Jackfruit E-liquid

The jackfruit is grown in tropical climates and is a large fruit that can weigh up to 55 kg, the national fruit of Bangladesh it has an incredibly complex taste. Many have described its flavour as sitting somewhere between pineapple and banana; with ripe notes that border on savoury, countered by a mild sweetness. While the seeds of the jackfruit taste like brazil nuts. It's not quite nutty yet not fruity either, its just versatile.

Jackfruit flavours can be found in many Eliquids and can add both fruity and nutty notes to a blend depending on what it's mixed with. You’ll find it commonly mixed with Strawberry and Guava, but it can also be found in blends with papaya and honeydew melon. The unique taste of Jackfruit adds both a savoury and sweet tones to an eliquid. Due to its versatility you’ll find it in both high VG and high PG eliquid, so it can be tried by vapers who use larger sub ohm devices and smaller starter kits and pod kits.