Innokin Jem Pen Starter Kit

1000mAh Starter Kit, 2ml Eliquid Capacity, Single Button Operation
Battery Capacity 1000mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Coil Resistance 1.6ohm, 2.0ohm
Coil Types Ceramic Coil
Made In China
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 46g
Height 13cm (5.1")
Diameter 1.6cm (0.6")


3 Free E-Liquids
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The Innokin Jem Pen vape kit is a simple and reliable vape kit that is recommended for users of all experience levels. Powered by a built-in 1000mah battery, it features single button operation, with a minimal set up required. Each kit can hold up to 2ml of eliquid and has been designed for mouth to lung vaping. This kit is compatible with the Innokin Jem coils, with standard and ceramic versions available.


  • 1000mAh Battery
  • Single-Button Operation
  • Ideal For New Users
  • Top Filling Tank
  • 2ml Eliquid Capacity
  • 13W Constant Output
  • Compact Design

Despite the Jem Pen's small size, users can expect up to a full day's vaping thanks to the large capacity battery. There's no menu system or user interface to contend with, the single button serves to activate the device, and when not in use the same button can be used to lock the device - making it safer to travel with. The 13W output, ensures a consistent vape, with discreet cloud production, for a stealthier experience.

The 2ml Jem tank is easy to fill thanks to its top filling capabilities. For best results, we recommend using this tank with a high PG eliquid that is 50% PG or higher. Designed for mouth to lung vaping, this tank provides an inhale that's similar to a cigarette, which is one of the reasons why it works so well for first-time users. Experienced users will find that the Jem acts as a handy back-up device or dedicated MTL vape kit.


  • Jem 1000mAh Pen Mod
  • Jem 2ml Vape Tank
  • 2 x 1.6 Ohm Jem Replacement Coil
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
Innokin Jem Pen is both a compact and simple to use vape kit with no need for maintenance.
The Innokin Jem Pen vape kit is easy to use, simple to maintain and fits right into your pocket.

The Innokin Jem Pen features a vape tank that can be filled without having to remove it from the vape kit.
The Innokin Jem Pen can be filled without even having to remove the tank, making topping up simple
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
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Is the Innokin Jem Pen kit a good choice for first-time vapers?

(8 Feb 2021)

The Jem pen kit is simple to use and maintain, making it ideal for a new vaper. At the same time, it produces a small amount of vapour that allows for an MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhale that's similar to how you would smoke a cigarette. It can also be used with a wide range of e-liquid flavours like tobacco and menthol. This can help make the switch to vaping feel more familiar.

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By Mazrobz from North Wales

Excellent vape (16 April 2022)

Best vape pen I’ve bought so far, easy to use and juice flavours are strong with this vape. The free eliquids are really tasty and you can tell they’re brilliant quality. Really happy with my purchase, thank you!!! :)

By Lisa

Best thing I have bought (15 September 2021)

Was very easy to set up and I am loving it

By Mar from Kettering

Jem pen (31 July 2021)

This is really good when it’s working, have had lots of problems with charging it , I’ve had a few dud coils too,but when it’s working it’s a good little vape for me as I find the bigger more powerful ones to over powering for me

By Mar from Kettering

Jem pen (31 July 2021)

This is really good when it’s working, have had lots of problems with charging it , I’ve had a few dud coils too,but when it’s working it’s a good little vape for me as I find the bigger more powerful ones to over powering for me

By Purplewitch from UK

Good when it's working... (01 June 2021)

I bought this vape about 7 weeks ago. Initially, it was great! Great, smooth throat hit and worked like a gem. It was a few days later that I discovered that the coils only last about 1-5 days. Or a few hours. Or just... burn out immediatelly. I finally figured out the perfect liquid combo to prevent coils burning out after about a month of trial and error. And then... the red light of death appeared. The battery was fully charged but the red light stayed on whether the vape was on or off, and initially it wasn't much of a problem as it was still firing. But only a few days later even that stopped. Now the light does some weird stuff, changing from fully charged to red to medium charge and anything in-between. And it is not firing anymore.

So basically, it is a waste of money. I am currently waiting for a new vape to be delivered and hoping it will turn out better than this one.

By Jo from Bristol

(29 April 2021)

Looks good but as others said the coils burn out rapidly, sometimes instantly, meaning I have wasted so many coils. I've had this for over a year and have had the same trouble since I bought it, now giving it up and trying something else.

