. However, I still much prefer dinner lady and although both are lemon based they're totally different to each other.
Also, if I must really criticise something, I don't like the bottle tip which is too wide to fill the tank with. But I got a needle bottle from Vape Club and transfer my e-liquid into the needle bottle


Lemony love! (24 October 2016)

I'm so happy with this. I've been looking for a just-right lemon bakery vape to replace one I used to love from long ago, but which is no longer produced -- and this has finally hit the mark. I've been through a few sub-par offerings, including my own many failed DYI efforts, so I'm delighted to find Mr Meringue. I have a few more to try out, but I could be very content sticking with this one, which doesn't lag on the lemon, or deliver just yet another generic, bland lemonish "cake-y" flavor. I really like how the pastry taste is interpreted here, and that the meringue isn't overly sweet, and the lemon tastes fresh and juicy rather than candied or Kool-Aid-like.

From my experience of trying to create something similar on my own, I'd say that for some reason, getting the pastry effect, and the lemon flavor, and the creamy toasted "meringue" to all balance in such a way that each is distinct yet not overdone, or just a sad, sad muddle is REALLY hard, as it seems to me that these flavors tend to cancel each other out ... so finding a gem that gets it right is lovely. Bravo!

By from Manchester

Skeptics approval (24 October 2016)

I am not perticularly fond of lemon curd but I wanted to try something different. I have to say this liquid tastes exactly like the real thing! It vapes soft and beautifully, It has the taste of the savoury lemon and the notes of a strong, bread-like pastry underneath. I have been through alot of liquids that claim to taste of something yet actually don't (but still taste great) and this is just genius!
I cannot fault how perfectly seasoned the flavour is. You can really taste that cake underneath that lemon.
An exellent quality liquid, 10 stars definitley. Vaping with aspire triton clapton coil 40w.

By from Milton Keynes

Very nice (17 October 2016)

You definitely get the meringue, more so than the lemon to be honest, which means its very sweet. Still a very nice juice though and at 20 quid for 60ml you can't complain. Not as good as Dinner Lady Lemon Tart (but what is?!) but a damn sight cheaper. Only tried it at 0.3 - 0.4 ohms, 40-60w, so maybe the lemon might come through more if I go higher?
As usual next day delivery from VC. Cheers.

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