Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Vape Kit

520mAh Built-In Battery, Fixed 15W Output, MTL Vaping, Inhale & Button Activated, 2ml Built-In Coil Pods
Battery Capacity 520mAh
Charging Type USB Type-C
Coil Resistance 0.9ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Pod Coil Type Mesh
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 32g
Height 11cm (4.3")
Width 2.1cm (0.8")
Depth 1.2cm (0.5")


1 E-Liquid Included
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The Uwell Caliburn A2 pod vape kit combines style with simplicity. The ideal option for a new vaper it’s very easy to use. But not just for new starters, it delivers an MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape that’s remained a popular choice all-round. Plus, its fixed 15W power output ensures a consistent vape with every inhale. Powered by a built-in 520mAh battery, you’ll experience a lot more vaping between charges and it will support an average day’s use before needing to be recharged. Each kit comes complete with two Caliburn A2 refillable pods that feature mesh coils for better flavour.


  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Built-In 520mAh Battery
  • Fixed 15W Output
  • MTL Vaping
  • Button & Inhale Activated
  • E-Liquid Window
  • 2ml Refillable Pods
  • Flavour-Boosting Mesh Coils

There’s no long set-up to deal with, instead, you can use the firing button to unlock, use and then lock the kit again. The kit is also inhale activated when unlocked, so you can vape by inhaling on the mouthpiece. Delivering a consistent level of vapour production with each puff, the Caliburn A2 features a fixed power output that never needs to be adjusted. An upgrade to the original Caliburn, the A2 vape kit also has a window built into the device so you can see exactly how much liquid is left.

When it comes to refilling your A2 pods, the snap-lid design allows for quick refilling and stops leaks from occurring. This simplified top-filling system makes topping up easy even when you’re on the go. The 0.9 Ohm mesh coils are built into each pod, so there are no messy coil changes, just replace the entire pod when the coil burns out. When it comes to selecting an e-liquid you’ll have plenty of options as this kit is compatible with 50/50 and high PG e-liquids and works very well with nic salt e-liquids too.

Please note: Though it doesn't come with a USB-C charging cable. Also, the Caliburn A2 can not be used with the original Caliburn pods or Caliburn Koko pods.


  • Uwell Caliburn A2 520mAh Vape Device
  • 2 x Caliburn A2 Replacement Pods
  • User Manual

How To Set-Up & Use My Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

How to Recharge Your Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

Charge The Caliburn A2 Kit Battery

When the Caliburn A2 kit arrives it may be partially charged. Charge it using a USB-C cable until the light goes green. This should take around 35 minutes.

How To Remove Caliburn A2 Pod Mouthpiece

Remove Caliburn A2 Pod Mouthpiece

Keep the Caliburn A2 pod inside the device to make refilling easier. Remove the mouthpiece by pushing against it until it comes off.

How To Put E-Liquid In The Caliburn A2 Pod

Put E-Liquid In The Caliburn A2 Pod

Insert the nib of your e-liquid on the hole with the red plastic underlay. Do not attempt to fill via the center hole or the other side hole.

How To Reassemble The Caliburn A2 Vape Kit

Reassemble The Caliburn A2 Vape Kit

Re-attach the black plastic mouthpiece by placing it on the pod and pushing it down firmly until you hear a click.

How To Stop The Caliburn A2 Coil From Burning

Prime The Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod

Leave your Caliburn A2 pod kit upright for 10 minutes, this will give the e-liquid time to soak in. This is known as priming your vape coil.

How to Unlock And Vape The Caliburn A2 Kit

Unlock And Vape The Caliburn A2 Kit

Click the button on your device 5 times to unlock it. Once unlocked press the button or inhale to activate the vape kit

The Uwell Caliburn A2 pod vape kit is light, simple, and ideal for vaping on the go.
The Uwell Caliburn A2 is a compact vape that’s taken the best bits of the previous Caliburn to create a simpler, intelligent kit.
Experience a longer-lasting battery and a quick recharge with the Uwell Caliburn A2 pod vape kit.
Powered by a 520mAh battery, the Caliburn A2 can be recharged in as little as 35 minutes.
Take your pick from button or inhale activation with the Uwell Caliburn A2 pod kit. Giving you the option to vape your way.
You can see exactly how much liquid is left in your Caliburn A2 pods with the window design.
The Caliburn A2 pods are easy to fill thanks to a simple top filling design.
The revised top filling design of the Caliburn A2 pods makes topping up your kit easier than ever.
0 3 6 12 18
40% VG
4 for £10

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Mixed Berries
60% VG
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Grape Drank Shortfill E-Liquid by Ruthless

Grape, Soda, Candy
3 6 12 18
50% VG
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Rhubarb & Custard E-liquid by Ohm Brew 50/50 Nic Salts

Rhubarb, Custard
3 6 12 18
50% VG
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Blue Slush E-liquid by Ohm Brew 50/50 Nic Salts

Blueberry, Raspberry, Menthol
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

Pecanilla Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

Pecan, Vanilla, Custard, Tobacco
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
4 for £10

Blue Burst Hybrid Salt E-Liquid by Riot Squad

Blue Raspberry, Menthol

How Long Does The Caliburn A2 Pod Kit Take To Charge?

