What Are The Best Bear Aspire R1 Disposables Flavours?

Some of the first rechargeable and refillable disposables vapes to hit the UK, the Bear Aspire R1 vapes offer a simple alternative to traditional single-use vapes. Each one arrives with a 10ml bottle of nic salt e-liquid and the R1 can be refilled up to five times – which means it can last five times as long as a standard disposable and still costs under £10.

Aside from a smart and simple-to-use design, there are over twenty flavours available, spanning from sweet fruits to cool menthol, rich desserts, and even tangy soda blends. With this in mind, we thought it’d be a good idea to give you a quick rundown of our top ten flavours from the range.

So, without further ado, here are our best Bear Aspire R1 vape flavours!

Banana Ice

Let’s kick things off with an ice-cold classic! The Banana Ice Bear Aspire R1 channels the sweet and almost creamy flavour of banana into every puff. The added ice notes soften the sweeter elements of the fruit and add a crisp taste. If you’re looking for a simple, fresh-tasting vape – it’s a firm favourite.

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Bubblegum Candy

More than a little sweet, this is a blend perfect for candy lovers. The Bubblegum Candy Bear Aspire R1 takes the fruity notes of traditional bubblegum and adds a candy flavour to the mix to deliver a sugary exhale. Although it creates a distinct flavour with every puff, this vape is never overpowering.

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Cherry Bakewell

While we’re talking about sweet flavours, we can’t forget to show a bit of love for the range’s standout dessert blend. The Cherry Bakewell Bear Aspire R1 pays respects to the confectionary of the same name with its layers of pastry, icing and dark cherry. The fruit cuts through the richness of the pastry and adds a welcome juicy note to this mix.

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Pink Lemonade

Conjuring up memories of citrusy beverages on hot summer days, lemonade vapes add a touch of nostalgia to your day. The Pink Lemonade Bear Aspire R1 is no different! From your first vape, you’ll detect the bold and tangy notes of lemonade, which are then sweetened on exhale by a secret blend of pink fruits and berries.

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Grape & Blackcurrant

When it comes to dark fruits, few blends can stand up to this next one. The Grape and Blackcurrant Bear Aspire R1 delivers a punchy combination of sweet and juicy notes with every puff. The unmistakable taste of purple grape hits first and is quickly followed up by the ripe taste of blackcurrants on exhale.

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Fruit Explosion

Ending things with a bit of a bang, the Fruit Explosion Bear Aspire R1 replicates the flavour of tutti frutti candy. They’ve packed a lot of fruit into just one blend and you’ll experience the full breadth of sweet and tangy flavours from your first inhale. The candy finish keeps things sweet until the very last drop. If you like your vapes on the bold side – this gets top marks.

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Summing Up

You might think that’s a lot of flavour, but these are just a few of the options available in the Bear Aspire R1 range, we recommend you check out the whole collection if you need a bit more inspiration. Still can’t find a blend that suits you? Then our full selection of e-liquid flavours should be right up your street; with over 4000 blends on offer, there really is something for everyone!

If you have any questions or just want to find out more about the Aspire Bear R1 vapes then please get in touch with our Customer Service Team. They’re all vaping experts and are on hand seven days a week to offer recommendations and answer any queries.

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