Vladislav Vassiliev (Vape Club CEO)

  • An original Vape Club co-founder
  • Cryptocurrency mogul and angel investor
  • One half of a professional racecar driving team

His journey starts at just 14 years old, developing websites while still at school. Vlad figured out he could use the ‘view source code’ option in Netscape Navigator to teach himself how to code by reverse engineering his favourite websites. Even from then, he could foresee the vast potential of the internet.

A little later in life, shortly after the early success of his website, the Dollar Shave Club, he decided he wanted to do something that helps people who really need it. Hearing of the smoking-related loss that his friend, Charles Bloom was struggling with, they teamed up and Vape Club was born!

Fast forward to now and you won’t be surprised to know he has over 20 years of online marketing and e-commerce success under his belt. Despite also being a tech industry angel investor, he is still driven to keep improving lives.

Vlad In The Media

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