Geekvape Wenax M1 Vape Kit

800mAh Built-In Battery, 9-16W Output Range, 2ml Refillable Pods, Inhale Activation, Pocket-Friendly
Battery Capacity 800mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Coil Resistance 0.8ohm
Made In China
Pod Coil Type Cotton
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 34g
Height 12cm (4.5")
Diameter 1.6cm (0.6")


1 E-Liquid Included
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The Geekvape Wenax M1 vape kit is a compact and simple device, ideal for new and seasoned vapers alike. The kit’s built-in 800mAh battery can support long sessions of vaping, while its power output range of 9-16W provides consistent performance regardless of battery level. Plus, the MTL (Mouth To Lung) style inhale feels similar to a cigarette and creates a more noticeable throat hit.


  • MTL Pod Kit
  • 800mAh Built-In Battery
  • Inhale Activation
  • Pocket-Friendly Design
  • 2ml Refillable Pods
  • 0.8 Ohm Built-In Mesh Coils

The device’s minimalist design and inhale activation means that you won’t have to worry about navigating menu screens and clicking buttons. Just inhale on the device’s mouthpiece and you’re good to go. The adaptive power setting will automatically select the correct wattage for your chosen pod, helping to increase its lifespan.

Refilling your Wenax M1 pod is easy, thanks to the side-filling system. Just unplug the stopper to top up with e-liquid. It features a built-in coil design, so there’s no need to change coils. Instead, you can simply replace the old pod with a fresh one. The Wenax M1 pods boast a clear design that makes it easier to monitor your e-liquid levels. Included with your kit is a 0.8 Ohm Wenax M1 pod, but a 1.2 Ohm option which will deliver a more restricted inhale is also available separately. Both of these pods offer an MTL-style inhale, so we suggest using this kit with 50% PG e-liquids or higher for best results.

Please note, this kit does not come with a charging cable.


  • Geekvape Wenax M1 Vape Device
  • 0.8 Ohm Geekvape Wenax M1 Pod
  • User Manual

How To Set Up & Use Your GeekVape Wenax M1

Charge Your Wenax M1 Battery

Charge Your Wenax M1 Battery

Make sure your kit is fully charged before using it. You can use a USB-C cable to recharge and this will take a little under an hour from 0% charge.

Prepare Your Wenax Pod For Filling

Prepare Your Wenax Pod For Filling

Remove the pod from your kit and locate the rubber bung on the side. Remove this rubber insert to reveal the pod’s filling port.

Fill Your Wenax Vape Pod

Fill Your Wenax Vape Pod

Hold your Wenax pod with the filling port facing upwards, and then put the nib of your e-liquid bottle into the port and squeeze.

Reassemble Your Wenax Pod

Reassemble Your Wenax Pod

When you’re finished filling, re-insert the rubber bung back into the pod. Push it in firmly to make sure it’s secure.

Prime your Wenax Pod

Prime your Wenax Pod

Leave your pod upright for ten minutes. Known as “priming your coil” this gives the e-liquid to soak into the pod’s coil.

Reassemble & Vape Your Wenax M1

Reassemble & Vape Your Wenax M1

Put the pod back into your kit – the magnets will keep it secure. Then inhale on the mouthpiece to start vaping.

Eight Geekvape Wenax M1 vape kits next to each other in different colours.
The Geekvape Wenax M1 vape kit is available in a variety of colours including Gradient Orange, Gunmetal and Red-Blue.
An Orange-Red Geekvape Wenax M1 vape kit beside a white feather.
The Geekvape Wenax M1 is shaped like a cigar and weighs just 34g, so it will easily fit in your pocket for on the go vaping.
A Geekvape Wenax M1 vape kit next to white text.
The Geekvape Wenax M1 vape kit features a clear window, so you can see how much e-liquid you have left, as well as a rubber drip tip for maximum comfort.
A Gradient Orange Geekvape Wenax M1 vape below a graph showing its power output.
You’ll experience consistent power with the Geekvape Wenax M1 vape kit, as the power output remains at a steady pace.
A Gradient Gold Geekvape Wenax M1 vape kit in a cloud of vapour.
The Geekvape Wenax M1 vape kit will deliver a tight MTL style inhale that imitates the feel of a cigarette.
0 3 6 12 18
50% VG
5 for £10

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By Tweazle from Scotland

Super device (11 March 2024)

This is hands down the best device I've bought and I've wasted money on many.
Mine arrived on Monday morning, charged it, filled it and as of this morning (Wednesday) I've not had to recharge it.
It's clearly got good battery life. Its easy to fill with no mess and best if all, no leaking!
Comfortable to hold and lightweight.
This is definitely the device for me.

By Kerry386 from Accrington

Love this little ecig (29 January 2024)

Burns liquids well
Hold’s flavour great
The coils seem to last for a long while they are easy to fill and change
Great for price

By JeffRic

Love it (22 January 2024)

I love this vape! It’s small and compact (only downside is I loose it in my bag, or down the side of the sofa!) and easy to use. The pods are easy to fill and the battery lasts ages and doesn’t take very long to recharge. The vape gives a good vapour draw with no leakage unless the mood needs changed. Pods last for ages too!

