Rice Pudding E-liquid

Traditionally seen as an English dessert, rice pudding is enjoyed on many continents, particularly in Asia and South America where rice is a common ingredient for cooking. A simple enough recipe, it involves cooking the rice with water and milk, it can then be sweetened by sugar or cinnamon.

Its popularity has lead eliquid mixologists to create a range of authentic tasting rice pudding vape liquids. While sweet with a depth of flavour, rice pudding can be paired with a range of flavours one of the most popular is jam, the fruit interplays with the creamy notes for a layered taste. You’ll also find it matched with custards and fruits. High VG and high PG blends are available, meaning you’ll be able to use these e liquids in large sub ohm devices and smaller vape starter kits. This flavour will change when vaped at different wattages, the lower temperatures and wattages will emphasise the creamy and smooth notes of this dessert; higher wattages and temperatures on the other hand bring out the overall sweetness.