GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA

2ml RTA, Mesh Coils, Top Filling, Adjustable Airflow
Made In China
RDA Airflow Dual
RDA Deck Clamp
RDA Diameter 25mm Ø
RDA Features 2 Post, Dual Airflow
RDA Posts 2 Post
Tank Capacity 2ml


This Product Has Been Discontinued

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2 Pack
0.17Ω, 0.2Ω

GeekVape Zeus X Micro Mesh Strip Coils

24mm Ø
2 Post

Suicide Mods Ether RTA


Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA

28mm Ø

Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA


The Zeus X Mesh RTA is a specially designed RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomiser) that utilises mesh strip coils, resulting in improved flavour, increased vapour production and a faster ramp-up. Recommended for advanced vapers only, this RTA is capable of holding up to 2ml of e-liquid it features top filling capabilities and adjustable airflow. Thanks to the 510 connection pin it can be paired with most vape devices, working best with devices that feature an adjustable power output.


  • GeekVape RTA
  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Mesh Strip Coils
  • Top Filling
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • 510 Connection

A spring-loaded dual clamp deck makes coil fitting now quicker than ever, the two Zeux X pre-cut mesh strips can be inserted and tightened with no extra cutting required. In the centre of the deck is a ceramic block that stops the spread of heat away from the coil allowing for a consistent ramp-up. The coil shaping tool included with each RTA ensures that your coils have the perfect curve every time with plenty of room for cotton wicks, for better vaping and faster installation.

The interior chimney of the Zeus X Mesh not only serves to channel vapour, but it also features a honeycomb airflow built into it. This airflow has been designed to sit atop the mesh coil for a consistent channel of air to hit it, resulting in a greater concentration of vapour. If you're looking to control vapour production further, the adjustable bottom airflow can be opened and closed for increased or decreased vapour production.

Overall, the Zeus X RTA is a performance-driven atomiser that combines the cloud and flavour production of a rebuildable with the reliability and e-liquid capacity of a classic tank.


  • GeekVape Zeus X Mesh 2ml RTA
  • N80 Mesh 0.17 Ohm Mesh Strip Coil
  • Kanthal 0.2 Ohm Mesh Strip Coil
  • Coil Shaping Tool
  • Spares Bag

Important information about Rebuildable Tank Atomisers:

Rebuildable atomisers are recommended only for experienced users. You should have the knowledge and access to the equipment that is required to set up this atomiser properly.

Before building coils or using an RTA you should have a thorough knowledge of battery safety, Ohm's Law and vaping in general.

Before fitting a coil onto your rebuildable atomiser ensure it is in a safe condition and registering the correct Ohmage, this testing and checking can be achieved by using a dedicated Ohmmeter. Coils should not be tested on vape devices.

The Geekvape Zeus X Mesh is a rebuildable tank atomiser (RTA) with a 2ml e-liquid capacity and a 510 connection, able to be paired with the majority of vape mods.
Due to a 510 connection, the Zeus X Mesh RTA is compatible with the vast majority of vape mods, with a 2ml e-liquid capacity and a high quality performance.
The Zeus X Mesh RTA features a spring loaded clamp deck and utilises proprietary mesh coil strips for large cloud production and clear flavour.
Delivering rich flavour with generous cloud production, the Zeus X mesh RTA employs pre-cut mesh coil strips with not cutting or trimming required.
The 2ml Zeus X Mesh RTA features an interior chimney with a honeycomb airflow which can be adjusted using at the top of the tank for versatility.
Adjusted via the top airflow design, the Zeus X mesh RTA features a honeycomb airflow courtesy of the interior chimney for large vapour production.
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It’s my first time using the Geek Zeus X Mesh RTA, do I need to buy anything extra to make wicks for it?

(4 Aug 2020)

The Cotton Bacon Prime Wicks are a good choice for the Zeus X RTA as they’re already pre-cut to the correct size and fit this RTA very well. This will cut down on set-up time and will stop you from wasting any cotton. Alternatively, you can also purchase the GeekVape Micro Mesh Strip Coils, these premade replacement coils also come with two cotton wicks specially designed for the RTA.

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By Del from Watford

(17 April 2021)

This RTA is amazing , easy to build and wick, flavour is top notch , it's so good I've brought 3!
Very highly recommended

By Alex from Derby

Fantastic, leak free tank (15 January 2021)

Great product, easy to use, and finely engineered. Took a while to get to grips with wicking, but once I'd got the knack it delivers a smooth, even vape consistently. Would recommend highly.

By PJ from Berkshire

Very impressed (22 December 2020)

After having this for quite a while, I can seriously say that this is the best mesh tank I've ever had.
Lets get the only con out the way. As has already been said, the mesh strips aren't the same size as Wotofo which fit most other tanks. They've made theirs different so you have to buy their mesh strips but I often trim a tiny bit of a wotofo Mesh & they usually read 0.20 ohm. The proper mesh strips actually dont read what they should be, so if you want a 0.20 ohm get a 0.17.
Other than that, they genuinely dont leak at all unlike Wotofos profile unity or the Vandy Vape Kylin all of which have identical platforms but all leak
Taste is great, I use 3/4 of a strip of Cotton Bacon Prime, cut at 45 degrees. It takes minutes to change and last for ages.
Well made & paired with the Geekvape Aegis Max, it a win win, fantastic mod & fantastic tank. Maybe in time they'll sell mesh strios in 10's, thats the only downside.

