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What Are The Best Flavour Concentrate E-Liquids To Buy In 2023?

DIY e-liquid can be a great way to save money and customise your vape by creating your ideal flavour and nicotine strength. While mixing your own e-liquid might sound daunting compared to buying ready-made e-liquid, it only requires getting to grips with a few basic principles. Vape juice requires just a few ingredients - flavour concentrates, a VG and PG base, and optional nicotine - to be combined in order to create a finished e-liquid.

Some brands featured in this guide, such as Global Hubb, specialise in single-note concentrates. This style of concentrate tastes of just one thing, like coconut, or raspberry, and they're ideal for both creating simple vapes or for combining with each other to create a unique blend. Other brands, such as Vampire Vape, offer their own famous e-liquids in concentrate form, so you can save money and select your own nicotine strength while still enjoying your favourite flavour.

It's worth mentioning that e-liquid flavour concentrates can not be vaped on their own - take our word for it - it doesn't taste pleasant and can burn out your coil quickly. DIY vape juice flavours must be combined with VG, PG and optionally nicotine in order to be used in your favourite tank or pod. Before you get stuck in, you may wish to have a look at our DIY E Liquid Guide, which will take you through the basics of e-liquid mixology.

Vampire Vape Flavour Concentrates

Vampire Vape is one of the leading UK e-liquid manufacturers. Founded in 2012, with 12 flavours at launch, they now offer more than 50 blends, all crafted with high-quality ingredients. Thanks to their concentrate range, you can now mix your own Vampire Vape e-liquids to your preferred nicotine strength and VG/PG concentration.

Our top picks from this brand feature some of Vampire Vape's most iconic vape flavours. Heisenberg might well be the UK's most well-known juice, featuring a highly sought-after secret blend which delivers a complex berry and menthol flavour. Pinkman, another famous vape flavour, delivers a distinct and juicy-tasting mix of tropical and citrus fruit. Our final Vampire Vape choice is Blood Sukka, which blends a bold and sweet berry medley with a crisp eucalyptus finish.

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Element Flavour Concentrates

Element is an e-liquid manufacturer based in sunny Florida in the USA. Unlike some flavour houses, they don't just stick to one sort of blend - their expert mixologists have come up with all sorts of vape liquids including fruits, desserts and tobaccos across their massive collection of popular ranges including Tobacconist, Tonix and Emulsions.

Picking the best Element flavour concentrates was tricky, since they have so much on offer, but we had to start with their iconic Pink Lemonade. This flavour is one of the most popular drink-inspired blends out there, delivering sweet and sharp notes in equal measure. If you prefer a richer vape, Strawberry Whip & Banana Nut is ideal for dessert lovers. Our final pick is Tobacco 555, which layers bold tobacco with a medley of cream, caramel and hazelnut for a well-rounded vape.

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Dinner Lady Flavour Concentrates

Dinner Lady got their start in 2016, with the launch of their popular Lemon Tart e-liquid. Initially focusing on flavours that are nostalgic of classic British desserts, they've since expanded to offer a wide range of blends that include menthol, tobacco and candy flavours.

The Sweet Fruits concentrate by Dinner Lady is ideal for vapers with a sweet tooth, offering a candied strawberry and lime flavour. If you prefer an icy vape, Sun Tan Mango is a flavourful fruit blend that provides intense menthol notes on the exhale. With Blackberry Crumble, Dinner Lady have gone back to their roots with an authentic-tasting dessert blend.

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Global Hubb Flavour Concentrates

Global Hubb is a British brand that's popular in countries all around the world. Their range of e-liquid flavour concentrates focuses on single-note blends, which are ideal for those looking to create their own flavour mixes or anyone just looking for a simple vape.

Our favourites from Global Hubb include rich flavours like Coconut and Cookie Dough - ideal for vapers with a sweet tooth! If you're looking for a lighter-tasting fruity vape, we'd recommend classic Raspberry. These concentrates can be vaped alone once combined with your base and nicotine, or blended together to create interesting combinations, such as coconut cookie dough.

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IVG Flavour Concentrates

IVG was established in 2016 in the UK and they've grown massively, now serving over 100 countries worldwide. This brand is popular enough to have won multiple awards thanks to their high quality ingredients and unique flavour blends.

Our favourites from IVG include Rainbow, a super-sweet candy blend that works great alone or combined with other flavours such as fruit or menthol concentrates. For those looking for a more unique taste, zingy Lemon Lime Mojito is an authentic drinks-inspired fruity vape. If you prefer a cool blend, Blue Slush combines sugary blue raspberry with a blast of arctic ice.

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Summing Up

And that's our guide to the best vape flavour concentrates. We hope we've given you some inspiration for your mixology adventures! If you still need some more ideas, you can browse our full range of DIY vaping supplies including flavour concentrates, VG/PG base and nic shots - use the filters to sort by flavour and brand. If you need any tips on making your own vape juice, or have any vape-related queries, you can contact our customer service team who are here to help seven days a week.

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