Smok V8 Baby Q2 Coils

Smok TFV8 Baby Vape Coils
Coil Resistance 0.4ohm, 0.6ohm
Coil Types Dual Coil
Made In China
Pack Size 5 Pack
Tank Features Replacement Coils


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The Smok V8 Baby Q2 replacement coils have been designed for use with the Smok TFV8 Baby tank and Baby Beast tank. Producing larger amounts of vapour, these coils should be paired with a high VG e-liquid that is 60% VG or higher. 


  • Smok sub ohm vape coil
  • Supports a 55W - 65W power output
  • Compatible with high VG e-liquids

The V8 Baby Q2 features a dual coil build, which will deliver clear flavour and large clouds. The 0.4 Ohm resistance means the V8 Baby Q2 Smok coil is best used between 55 and 65 Watts. Thanks to it's higher resistance, the Q2 is suited to a much wider range of mods than the lower resistance coils in the rest of the Baby Beast Family.


  • 5 x Smok V8 Baby Q2 Vape Coils

Important information about Sub Ohm Vaping:

Any coil that registers below 1.0 Ohm, is known as a sub ohm coil. Recommended for advanced vapers only, they'll require more power to use properly, which will be provided by an advanced vape kit./p>

With these coils larger amounts of vapour will be created, to support this we recommend you use e-liquids that are 60% VG or higher. Due to the larger amounts of vapour that is created, we advise that you do not use an e-liquid that has higher than a 6mg nicotine strength.

0 3 6 12 18
40% VG
4 for £12

Heisenberg E-Liquid by Vampire Vape

Mixed Berries, Menthol
60% VG
2 for £30

Ez Duz It On Ice Shortfill E-Liquid by Ruthless

Strawberry, Watermelon, Menthol
from £13.99
0 3 6
80% VG

Pink Lemonade Dripper E-Liquid By Element

Lemonade, Red Berries
from £4.99
3 6 12 18
50% VG

IxCaCao E-Liquid by Manabush

Tobacco, Dark Chocolate
from £5.99
3 6 12
50% VG

Black Flag Risen E-Liquid by Five Pawns

Cappuccino, Truffle Cream, Mocha, Walnut, Virginia Tobacco
from £4.99
3 6
75% VG

Neon Green Slushie E-Liquid by FAR

Lemon, Lime, Ice

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5 stars (11)
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1 star (4)

By Willy from Cambs

Smok are great (29 June 2023)

Handy functional & reliable. I'd recommend them to anyone. If you're looking for something reliable then go for smok.

By Lew from Devon

Hit and miss (23 September 2021)

Although these where my go to coils for the tfv8, I did find them hit or miss

By Kat from London

What happened?! (01 December 2020)

I've loved these coils for a while now due to the amazing value and flavour, however recently they've been on and off.
Despite carefully priming these coils every time and putting a lot of care into cleaning and looking after my tanks, it seems that the last few packs I've bought have contained some faulty coils.
I used to love these but buying them is a bit of a gamble now as they either lose their flavour too quickly (even on a lower wattage) or have little to no flavour at all. Unfortunately might be time for me to move on from Smok coils.

By Kristian from Penrith

yay (26 September 2020)

finally coils that provide me with a smooth and fantastic flavour experience, another smok product hitting the vaping market with what it needs

By Connor from Worthing

Not the best (03 August 2020)

These coils have very decent flavour and are great value, however they do have a tendency to give dry hits sometimes and the coil life can be sort of inconsistent.

By Jim from Birmingham

Hit and Miss (05 March 2020)

As the title says, very hit and miss. One coil can last you a good week and abit another one can last you half a day. Not for me.

By Chris from Southampton

Good coils (05 September 2019)

I've never had a problem with these coils, will always get a good 2 weeks out of them (using a baby smok @ 60watts)
Good flavour

By Fred from Switzerland

It's getting worse and worse (22 August 2019)

Smok's building quality is getting worse every year with their coils.
This time I've ordered this coils pack and when I tried to use them my mod (Smok alien) wasn't detecting it in the tank. After an inspection and trying a second coil from the same package, I noticed the build quality was so bad, the lower part of the coil wasn't touching the metal connector in the Smok tank properly, so there was no way any electric circuit was being able to exist.
I had to cannibalize an old used Smok coil and replace the badly built metal part to make it work. I think this is time to move away from Smok products.

