Strawberry Milkshake E-Liquid by Vampire Vape

Strawberry, Milk
0 3 6 12 18
40% VG
Eliquid Flavours Milk / Milkshake, Strawberry
Made In UK
Size 10ml
In Stock
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Strawberry Milkshake e-liquid by Vampire Vape is a sweet and creamy mix. The light taste of strawberry is combined with notes of milk and cream for a smooth taste. This blend is ideal for vapers looking for a rich dessert vape.

Strawberry Milkshake 10ml e-liquid has been blended for mouth to lung vape kits, such as pod kits and vape starter kits. with the option of 0mg - 18mg nicotine strengths. The 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg versions are available in a 40% VG concentration, while the 3mg version is available in a 50% VG concentration.

Vampire Vape are one of the most popular e-liquid ranges in the world. Mixed and bottled in the UK, there's a range of flavours and nicotine strengths available, so it's easier than ever to find your perfect e-liquid.

  • 10ml TPD E-Liquid
  • 40% VG or 50% VG Options
  • 0mg - 18mg Nicotine Strengths
  • Blended For Mouth To Lung Vape Kits
  • Made In The UK
  • Childproof Cap
  • Tamper Evident Seal
  • Recyclable Bottle
0 3 6 12 18
40% VG
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By Lamchop from Bristol

Not great (17 August 2022)

Full of hopes for this one but didn’t delivery sadly. There is a lot nicer flavours in the VV range. I wouldn’t say it tasted like strawberry milkshake more like burnt biscuit and odd slight taste of strawberry. As per other reviews I thought it might be my coil but nope! I may have got a bad batch but by other reviews I think not! wouldn’t buy again.

By Exmoormaid from Somerset

love this juice (29 March 2018)

totally my favourite vape, creamy and just right on the strawberry flavour love it

By Souchy from Worthing

Not impressed (24 October 2016)

Having been impressed with other VV juices in the past I thought I'd give this a go. I regret it.

Like some of the other reviewers said, I'm not sure if I got a bad batch but it tasted nothing like strawberry milkshake. There was a very chemically taste on the inhale, and the exhale was an acrid burnt taste. Thought it might be a dead coil but no improvement was had with a new one. I moved on to other juices and thought I'd come back to it later to see if things improved, and while the unpleasant tastes aren't quite as bad as they were, it's still pretty nasty.

It hasn't put me off VV juices as I've used some great ones in the past but I'll definitely be avoiding this in the future and would advise others to do the same.

By ChainVaper from Norfolk

Really milky!! (13 October 2016)

First off, the smell from the juice itself does taste like out of date milk but the taste this vape gives you is incredible. For a cheaper juice the strawberry it nicely defined and the exhale leaves a perfect milky creamy taste. I personally love this juice, its the milkyness that has me buying it over and over!

By Lilstace from Croydon

Agree with others - Not Nice!!! (16 August 2016)

I purchased this on a whim as it was one of the few Vampire Vapes I hadn't tried. The thought of it was a lot nicer than the taste of this! I was using this on a 20W Eleaf Istick at around 11W on a kangertech Emow tank and it wasn't pleasant!

It just tastes cheap and very artificial. On inhale it had a sweet but sickly Strawberry taste, and on the exhale it just tasted like burnt biscuit, and that mixed with the sickly artificial Strawberry was not a nice combination. Dissapointed, this should be axed from their range!

By Southern Comfort from London

Horrible taste (30 May 2016)

Don't even think about buying this product, tastes nothing like strawberry milkshake. Smells like out of date milk as well. Doesn't even deserve a rating.

By Lewis from Essex

Not bad! (30 May 2016)

One of my first e-liquids, was a nice strong strawberry taste, is also quite thick too, personally enjoyed it however I'm sure there are better strawberry milkshake products out there

By Wheelie from Manchester

Mac D's milkshake (11 March 2016)

Not sure if there has been a weird batch or something from the comments below but i think this is absolutely spot on. taste like mcdonalds milkshake. Love it

By Dudestyle from Hemel

Horrible (02 November 2015)

This stuff is absolutely rank.... I was really looking forward to trying it as I really like strawberry milkshake..... It's rank. Tastes burnt and really really fowl. The worst vaping experience I have ever had, I thought I'd burnt my coil or cotton wool even though it was a new coil, so I changed for another new coil. It tasted the same, horrendous, It honestly tastes like the smell of used sanitary towels. Worst of all whatever I put in my Kanger subtank now has a bad aftertaste of this S***T. If you want to throw your money away go for it. I will never buy from vampire vape again.