By Phil from MK

Nearly perfect! (16 December 2020)

Got gifted this a while ago by my missus who knew I had my eye on it and it is absolutely awesome.
As a guy who could never get on with coils, mesh seemed like a good option for it's simplicity and this tank doesn't disappoint. As long as you make sure the cotton is touching ALL of the mesh (a few dry hits taught me that) and pack it TIGHT with cotton (i'm using cotton bacon v2, about half a strip) it runs perfectly!
The vape. Really, really flavoursome, great clouds and pretty cool, which is what I prefer. If you want a hot vape, stick to coils that you can crank up, this gives a really nice smooth cool vape and is exactly what I wanted.
Overall, I say nearly perfect as the one issue I have is the fact that geekvape made this to only take their mesh strips. You can trim down other mesh strips or mod the deck (if you want to risk it) but it would have been nice if you could you Wotofo or similar. Instead you have to buy 2 strips at a time (that come with cotton I that I never use) instead of a roll of mesh or 10 pack of strips!
Quick note, occasionally the air chimney might not be pushed in fully and you might get a mouthful of juice (user error, not a design flaw!) but all you need to do is flip it over, open it up, push the chimney in snugly and put it back together, problem solved!
For anyone that is fed up of shelling out for pre built coils and wants the best flavour possible, this is the tank for you!

By Dan from Bristol

Excellent in every way (23 November 2020)

I finally went for a RTA after reading up on vape clubs reviews and not feeling happy about the money spent on coils only to get a sub standard vape from them.
This geekvape Zeus mesh seemed to be the one every review was raving about, and how true those reviews were.
I have finally found what real vaping feels like.
Even the build is satisfying, very easy and a perfect vaping experience to follow.
I’m currently vaping through 120ml of juice to 1 mesh coil and 2 wick changes, my previous innokin Ajax plexus 3d as good as I thought it was would of used 4 coils and cost me a lot more over time.
The only downside I can see the 2ml glass tank, (now invested in a 5.5ml bubble glass, vape club you need to stock these! Felt bad having to go elsewhere to purchase) as I was continually filling with juice, yes this set up drinks the juice but a small price to pay for such a quality bit of kit.
Vape club, appreciation for the free postage due to how much juice I will now be having to order.

By Stuart

Not Useless Junk (28 October 2020)

Update: I did indeed have a duff one. Replaced by VapeClub quickly and now set up and running sweetly.
One of the best, if not the best, tank I've ever had
Many thanks to VC for sorting it out

By Stuart

Useless junk (17 October 2020)

Perhaps I got a duff one but no matter how I set this up - different mesh, different wick material, different wick thickness, different wick lengths, different thinning at the ends, different wattage, and so on - could not get this to work properly. Just burned a hole into the wick right in the middle of the mesh after 2 - 3 refills leading to awful throat-burning inhale.
Utter garbage. Don’t bother.
Other than that, build quality is good.

By Paul from Berkshire

Great flavour & best mesh RTA (10 September 2020)

Running a Zeus X Mesh Tank with the Vandy Vape Aegis Max, for me the Aegis Max is the best Mod at a reasonable price & better than some more expensive ones. The DNA chip really makes a world of difference.
Not much to say apart from this is the best mesh RTA. Better than Wotofo profile unity & vandy vape kylin mesh despite all having identical build decks. The only difference with the Zeus is that the mesh strips are slightly longer & wider so you cannot use the wotofo ones with it unless you trim a bit off the side of the mesh. When you do this they do read a very accurate 0.2 ohms but a little bit of cotton space is sacrificed. Not sure how much this affects the flavour yet as am still playing about with different mesh.
Used trimmed wotofo reading 0.2 & was nice. Used the Zeus 0.2 mesh which read 0.22 (minimal) and again a very nice flavour. Git some 0.17 yet to use.
I personally think the cotton supplied is too much but as said am still playing about. I find with Mesh Cotton Bacon Prime is best as it wicks really well, its all subjective.
Cant reccomend highly enough & its the only tank I use now when not dripping a Wotofo profile V1. Dont think RTA's have as good a flavour as RDA's but am looking forward to Vaoe club getting some vertical mesh build decks in, like the Cthulhu and Vandy vaoe also have one. There are some impressive looking verticals out there & one qould assume the flavour to be better.

By PapaG from Warrington

No going back (08 September 2020)

Just purchased this tank having owned the same Zeus RTA but with regular coils. Paired it with the Aegis X mod.
Wow! The flavour I'm getting is what I've been after for so long. I'm so glad I've switched to mesh, I'm not going back to regular coils.
It's super easy to fit the mesh, and wicking is also really easy. Took me 3 attempts to get the cotton right as I had dry hits on my first 2, just make sure you comb it plenty to thin it out so it wicks better.
Now I can't wait to try new juices as I know I'll be getting big favour hits and huge clouds.

By Lew

incredible flavour and performance (01 July 2020)

had the normal zeus rta and the mesh takes it to a whole new level flavour is so so good.
Bit of a juice destroyer because of the extra amount of cotton you put in a mesh rta but its so worth it.

By Shaun from Llantwit Major

Brilliant (30 June 2020)

Purchased this tank 29/06/20 & have to say it’s an absolutely brilliant RTA, I thought building the tank with the mesh coil would be a little tedious but found it much easier that the original Zeus X, not much fiddling around with trimming your coils and threading the cotton through. Its just screw into place put your cotton underneath the mesh & into the reservoir & liquid up. The flavour that this produces it immense, nice smooth vape & if you like to produce clouds it’s easily done 10/10 will be purchasing another for the misses

By Lukey from UK

Great rta (11 June 2020)

First time using a mesh rta and this is awesome simple to wick have had no dry hits and the flavour is extremely good. It does drink juice though but this is a minor con recommend this tank highly