By Qoumlee from Newcastle

Basic but does the job (25 November 2023)

This is ok, I guess it does the job. Maybe I need a different kind of pod but I just felt like anything I baked gave me a really strong throat hit and couldn’t really taste any flavours. The pods are easy to fill, just be careful to hold it at the right angle while you’re doing it. I got quite a bit of leakage into the mouthpiece so had to keep blowing it out!

By Sue

Geekvape Wenax M1 (10 November 2023)

Great little kit the best I have tried easy to fill and gives great vape would recommend to anyone 👍

By Ahu381 from London

Great pod for coming off ciggies (20 October 2023)

I've tried many other pod kits but this has got to be the best at replicating the feel of cigarretes. The cylindrical shape, round tip and most importantly the tightness of the draw makes it an ideal alternative. Battery life is good too at 800mAh. Doesn't have fast-charging but tbh, doesn't take long too long to charge. I received this as a replacment for my faulty Wenax U (thanks VapeClub - great customer service!) and have to say that I prefer this. The only downside is that given the cylindrical shape, it does tend to roll around when laid flat.

By Vape_Lord69 from Glasgow

Best Vape I've Ever Used. (13 October 2023)

Previously was using the VooPoo seal kit and one of my biggest problems with it was the coils lasted me roughly two days. Plus, the flavour quickly deteriorated. I tried everything to extend coil lifetime; different resistance values on coils, difference VG/PG ratios, did the math on the optimal Watts... Nothing worked.

I vape quite heavily, especially if I'm working from home. It got to point where I was spending too much money on disposables because they would end up only lasting me a day, sometimes less.
I decided to give this GeekVape pen a go and I've refrained from leaving a review till I've used it for a week. Here is my experience so far:

- It's day 6 and I'm still on the first coil/pod.

- The flavour by day 6 has weakened slightly, but the juice still tastes sweet with no sign of that dreaded burnt marshmallow flavour.

- It charges very quickly and lasts the whole day. Bonus points for usb C connection.

- No signs of leakage, the worst I've seen is a few very tiny drops on the part where the pod connects to the device. There hasn't been an instant where I've removed the pod (to refill) and my hands have been left greasy with liquid.

- I've become disenfranchised with complicated power settings and I love the simplicity of this device.

- There's been no instances of the device getting set off in my pocket.

- The actual hit from the vape is INCREDIBLY smooth, effective and the closest thing to disposables I've experienced so far.

- The actual device is a nice shape, size and weight.

Overall, really really happy with this device. I'd highly recommend this.

By Dean from Dorset

A nice little vape kit (13 September 2023)

It is basic in every sense of the word. The packaging is the bare minimum and it is definitely aimed at the disposable users market. In that regard it amazes me people pay so much for disposables when these devices exist? I like the overall design a lot. Yeah the battery doesn`t last long but just buy a second one or carry a power bank. its still not much different than carrying all the paraphernalia that comes with analogue cigarettes and still way cheaper imho. Plus you can also switch flavour/pod or device with no hassle. The 'hassle' lies with the filling up of the pods, it is an awkward method until you get used to it, even then it can still be a tad annoying. That & the lack of a charging cable & an extra pod wouldn`t have gone a miss are my gripes. The Good? Nice quality little vape, feels like holding a tidy cigar, very simple to use once you filled the pod and great MTL flavour (0.8, 50/50, nic-salts). I can certainly see myself collecting the different colours like the weirdo that I am. A safe 8/10

By Skelly123 from Worcester

Loving this... (06 September 2023)

I have a heavy duty Geekvape Aegis, does all the daytime vaping malarky, lots of settings, uses 2 big rechargeables, easily lasts a day etc etc. However when I go out its a bit bulky to carry around and have £60 quid worth of kit (at least) aboard can be a bit worrisome. Hence I bought one of these, low cost, will last a night, slim in pocket. Plus I got the chance to experiement with flavours, 2ml at a time is easy to try. Bought some replacement pods as well, though up to now not needed.
Excellent, good draw, no worrys about what setting it is, no worries about bulkiness. Charges in less than an hour too. A little fiddly filling, but not a worry, and no major leaks, Gonna buy one for my son when he goes to uni, he piddles money away on disposables when this almost costs the same.

By Jan from Cumbria

Geek vape (09 August 2023)

Bought this for holiday got to say love this little device lasts all day on 1 charge great taste and change liquid twice now and still tastes good second week of using it and not changed coil down side is that now have to buy another cause I have lost it keep up the good work vape club

By Rudie from Sheffield

New vaper (24 June 2023)

I’ve just moved from disposables to an actual vape, I’ve tried a few other pens in the past ad nothing has been sufficient until I came across this! I got this with the kiwi melon fluid and it is better than the disposable vapes! It’s tasty, smooth and saves a lot of money! You can buy all the disposable flavours as well which is amazing! I would 100% recomend this!