By Dman from Leeds

Good but not that good (14 April 2021)

New to vaping was amazed by this and the deal with the liquids. Initially very impressed so much so I bought another and two sets of replacement coils thinking it was brilliant. Could never seem to get that experience and flavours of the first few days of vaping with identical liquids, new coils , etc. New coils burnt out instantly and second set did the same. Just didn't seem to work. Was not enjoyable and made me go back to smoking normal fags, in the end after spending lots of money on different liquids , coils and replacement pen, I binned the lot. Maybe some liquids where 50/50 others were 70/30 , different nicotine strengths 18, 12 an 6 mg would explain why I couldnt replicate first vaping experience. I Think its ok to try for a week or so but then invest in something bigger and better.

By Dman from Leeds

Good first impressions but thats it (14 April 2021)

Initially blown away, but seemed coils went quickly ordered replacements, was good for a few hours then same thing, might have been unlucky with batch I got. Found the cheaper Lambo pod much better if your new to vaping.

By Anonymous

Cheap for a reason (07 April 2021)

The coils used in these are awful, burn out at a ridiculous speed meaning you quickly end up out of pocket buying new ones. Would look elsewhere, which is a shame as when the coils are new it's a good sleek product

By Jay from Leicester

Good starter (01 April 2021)

Bought for my partner,she loves it! Great starter kit

By Anonymous

Amazing (01 March 2021)

Love it

By Kelsey from Essex

Disappointing (01 February 2021)

Bought this and received it 5 days ago, it came with two coils, both coils have already burnt out! I don’t use the vape often at all due to working long shifts and only having one break... I would understand if I used it all the time but that is not the case! Very disappointing!

By A_Sniu from London

Not great (01 October 2020)

Leaks an awful lot and the coil burns within a couple of days, so actually you end up spending quite a lot of money on this every month. My advice would be to buy a more expensive vape and save the hassle/money in the long run.

By Sky from Havant

Innokin jem pen starter kit (16 July 2020)

Very easy to charge . And very easy to start if you know how to use them but if you dont it very easy to google how to make your pen start . A good offer for the pen and free 3 lots of liquid as a pen on it own cost the same as this pen with 3 liquids

By Amy from Liverpool

Alright as a first vape (06 July 2020)

This is the first vape which I have ever order and I found that it was a good starter vape to begin with, being very cheap and simple. As I began to use it, I found that over time it would leak quite often. I also found that the coils would burn out very quickly meaning that I would have to replace the coil 2-3 times per week. The liquids which came with it were good.

By Amy from UK

Amazing! (02 July 2020)

Myself and my partner have wanted to quit smoking for a while. I’ve smoked 20 a day for nearly 10 years so i was slightly apprehensive. We switched to these and they are honestly amazing. They’re so simple, battery life is great, and the coils and liquids last us a while. The nicotine salt in menthol is fantastic too, it’s so smooth and feels like I’m smoking a genuine menthol cigarette. Would highly recommend!

By Jamie from Uxbridge

Great starter kit (17 June 2020)

Got this for my father in-law and he said it’s a great kit for anyone trying to quit smoking! Easy to change coils and add juice. Perfect for all ages! Highly recommended!!

By Anonymous

Such a good first time vape (15 June 2020)

Such a good vape for first time users, so easy to get the hang of, so pleased I bought it. And comes with spare coils etc! So worth the money

By Kirsty

Excellent (15 May 2020)

An excellent start up kit, very simple to use but brilliant for switching away from smoking. The salt nicotine liquids are excellent too for switching over.

By Jay

Good kit (05 May 2020)

As an ex smoker who gave up and started and gave and started I was on actual cigarettes before buying a vape device. I was told vape is safer then actual cigarettes due to all the stuff in cigarettes I saw this device and the 3 free oils and for such a low price I thought why not give it ago if it works then great and if not then haven't spent a lot on it. I've seen other kits for sale and Alls I wanted was just something simple and easy to use this is the device to go for if your new to vape battery life seems good to me I've only charged it for about 20 mins and seems to last a long time you get 3 free oils things so great way to find one you might like vape club seems to have the oils at good prices and can't find anything wrong. But if you completely new to vape and smoking go for a low strength oil the higher one in my opinion are for people who smoke like 50 cigarettes a day I could be wrong on that. The device is great I've brought another one because the price is fantastic and its a great thing. You won't regret buying this one if your new to vape like me
And the customer service at vape club are very friendly and very helpful too I'm proud to be a customer with this company.