Champagne Eliquid

Some may consider champagne as just another sparkling white wine, this is not the case. In the EU, wines grown outside the Champagne region of France can not be called champagne; the gowing, pressing and fermenting of these grapes creates a unique taste. Characterised by light and sparkling notes, this wine uses a pale grape that’s then fermented and carbonated to create a light and sweet beverage with a tangy aftertaste.

A symbol of celebration and victory, it is enjoyed the world over. In eliquid the lightness and sweetness of the blend is replicated with a slight tang to finish. You’ll find it mixed with tropical fruits, citrus fruits and even menthol to create an overall crisp-tasting eliquid with sharp notes, perfect for summer days. Due to the complexity of the blend, champagne is most often found in high VG ejuices so as best to bring out their sweet and vibrant notes. When vaped at higher wattages you’ll experience a crisp and sharp flavor perfect for pairing with fruit. A smoother taste occurs when vaped at lower wattages which is bolstered by flavours such as menthol and mint.

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80% VG
Pink Fizz E-Liquid by Pocket Fuel
Mixed Berries, Champagne
70% VG
Blood Orange & Lime Champagne Shortfill E-Liquid by Tonics 100ml
Blood Orange, Lime, Champagne
80% VG
Pink Fizz Shortfill E-Liquid by Pocket Fuel 50ml
Mixed Berries, Champagne