Taffy E-liquid

Taffy candy is chewy and sweet, often known as saltwater taffy, it does in fact contain no seawater and is instead made of butter, sugar and vegetable oil with colouring and flavours. The result is a chewy and sweet taste with a slight savoury note. Through the mixing process taffy is pulled to remove any air bubbles creating a light, fluffy texture. Combined with fruit flavourings this is a treat common to America and is exported worldwide.

It is usually fruit-flavored and when vaped as an eliquid provides a rich sweetness to the exhale, but other flavours are common as well, including the classic unflavored taffy adding a more creamy finish to an exhale. It is commonly found on its own, but can be found in blended flavour eliquids with fruits, such as strawberry and honeydew melon. With its versatile flavour, taffy can be found both with higher VG and higher PG liquids providing a choice for both large devices or smaller pod devices and starter kits.