What Does RDTL Vaping Mean?

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What Are The Different Styles Of Vaping?

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Are you after bigger clouds of vapour than what you'd get from an MTL (Mouth To Lung) kit but feel like you're not quite ready for a huge, complicated DTL (Direct To Lung) style sub ohm kit just yet? Well, what if we told you that there's actually a middle ground between the two? Today, we're going to tell you about RDTL (Restricted Direct To Lung) vaping and what to expect from it.

So as you may know, MTL style vaping is the process of drawing vapour into the mouth and then inhaling it into the lungs to mimic the sensation of a cigarette with a discreet amount of vapour. On the other hand, DTL vaping means that vapour is inhaled directly into the lungs, similar in method to using a shisha pipe, in that it can create a more full-on vaping experience with a large amount of vapour produced.

So what do we mean by RDTL vaping? As mentioned, it's somewhat of a middle ground between MTL and DTL. It resembles either a tighter DTL inhale that creates a little less vapour or a looser MTL inhale with slightly larger clouds.

The rise in popularity of this style of vaping came about around the time pod kits hit the market. As pod kits generally featured smaller batteries and more compact designs, they couldn't deliver high enough wattages required for DTL vaping. However, they were powerful enough and produced a sufficient amount of vapour for an RDTL style inhale.

In a remarkable moment of coincidence (OK it might have been good market insight), pod kit manufacturers stumbled across RDTL vaping - at exactly the time when an increasing number of vapers were moving away from sub ohm kits but didn't want to give up DTL vaping entirely. They've now become a category of their own and RDTL pod kits are quickly becoming the preferred option for many vapers.

Our Recommendations

If you're interested in RDTL so far but are unsure of a good kit to start with, then we can recommend a few. The following kits are a good introduction to the world of Restricted Direct To Lung vaping.

VooPoo Drag S
Aspire Flexus Q
Smok Novo X
Uwell Caliburn G

Is An RDTL Vape Right For Me?

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Should you buy an RDTL kit? That depends on what you're looking for in a kit and how you vape. Since most RDTL devices tend to come in the form of pod kits, you're given a lot of options that are very easy to both use and maintain. From single button operation kits to ones that you can activate by simply puffing on the mouthpiece, these kits are a great choice for beginner vapers, as well as more experienced vapers after a simpler and more convenient experience.

You may find that RDTL vapes are more versatile than other devices, as they are often compatible with multiple types of coil. These kits will usually include an RDTL coil, as well as a higher resistance one that's suited for MTL vaping. This means if you find that an RDTL style inhale isn't really for you, you can just switch coils rather than having to buy a new kit entirely.

So, If you're after a vape that combines arguably the best qualities of a traditional MTL kit (simplicity, discreet vaping and compatibility with a higher nicotine strength e-liquid), along with the strengths of a sub ohm kit (a looser, more comfortable inhale with deeper flavour), then an RDTL kit should definitely be considered. Thanks to their growing popularity, you'll find different styles of kits at a range of price points.

Pros And Cons Of RDTL Vaping

You might be wondering what it is exactly that makes this middle ground approach so popular. For some vapers, it acts as a useful stepping stone between MTL and sub ohm kits, especially if they're not sure whether increased vapour production is what they're looking for.

Many vapers use it to experience a stronger nicotine hit. Since RDTL kits produce more vapour than a standard MTL kit, if you've made the switch you'll experience a stronger hit without having to change your e-liquid. A lot of coils designed for RDTL vaping are also compatible with high strength e-liquid, which will deliver an even stronger hit.

A stronger nicotine hit isn't the only reason that some might opt for an RDTL device. These kits also give you access to a wider range of flavours. A lot of e-liquid blends - particularly shortfills - might only be available in a high VG concentration. Before, this meant that you'd have had to get your hands on a traditional sub ohm kit to enjoy them. Luckily, a lot of RDTL kits can now easily support both 60% VG and 70% VG e-liquids, so you don't necessarily have to get to grips with a more complicated sub ohm device to try these blends.

RDTL kits also allow you to experience increased vapour production without having to lug around a large sub ohm kit. In fact, the majority of RDTL are pod style kits that will fit right in your pocket and take up less room than a pack of cigarettes.

There are still a few things to consider before you buy an RDTL vape kit though. If you've just switched from smoking to vaping, you may find that these kits produce a lot more vapour than what you're used to. You might want to opt for something that feels more like a cigarette to help make the transition to vaping feel more familiar. In this case, we recommend a standard MTL vape kit, with pod kits and disposables remaining the most popular choices for new vapers. There's also a wide range of classic vape pen kits too.

Similarly, if you're looking to experience a higher volume of vapour production, RDTL kits might not quite hit the spot and you may experience more of what you're after with a high wattage sub ohm vape kit.

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Pick from a wide range of compatible e-liquids, including different flavours, VG/PG ratios and nic strengths.

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Creates more vapour than an MTL kit, but this might be too much if you prefer a vape that feels like a cigarette.

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Compact and pocket-friendly, pod kits often support RDTL vaping. There are also bigger kits with larger batteries.

Summing Up

The rise of RDTL vaping has given vapers more options than ever and is guaranteed to help more of them make the switch and leave smoking behind for good. RDTL vape kits are quickly becoming some of our best sellers, so be on the lookout for new kits arriving daily.

For any questions regarding RDTL vape kits, or for any other enquiries concerning vaping in general, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our brilliant customer service team is always available and happy to help.

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