My Man E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder
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80% VG
Unit 29, Orbital 25 Business Park WD18 9DA Dwight Road; Watford, Hertfordshire; United Kingdom
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This Product Has Been Discontinued

My Man by One Hit Wonder has been modeled after the Holy Trinity Ice Cream combo that is the Neapolitan. Combining Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate in this tried and tested blend, and balanced perfectly together, the flavours dance on your tongue with each creamy inhale and exhale.


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By from sidcup

Not as nice as the reviews i viewed! (09 February 2017)

I bought this due to the raving reviews it was given and even watched a YouTube review.
I think the reviews were due to selling off the product but some people have different taste buds than others.
All I could taste was a creamy wafer taste and nothing else. I could taste a slight hint of vanilla with a predominant taste of an ice cream wafer. I wouldn't class it as a pleasant experience as I tasted no sweet taste whatsoever. I would describe it more like smoking a creamy ice cream wafer lol.
But as I say....everyone's taste buds are different but definitely not for mine but now I have to go through 180 ml of the stuff to get rid of it!
I am thinking of adding a strawberry flavour to it just to make it sweeter.
I hope this review helps those people thinking of buying this.
My advice is try the smallest bottle you can buy first.

By from Cardiff

Enjoyable but i would not buy again (22 January 2017)

I know that there are some people that really like this but it wasn't for me. It's really hard for me to identify all of the flavour notes. Can't really taste vanilla, the prodomintant chocolate taste isn't the best (Although I'm yet to find a chocolate eliquid that I like yet so maybe that's just me ) and the strawberry is a little off . The creamy texture is really nice and the aftertaste is okay too.

I would say give it a go if you have enjoyed ice cream flavours previously.

By from Mansfield

Neapolitan Ice Cream (06 January 2017)

This one reminded me of Neapolitan ice cream. I did get the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavours with a distinct background of ice cream. Not too creamy just a hint.

As another review mentioned after a while the prominent flavour became chocolate but that's not a bad thing for me.

Will definitely buy this one again.

By from London

Great Vape & Great Value (06 January 2017)

Creamy strawberry inhale & strawberry with a hint of chocolate exhale. It's sweet but not sickly, the vanilla rounds out the strawberry & chocolate to give it that ice-cream flavour. The strawberry taste sits out front though with the chocolate just hanging in the background, although random people have commented on the lovely chocolate smell!

This is my ADV and a 180ml bottle lasts me 2 months so it's great value and the flavour doesn't diminish over this time. I'm just using an Eleaf IJust2 with 0.3ohm coils which I change once a week.

By from hull

very nice (10 December 2016)

love this juice but it is not for everyone i have found depending on what tank or coil you use it can be different every time.i get a different flavour every time can be strawberry,chocolate,vanilla but i do get the wafer taste most of the time with this juice always been a fan of this range and as always vape club are spot on give it a go you never know you may like it

By from Stevenage

Not For Me At All. (19 November 2016)

Not nice. I've tried this in Aspire Sub-Ohm configurations from 20w-80w and iLeaf with a Ti200 at anything from 200 to 350 Celsius, and each time it just tastes of burnt plastic.

Very mixed reviews here, so it may be a batch issue, or an equipment thing, but it definitely won't come through my letterbox again.

By from Scotland

I don't get it? (23 October 2016)

I don't get ice cream, strawberry or chocolate? using on a crown tank .25 coil and tried on various wattage right up to 120w and it really wasn't nice. It's just kind of weak tasting.

On the plus vapeclub's service was excellent as usual

By from Amsterdam, Netherlands

My new man! (25 August 2016)

This juice tastes heavenly. Vanilla id predominant in the taste, however a little chocolate and strawberry are in the exhale. Absolutely love it! Mildly sweet, nice clouds and almost no troath hit, easy does it, this is my man for the night.
Vapeclub thanks for the excellent service as always

By from Bristol

Bomchikawawa (11 August 2016)

Wooaahhaa! Love this tasty liquid.
So on a serious note I do really like this liquid. My fav so far from vape club. Got the 180ml bottle to try and its gurt lush. I'm getting the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate but each vape tastes different. Was vaping and had a icecream van tune playing over in my head like I was a kid again. Vaping in my tfv8 tank with the v8 q4 coil at 90 watts and its bloody lovely. I have taken some out and the rest in the bottle I'm streathing ripp tippers way. Can only get better! And its quality as it is. And a speedy next day delivery from VC as always.

By from Dover Kent

Yum,strawberry,choc ice cream (16 July 2016)

Today i'v got My Man,and must admit,thats is wonderfull juice,by inhale you enjoying
a vanilla,and with exhale strawberries and milk,aftertaste is a choc...mmmm...
Obviously the clouds are really impressive,and as usual great service from Vape Club

Defo will buy again :)

Kanger KBOX with Aspire Cleito on 65W

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