Praline E-Liquids

Praline is an umbrella term for a sweet confection that combines nuts and sugar with cream. The French praline is the most well-known and it mixes almonds and caramel, creating a rich and sweet taste which can be covered with chocolate. Versions of praline appear in ice cream and cookies that help to balance their rich notes with an overall smoothness.

With a growing trend for complex dessert flavours in vaping there’s an ever increasing amount of praline eliquids available, which mimic the nutty and creamy notes of the real thing for a smooth and layered taste. Despite it’s complex taste you’ll rarely find it on its own, instead ice cream and dessert fusions will be paired with it. If you fancy something more exotic try a blend that combines it with fruits or even tobacco. Kind on your vape coils, you’ll find versions in both high VG and high PG mixes suitable for large sub ohm devices and smaller vape starter kits.