By Technofifi from Uk

thiis is a whole new level of awfull (11 October 2015)

I can't believe how horrible this is. It is, without any doubt, the worst flavour I have ever tasted. CHEMICAL, CHEMICAL AND MORE CHEMICAL. I don't know if my isub tank can be rescued/ I have changed the coil and run some plain strawberry through it but I can still smell that noxious stuff from a week ago. Luckily I had some spare cash last month so it is not my only tank. Please heed my warning and that of many others and avoid this liquid. Note that even a 4 star review comments on the chemical taste. IN THE BIN. Only the second flavour that I have felt this strongly about in a year and a half of vaping. If you are still tempted, use a disposable.

By Anonymous

Poor Juice (26 September 2015)

Not a fan, disappointing even for the price.

Tried on Kanger sub 0.5 and Nautilus 1.8

By Heavenlyhondas from Ireland

Vampire vape (03 August 2015)

Tried a few vv flavours with only good experience. Then sampled strawberry milkshake in a shop on a basic device and thought it ok so bought a bottle took it home started using and could only get a horrible burnt taste. Tried to go back to it after a week and still the same! Not for me.

By Heavenlyhondas from Ireland

Vampire vape (03 August 2015)

Tried a few vv flavours with only good experience. Then sampled strawberry milkshake in a shop on a basic device and thought it ok so bought a bottle took it home started using and could only get a horrible burnt taste. Tried to go back to it after a week and still the same! Not for me.

By Flapper Girl from Liverpool

Hmmm (15 May 2015)

Definitely not a good vape for more advanced vaping devices tastes burnt.
But nice on the cheap ones

By Leelee from Uk

Not nice (21 April 2015)

I defo wud request you don't buy this as it smells like it says but defo does not taste like it if the were 0 stars 9r even better a -star I wud put -10

By Mhe from Denmark

Bad Bad Vampire (23 February 2015)

I got 3 different flavours from Vampirevape, this was one of them, this is the most chemical tasting eliquid i ever had, and that goes for pretty much all the flavours, and its not really that cheap if you count £ pr ml.. so they should be able to stir up a better taste in their juices

By Katie B from Glasgow

Vampire Vape milkshake (06 January 2015)

mmm tastes just like mac d's strawberry milkshake. Love all your flavours. Please make coconut flavour and aniseed (separate) :-)

By Kafanov from UK

Authentic Taste (16 December 2014)

Out of all of the flavours I have tried (which must be pushing the 20+ mark) I found this taste to be the closest to what it aims to be. I have had a few other Vampire Vapes liquids that were questionable, but I certainly did not get anything like a chemical taste with this one that other people have reported. It really does taste just like a strawberry milkshake!

By Violet Cherry from Jersey C.I

Vampre Vape Strawberry milkshake 18% review (13 September 2014)

I was looking forward to this liquid, having also seen some Y.T reviews it sounded like something I would like, described as a company that caters for those with a sweet tooth I thought yeah I'll like their stuff. So here's how it worked out.
Using a spinner mostly around the 3.8-4v area seemed to get maximum taste before burning the juice. On opening it smelt just like the powdered milkshake mix and I could almost taste it already. I put it in an oniyo tank. I like to keep a tank for each flavour and had found them a good cheap step up from disposable plastic ones, they're glass with a BDC so you get the full flavour. OK so how did it taste...not like it smelt. Very mild strawberry with a hint of creaminess, so mild if you could ask for a double shot I think you'd want to. I also found a chemical taste hits once the initial strawberry has passed, leaving a coating in your mouth and it feeling quite dry. Being so mild I put it aside for a week and next tried it in a glass aspire BDC. It had improved, sweet strawberry milkshake, I guess creamy but not overly, the stronger flavours were the strawberry and a overwhelming sweetness, but there it was again - the chemical taste; the aspire did quite a good job of filtering it out though and the more I vaped the more I wanted. The taste was always lingering in the background but for the week the bottle lasted I used this as my evening milder relax time vape.
I would buy this again if I could not find another milkshake I liked, as this did not hit the spot but was not so bad I had to mix with others or throw it out,. The only reason I will continue to look for another milkshake vape was the taste I found with all vampire vape liquids which seems to consistently linger in the background, the plastic, artificial, chemical taste, that does not totally go, no matter what tank or how long you leave the liquids to steep. If they ever change the recipe I'd love to give this another shot as it had potential to be my permanent night time vape. The taste was perfect other than the mentioned issue.

By Chippers from Derby

Strawberry milkshake?? (15 August 2014)

This product does not taste like strawberry milkshake, it tastes of chemicals! I would not recommend.

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