By G-Wolf from UK

Going down hill fast (12 July 2019)

I've used these coils for years and, beside the odd leaking issues, I've never had any problems with them. Recently though, I'm seeing more and more "Atomiser not found" issues due to the coils not being assembled correctly.
In the last 3 packs (15 coils) I've had at least 5 DOA and probably 2-3 that needed fixing to solve the aforementioned, that's around 50% that exhibit some issue.

By Jay from High Wycombe

Great for flavour (05 April 2019)

I find these coils to be one of the best . Great for full flavour and life span. Also their good for battery life . Generally great all round.

By Adrienn from London

Good all round coils. (29 November 2018)

These coils are pretty good for your everyday vape.
I find they last longer when you use clear e-liquid.
The 0.4 coils are my go to as they can be vaped all day at around 42-45w which is good for saving battery if your at work.

By Richard from UK

Great Coils (31 March 2018)

I have gone through every tank/coil on the market and I have to admit these are pretty good. You have to wick the cotton multiple times inside and out to prep as it's quite thickly packed. Once done I start at a low watt then slowly ramp it up from 30w to 68w. This is on a 0.2 in a baby tank on a smok alien 220w. Great clouds and flavour at the higher watts but find if using sugary/cakey juices the coils don't last too long maybe 4/5 days rather than 7/8.

By Chiggy from London

Good Coils (07 March 2018)

These coils are good and last a long time but they have to be used at 40w despite saying the best is between 50 and 60 you will still get great flavour clouds and will last longer one coil lasts me 3 weeks

By Craig157 from Aberdeen

Great..whilst it lasts. (21 January 2018)

So this is a great coil, easy to replace, reliable and really smooth hit ensuring full flavour.
I usually stick to the 50-60watt as recommended using 70% VG.
Unfortunately they don't last long.
I've been keeping track as I've been having to order a new pack with new flavour orders.
1497 Puffs, 1720 Puffs, 344 Puffs, 787 Puffs, 1231 Puffs, 1420 Puffs, 923 Puffs & 2120 Puffs.
So it can really range!

By Emma from Crawley

Great coil (27 December 2017)

This is the only coil I’ve used since starting vaping. Works very well on clear juices and can get about a week out of it. But when I use the desert flavour juices will last less than a week. This is only to be expected though. Easy to prime and a really great price for 5!

By Dom from Sussex

Best coil! (29 July 2017)

Always the best and my preferred coil choice!

By JP from Leicester

Good and smooth, tend to burn quick though (27 June 2017)

Right from the start, a brand new coil usually gives a good, full and smooth vape, clean and rich.
I tend to use between 50-70 watts, and the drawback is that the maximum I've been able to push these is less than 2 weeks. They seem to burn pretty quickly.
And because of the wire, no possible to use them on Temperature Control.
But if you don't mind changing them every <2 weeks... great coil.
Very clean, very rich and full flavor.

By Samnick from UK

Great little coil (13 June 2017)

Nice coils and value for a price. Never had any leakage although some of my friends did. The only downside to it, it is a pain trying to replace it

By NewVaper from Midlands

Performance Vs Quality (19 May 2017)

These are great coils - but they currently have a few issues, biggest one being quality. You must leave these to absorb your juice as the wadding is very tight and assuming you have nailed that just beware of potential leaking issues with these.

I thought it was me being fairly new to the scene but having checked online - there are too many posts and videos to mention that detail the "potential" issues with these coils.

If you check the packaging before you pop a new coil, you may notice the bottom seal on some is not flush - with the bottom end sitting at an angle - this is causing the leaking issue so be sure to try and level off bottom part and ensure the seal is intact and tight to the main housing.

I had 3 just like that in my new batch so come on Smok - sort it out please.

By Vape Nation from England

coils (11 March 2017)

Thsee coils are good for their price you get 5 for 13.99 which tone be honest is a great price for them. They produce a good amount of vapor with a good taste. They have a capacity of 40-80 whatts however they are best vaped on 55-65 whatts for the best flavour, the only drawbacks to thsee coils are they don't last overly long however if cleaned properly and regularly you should get 2 weeks to a month out of them otherwise a week is to be expected before they burn out. Overall very good product for how much money has to be outlayed

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