(27 Aug 2021)

Featuring fast-charging, the Uwell Caliburn A2 can be fully recharged in 45 minutes. You can also use the kit safely when it’s plugged in thanks to pass-through charging.

Uwell recommends a 5V/1A USB-C lead for this kit for a 45-minute recharge. Using a 0.5A cable will mean your kit takes longer to recharge, on average up to 90 minutes.

How Long Do Caliburn A2 Vape Pods Last?

(27 Aug 2021)

Each Caliburn A2 pod uses a built-in mesh coil. Not only do Uwell mesh coils produce better flavour, but they also last longer. On average, a Caliburn pod will last a week and can be refilled multiple times.

How Do I Switch On The Caliburn A2 Vape Kit?

(27 Aug 2021)

This single button vape kit is easy to switch on and use. Click the power button five times to unlock. When unlocked, the Caliburn A2 vape starter kit can be used by inhaling on the mouthpiece or pushing the button. Click the button five times to lock it again.

How Do I Turn Off My Caliburn A2 Vape Pod Kit?

(27 Aug 2021)

You can turn off your Caliburn A2 vape pod kit by rapidly pressing the firing button five times. We recommend turning off the kit whenever you’re not using it and especially if you’re carrying it around with you.

Which Is Better The Uwell Caliburn Or Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Kit?

(27 Aug 2021)

The Uwell Caliburn A2 kit is an upgrade of the original and has lots of new features. The Caliburn A2 includes a built-in e-liquid window and easy-fill pods - along with an ergonomic curved design.

Can I Use Nic Salt With The Caliburn A2 Pods?

(27 Aug 2021)

Designed to deliver a vape that’s closer to a cigarette, we recommend using the Caliburn A2 vape kit with a 50/50 or high PG e-liquid. Nic salt e-liquids are a great choice if you’re looking to experience a smoother throat hit with your vape.

How Do I Refill The Caliburn A2 Pods?

(27 Aug 2021)

The Caliburn A2 2ml pods are very easy to refill. A new snap-lid design means you can refill the pod while it’s still in the device. Just remove the mouthpiece to access the filling port for quick and clean refilling.

How Do I Know If My Caliburn A2 Battery Is Low?

(27 Aug 2021)

The Uwell Caliburn A2 features a smart LED battery indicator. The light on your kit will flash different colours to advise you of the remaining charge:

Green Light: 60 - 100%

Charge Blue Light: 30 - 60%

Charge Red Light: 1 - 30%

Flashing Red Light: 0% Charge

How Long Does The Caliburn A2 Battery Last?

(27 Aug 2021)

The 520mAh built-in battery in the Caliburn has been created to deliver up to a full day of vaping between charges. Heavy vaping will deplete the battery faster, so keep an eye on the LED indicator so you‘ll know when to recharge.

Why Is My Caliburn A2 Auto-Firing?

(27 Aug 2021)

On very rare occasions, the firing button can get stuck causing the Uwell Caliburn a2 kit to autofire. Remember to always lock the fit when you’re not using it by clicking the button five times.

If you notice your kit auto-firing while you’re using it: remove the pod and click the button to free it.

What’s the difference between the Caliburn A2 and the Caliburn A3?

(2 May 2024)

The Caliburn A2 features a power output of 15W, while the Caliburn A3 outputs at 13W. The A2 also uses lower-resistance coils. This means that the A2 produces more vapour than the A3.

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5 stars (63)
4 stars (17)
3 stars (7)
2 stars (9)
1 star (17)

By Jade from London

Good for the price (04 January 2024)

I really like this device, I have bought a couple over the years as obviously like most devices- they’ll die after a while.
pods are easy to replace and refill when needed.
Battery lasts a while, and has coloured lights that tell you how charged it is (green- full, blue- mid, red- very low).
Would like the battery to last a bit longer but for the price I’d recommend

By Soph from Manchester

Do not buy (20 December 2023)

I bought one and after a few weeks it stopped vaping wouldn't turn on at all so got it replaced.
I’ve had the replacement a couple of months and now its completely stopped charging. Waste of money.

By Greenback

Avoid (15 December 2023)

Complete waste of money. Battery doesn’t last. Also, the liquid uses up very quickly too. Can find you have to fill it 4/5 times a day, where with the previous Caliburn, 1 or 2 max refills done you. It hasn’t leaked once though and is a nice design, that gets it two stars.