By Lynn from London

My New Favourite (16 June 2023)

This is a fantastic little vape. Easy to use and fill, there's absolutely no leaking or spilling and it's the best flavour I've gotten from any MTL device. Love the look of it, too. The gradient colours are gorgeous.

By Shrub

Best vape I've used so far (08 June 2023)

Amazing little vape and fantastic price! The pods are easy to fill, the flavour is strong, pods last a decent amount of time and the battery lasts all day on full charge with me absolutely caning it lol. Pair this baby with the elux liquids, it's a game changer for getting off disposables. Closest thing I've had yet!

By K from ESSEX

A good vape to get of disposables (05 June 2023)

This vape is amazing for people coming of disposables, has helped me a lot. I prefer the 0.8 ohm pods over the 1.2 ohm. Sad to see it doesn't come with either a charging cable or a spare pod. other than that its an amazing MTL vape

By Onyerbike from Scotland

Excellent...just like Vape Club. (02 June 2023)

Ok, this is a bit of a sneaky review. Yes, the Wenax M1 is an excellent little piece of kit. After more than 10 years of being involved in the "high end" side of vaping and having owned almost everything in the game, from all the top modders, at one time or another, I use only these nowadays...and I'm more than satisfied. Buy one, they're great!
However, here comes the sneakiness, I'm not really writing this as a review of the device, but of Vape Club themselves. I've been fortunate to have come across some outstanding customer service over the years in the vaping game...but this lot take it to another level! The speed of the free delivery is unbelievable and the peace of mind knowing that, should you run low on something, you can get it the very next day, is priceless.
Any hassle, any issues, any problem needing sorted, they're on it. Friendly, professional and with attention to detail, they have always been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Even when an issue has been my own fault (which tends to be most of the time) the Vape Club guys are on it and have it sorted to my satisfaction within minutes.
With so many players in the vape-selling world, it is increasingly factors such as reliability and customer service which will decide where buyers spend their cash. I have absolutely no qualms about ensuring that my hard-earned cash will continue to be spent at Vape Club. Thank you for doing things the right way!

By Moni

Perfect (01 June 2023)

It is a great little vape, with a metallic body and a rubber mouthpiece, which you can bite into for the hands free vaping when you need to.

It has a clear view of a pod to remind you when to top-up and you can easily pull out the pod from the kit to fill out, without any struggle or any leak.

However, bear in mind, when flying for the first time with your vape after the disposables, you will need to either bring empty pods or to keep them upside down when flying, to avoid the leakage like myself, due to pressure during the flight.

The pod I bought was 1.2 Ohm and it gives that throat hit like cigarettes but for me with 20mg nic salts it hits a bit too much as I am also wearing the nicotine patches, but it is perfect with 10mg nic salts.

The battery lasts forever, of course depending how much and how often you vape, but for me it lasts for around 5 days with several vape sessions a day.

It doesn't come with a charger, but it would be a standard type-C cable which you can easily find around your house i.e. the tablet cable or a smart phone and just plug into to your computer or the USB plug.

Also, as some other reviewers mentioned that it clogs, of course it will either clog or leak when it's being used with incorrect ratio e-liquid, if you will use the standard 50% VG / 50% PG it will work perfectly fine without any issues and as mentioned in item description to use "50% PG e-liquids or higher for best results". Personally, I used 50/50 and didn't find any issues with clogging as the e-liquid wasn't too watery or too thick. At 50/50 e-liquid ratio you can also find 0mg nicotine if you need.

The only negative point would be for the nic salts, I wish they had them in a bigger sizes than 10ml.

By Solenya from UK

Good vape, poor battery (19 May 2023)

It's a good little vape. Service is good too, free next day delivery. My only complaint is that the battery sucks. I got it today, it basically lasts for about 100 draws before needing to be charged. There is no way I can use this out of the house as it just dies so quickly, I'll have to research a bit better and buy something that I can take out as I usually only vape whe I go to the pub. Good example of buy cheap, buy twice.

By Jimmyjim from UK

Great little vape (15 May 2023)

This is a great little vape. The battery's doesn't last that long but it also doesn't take to long to get a full charge & I have 2 so i can use one and charge the other

By Carey

Great flavour but fiddly to fill (14 May 2023)

This has great flavour, however it's extremely fiddly to fill.

After removing the pod, you need to hold it sideways, then lift back the small silicone cover, angle it with tip slightly downward, and carefully put nozzle in. After filling you need to do the reverse.

For me, the fiddly aspect is due to 3 things and I've deducted a star for each:
- needing to hold pod sideways and keep moving it to ensure fill
- the fact that nozzle can quite easily end up resting on the coil, so liquid comes back out.
- pod colour is a dark grey, and with light coloured liquids extra attention is needed so you can see how much/little has gone in.

My other pod system is far less of a faff.

If you're not bothered by the above filling points, I'd say go for it as flavour IS superb.

Unfortunately, for me this will be kept simply as a spare.

By WasAbi from Uk

Brilliant (03 May 2023)

I got this in two colours for me and my partner. It's a great device and stops awful wastefulness of disposables. Love it

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