Lemon Curd eLiquid by Mr Meringue
10, 30, 50ml
0 3 6
70% VG
Eliquid Flavours
Lemon, Sugar
Made In
Flavour Category
Bakery, Citrus Fruits, Mr Meringue, Short Fill
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Lemon Pie eLiquid from Mr Meringue features a mix of Lemon Curd, Sugar, and Meringue flavours.

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Lemon Curd eLiquid by Mr Meringue
from £5.99
10, 30, 50ml
0 3 6
70% VG
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By from Manchester

The best juice ever ! (07 September 2017)

After 2 years of vaping hundreds of different flavours and brands of e liquids (and mostly being disappointed from lack of flavour or pure harshness) I gotta say this is definitely the best juice I've ever tried.

The flavour is exactly what it says on the label and it's the smoothest vape ever... zero harshness!

By from Exeter

Excellent (29 August 2017)

This juice is anime sub or alt for my favourite juice by dinner lady (lemon tart)
It hits it's flavour profile brilliantly and it's worth every penny. I'm not a fan of Charlie's chalkdust juices, but this sh*t right here is lovely!
It's not tank juice imo as it gunks coils it would be better suited for a rda.

By from London

OMFG (02 August 2017)

YUM YUM YUM Not sure what else to say about this juice.
I loved Dinner ladies Lemon Tart but im getting a divorce this is now my all time fav.
Striaght of the bat using 0.4ohm at 40 watts.
If you like lemon bakery/dessert just try it.

By from Argentina

Nice (21 July 2017)

I tried Lemon Tart from Dinner Lady before this one. Both at 6mg.

Lemon Tart smells and tastes better than Lemon Curd, but this juice was way softer to my throat, and that's why I prefer it.

By from Leeds, West Yorkshire

Smooth and creamy, could do with more zest (15 July 2017)

Tastes like an iced lemon sponge with a swig of jersey gold top milk.

I was looking for it to taste like a spoonful of lemon curd, zesty but smooth. Was still nice regardless.

Thumbs up.

By Anonymous

Now i wanna eat pie!!!! (12 July 2017)

I love lemon curd and especially love lemon meringue pie so I thought id give this a go.
It did not disappoint, really strong lemon curd flavour and very sweet

It tasted so much like lemon meringue pie every time I vaped (Aspire zelos kit 0.7 oh coil at 21w) I wanted to literally eat it. It can sometimes get a little sickly but as its so moreish you don't mind it so much

Cant recommend this flavour enough and will defiantly be keeping a supply of it and making it a permeate part of my ADV collection.

By from Athens - Greece

Unique Taste - Should try this out (24 May 2017)

It gives a very thin taste of coconut along with the lemon and meringue. And maybe some fruit jam like mandarin or something. The balance is exceptional. It is full bodied but not an all day vape. Anyway, I always want to have it in my shelf. It is one of the liquids that you recall and want to vape NOW! So i don't risk not having it :-) Waiting for the 0mg variant to come back in stock.
That all said.

By from Leicester

Amazing...so many delicious flavours! (20 April 2017)

Prior to this, I was vaping Vampire Vape Lemon Sherbet... but now I can't go back! This Lemon Curd/Lemon Meringue is delicious. A really smooth and sweet, lemon flavour on the inhale and a coconut-pastry taste on the exhale. Honestly amazing how realistic it tastes. When vaping around others I'm often told it smells like "sweet coconut" - which is a taste you are left with after vaping in your mouth... it's awesome.
I would definitely recommend it to those who love these kinds of flavours/dessert liquids.
I've been vaping it all day long and it doesn't get too sickly or lose its flavour, either.
The only negative I have is it can be a bit dry/harsh at times and the dripper is quite fat/thick and because my tank has a narrow hole to drip into it can be a bit messy at times... but no worries, just gotta be a bit slower and more careful :)

By from Swansea

Real Lemon Kick (19 April 2017)

Ordered this as I came across it while browsing in the 'Clearance' section.

Very very impressed with it (so I ordered more).

I was expecting it to taste of basic lemon taste (bitter & strong) but was overly surprised when it actually tasted like lemon curd (very smooth taste).

Great clouds, (Smok AL85)

By from Motherwell

Lemon pie (08 April 2017)

A superb juice one of the best I've tried for along time bitting lemon and a nice sugary exhale..a bit sweet but sweet is my bag. Vaping cleito 120 at 85 watts ..bags of flavour and clouds to put a steam train to shame

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