Best Longfill E-Liquids

Get Your Fill Of The Best DIY Juices.
By Louis, Copywriter
9th Jul 2024

Longfill e-liquids offer a new way to try your favourite flavours and have a go at making your own e-liquid (the simple way). With more options available than ever, finding the best one can feel a little tricky. Not to worry, we’re here to help! This guide will take you through our favourite longfills alongside the ones our customers can’t seem to get enough of. We’ll be judging blends from the best brands and talking about what sets them apart from the pack.

Best Longfill E-Liquids

First up is perhaps the simplest option, plus one of the most versatile. Nixer longfills come in a few different varieties. You can buy them on their own (or double up with our 2 for £15 multi-buy) and mix up your own e-liquids. Or, if you’re just getting started with longfills, you can also buy specially-crafted Nixer Mixer packs, that when combined create either a high VG or 50/50 juice in a range of strengths.

When it comes to flavour, take your pick from fruit, menthol and dessert blends. If you’re looking for some of our favourites, Lemon Tart balances sharp notes of citrus fruit with a rich, buttery pastry and if you fancy a little more tang you really can’t go wrong with Blue Raspberry. For vapers looking to keep things classic, Vanilla Tobacco offers a rich and dark taste with creamy notes.

Easily the largest longfills we offer, Element have taken their mixology mastery and applied it to a series of 250ml bottles. You’ll find favourites from their original and Tonix ranges in 250ml bottles, each of which contains 50ml of flavour concentrate. This means you can create a large amount of 50/50, high VG and any other mix ratio e-liquid that you fancy.

With over 20 different blends on offer, Element has all the bases covered. Fancy a sharp and zesty flavour? Go classic with Fresh Squeeze and its bold orange notes. Or, embrace the rich notes of Banana Nut and get ready for its signature creamy flavour on exhale. If you’re in the mood for something really unique, Apple Acai balances sweet and sharp notes throughout.

Taking inspiration from some of the most popular disposable flavours, Imp Jar e-liquids have long been top of the charts. The Imp Jar Max longfills take things one step further. Your longfill arrives with three 10ml e-liquids and when you add them to the larger bottle you’ll create 60ml of 10mg e-liquid. While this is a quick way to make e-liquid, you can also add your own combination of nic shots and VG/PG to create a custom blend.

You’ll find plenty of disposable-inspired juices within the range and this means a lot of fruit and menthol combinations. Our favourites include Banana Ice with its rich, creamy notes and frosty undertones, alongside classics like Blue Razz Lemonade which delivers a sweet, tangy vape with a fizzy finish. Looking for something a little darker? Give Cream Tobacco a go!

One of the oldest names in the game and no stranger to innovation, Vampire Vape has created a collection of Bar Salts longfills that put their mixology mastery into the hands of DIY vapers. Taking inspiration from their own stable of flavours and the ever-popular blends found in disposables, these 60ml bottles each contain 10ml of concentrate which gives you 50ml of space to create your ideal juice.

If you’re looking to get your fruit fix, their range of flavours will fit the bill perfectly. Keep things classic with sweet, light blends like Strawberry Ice or embrace exotic notes with Pineapple Ice and Lemon & Lime. On the hunt for a more complex offering? Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava perfectly balances three distinct fruit flavours for a layered, juicy vape.

Summing Up

There you have it, some of our favourite longfills from brands old and new. We hope this has provided a bit of inspiration and the recommendations you need to get involved with a bit of DIY vape juice making. Make sure you stock up on extra supplies like VG/PG and nic shots – not to worry, you can find them all in one place!

If you have any questions about DIY e-liquids, or anything else vape-related, get in touch with the experts. Our Customer Service team is available seven days a week and you can reach them by phone, email and live chat.

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