By GyB from London

Disappointing (08 December 2023)

The idea is good, the quality of the product is questionable.
The first one just denied charging after about a month.
Big thanks to the Vapeclub as they send me a replacement straight away.
The second one started to autofire in my pocket after about a month. (No, it's not the button. A little shake is enough to turn it on, causing the vapor to stay in the pod and leakage.)
Practically waste of money.
(I would give 0 stars but there is not option for that...)

By Anonymous

Do not order (06 November 2023)

This is an absolute waste of money my first had a broken magnet that kept coming out and the other wouldn’t hold charge

By Anonymous

Shocking (06 November 2023)

First one had a broken magnet that kept coming out and then the replacement they sent had dies even though it was fully charged and not used

By Aimee from United Kingdom

Decent (20 October 2023)

Really decent pod system but that’s pretty much all it is. Caliburn needs to upgrade this. The ‘Caliburn X’ is not the upgrade they thought it was.

By George from Birmingham

Basically Disposable (17 July 2023)

This is a great vape, except after 2/3 months of use, every time I charge I can only get 1 puff out of it before the battery has issues...

By DC19 from UK

Best I've tried (03 July 2023)

I've tried a lot of different vapes and always seem to go back to this one, I like the size, the shape and the draw is perfect for me, Its not perfect and I have had a couple leaky pods but on the whole its reliable and it lasts.

By Dave from Uk

Terrible (18 June 2023)

Don’t bother, just leaks all the time.

Not even had it a week and always keep it upright but it leaks.

By Anonymous

Best vape tried so far (11 June 2023)

Used to use disposable but been trying a rechargeable vapes for awhile, tried a few and this one is the best so far. Charging time is fast and flavour of vape juice is kept through use

By 98cal from Guildford

A real let down (08 June 2023)

After the original Caliburn being great, I was hyped for the A2 but it was a massive let down. The pods leak all the time and not the best for flavour. Unfortunately Uwell extremely let themselves down by this one

By LC19

Ok… (07 June 2023)

This product was good to start with, but my pods constantly leak. Mine broke because if you do not keep it up completely straight then the pods leak into the vape so it stopped charging etc so went onto disposables.

By Nick from Woking

Rubbish (31 May 2023)

Unlike their G series mtl devices this one is not one to recommend. The pods don't last as long as the individual coils do. The flavour isn't as good. Oh and they leak a lot too. Save your money, there's much better mtl devices on the market

By Anonymous

Not so good (26 May 2023)

This was my first vape after using Elfbar disposables for a long time and it has been nothing but a nightmare. Opened the box and filled the pod with a little bit of liquid, left it 20 minutes then I go and pick it up and notice the entire pod has leaked which also I think broke the Inhale activation as I can only use it with the button.
So now the first pod is broken just flashes blue light when trying to use it so I switched to the second pod which works but still occasionally leaks especially when it gets hot like when I leave it in my pocket and it heats up.

Outside of leaking I have noticed it has next to no flavour, assumed that the free liquid I got with it was just shit so bought another and still couldn't tell you what the flavours were like because I never could taste them enough. Maybe I just had bad luck or a faulty device from the start as this was one of the most recommended from what I could see so I would be willing to buy it again in the future but as of right now I am going to try something different.

By Anonymous

UWELL CALIBURN A2 (03 May 2023)

Honestly 10/10 couldn't have much to complain about so far, flavor is out of this world (Props to Uwell coils), charge seems to be holding nice so far, would definitely recommend to a friend

By Vaper from Medway

One of my first pod devices (02 May 2023)

I had this pod device before I bought my Xros, and I have the day the Xros knocks this out the park. The Caliburn series are great devices with great flavour from the pods, but I had leaks, and really felt the low battery life. Now I would recommend an Xros device over this 1 personally. But would I buy more Uwell products? Absolutely yes.

By Deb from N Ireland

Caliburn A2 Vape (24 April 2023)

I have had this since December. Great vape, however, battery life isn’t great and takes a long time to recharge. Pods are great and last several weeks before needing replacing.

By Aj

My favourite vape (20 April 2023)

I’ve had this model for a while now and I love it. Flavour is good, pods last a while as does battery. The only fault I have for this system is that occasionally the pods will leak but it’s a simple fix so not a issue really.
I did have a faulty one where the system was misfiring as soon as the pod was in. I emailed vape club and within a few days they had shipped me a new one free of charge.

By Jordan from Norwich

Good then to bad (17 April 2023)

Got this vape q while ago really good loved it. The outer casing were the pod goes is dangerous. Dropped during refill and it bent a tiny ammount. Now my vape won't work at all flashes blue over and over again and will not work no instructions have been able to help. I really regret buying this.

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