Innokin Zenith Replacement Vape Coils

Cross-Compatible, MTL & DTL, Mesh & Standard Builds
Coil Resistance
0.3ohm, 0.8ohm, 1.0ohm, 1.2ohm, 1.6ohm
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5 Pack

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The Innokin Zenith coils are a series of cross-compatible vape coils that can be paired with a wide range of kits and tanks including the Innokin Zlide tank, Coolfire Z50 kit, Adept Zlide kit and more. The wide range of coils offers options to support both MTL (Mouth To Lung) and DTL (Direct To Lung) vaping, so you can discover your perfect vaping style. Before picking a coil, make sure your kit can support the recommended wattage range (listed below).


  • Innokin Cross-Compatible Vape Coils
  • MTL & DTL Coil Options
  • Compatible With High PG & High VG E-Liquids

The 0.8 Ohm, 1.2 Ohm and 1.6 Ohm are classic MTL coils, they’ll produce a discreet amount of vapour and deliver a clear flavour. The 1.0 Ohm Z coils feature a specially designed mesh that increases flavour production and creates enough vapour for Restricted-DTL vaping. The 0.3 Ohm coils produce a larger amount of vapour for DTL vaping.

0.3 Ohm Z Coil: 30 - 40W (70% VG e-liquid and high VG e-liquid)

0.8 Ohm Coil: 15 - 18W (50/50 and high PG e-liquid)

1.0 Ohm Z Coil: 20 - 25W (60% VG e-liquid)

1.2 Ohm Coil: 10 - 14W (50/50 and high PG e-liquid)

1.6 Ohm Coil: 10 - 14W (50/50 and high PG e-liquid)


  • 5 x Innokin Zenith Replacement Vape Coils
0.48Ω, 1.6Ω
1 Free Shortfill
Innokin Coolfire Z50 Kit
3 6 12 18
50% VG
3 for £10
Lemon Tart E-Liquid by Dinner Lady 50/50
Lemon Curd, Meringue, Pastry
from £4.99
10, 30ml
3 6 12 18
50% VG
Chiricahua Sun E-Liquid by Manabush
Tobacco, Nut
from £4.50
10, 30ml
0 3 6 12 18
50% VG
St Louis E-Liquid by El Diablo
Pineapple, Peach, Raspberry
from £4.99
10, 30ml
3 6 12 18
50% VG
Nokomis E-Liquid by Manabush
Tobacco, Biscuit
from £4.99
10, 30ml
3 6 12 18
50% VG
Coyote Coconut E-Liquid by Manabush
Tobacco, Coconut
70% VG
70VG Nicotine Shot by Top Shot
Freebase Nicotine, 18mg Nicotine Strength, 70% VG, Shortfills, TPD
5 Pack
0.2Ω, 0.5Ω, 2.0Ω
Innokin iSub Tank Replacement Coils
Innokin iSub Tank Series
5 Pack
Innokin iSub BVC Clapton Coils
Innokin iSub Tank Series
5 Pack
1.5Ω, 2.0Ω
Innokin Prism Replacement Coil (T18, T22)
Innokin Endura T18, T22
4 Pack
Innokin Axiom M21 Vape Coils
Innokin Axiom M21 Tank Sub Ohm Coils
5 Pack
0.5Ω, 0.8Ω
Innokin Slipstream Replacement Coils
Innokin Slipstream Tank Vape Coils, Stainless Steel and Kanthal Coils
5 Pack
1.5Ω, 1.7Ω, 2.0Ω
Innokin Prism Replacement Coils (T18e, T22e)
Cross-Compatible Innokin Coils, MTL Vaping, Multiple Resistances
5 Pack
Innokin Prism T20 Coils
Innokin Endura T20 Kit, Prism T20 Tank
5 Pack
0.8Ω, 1.5Ω
Innokin Prism S Vape Coils (T20S)
Cross-Compatible Coils, MTL Vaping, T20 S Kit Coils, EZ Watt Kit Coils
5 Pack
0.35Ω, 1.2Ω
Innokin PocketMod Replacement Vape Coils
Innokin PocketMod Vape Coils, MTL & DTL Vape Coils
4 Pack
0.25Ω, 0.65Ω
Innokin Crios Replacement Vape Coils
Innokin Crios Tank, Innokin RipTide Kit, DTL Vaping
5 Pack
Innokin iSub SS BVC Replacement Vape Coils
Innokin iSub Tank Vape Coils
from £6.99
5 Pack
1.6Ω, 2.0Ω
Innokin JEM Replacement Vape Coils
Innokin JEM Tank
3 Pack
0.15Ω, 0.36Ω
Innokin Scion 2 Plexus Replacement Vape Coils
Innokin Scion 2 Tank Vape Coils, Replacement Mesh Coils
5 Pack
0.48Ω, 0.5Ω
Innokin Zenith Plexus-Z Replacement Vape Coil
Innokin Zenith Plexus Z Coils, Mouth To Lung Vape Coils
5 Pack
Innokin iSub Plex 3D Coils
Innokin iSub-B Tank
3 Pack
Innokin Scion Plex 3D Mesh Vape Coils
Innokin Plex Tank
5 Pack
0.16Ω, 0.35Ω
Innokin Ajax Coils
Ajax Tank, Mesh Coils, Multiple Resistances
5 Pack
Innokin Podin Replacement Coils
Kanthal, 1.3 Ohm, MTL Inhale, High PG E-Liquids
5 Pack
0.5Ω, 1.2Ω
Innokin Sceptre Replacement Coils
Sceptre Kit Coils, MTL & DTL Vaping, Mesh Builds
5 Pack
Innokin Endura M18 Replacement Coils
Endura M18 Coils, MTL, BVC, Kanthal, 1.6 Ohm, High PG Eliquids
5 Pack
0.25Ω, 0.65Ω
Innokin Sceptre S Replacement Coils
Sensis Kit Coils, MTL & RDTL, Multiple Resistances

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5 stars (35)
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2 stars (4)
1 star (10)

By Tonia4 from London

Value for money (08 June 2021)

I bought the 0.8 and it lasts up to 3 weeks dispense of the usage.

By Marc from Hampshire

hit and miss (04 June 2021)

Have tried all 5 coil varieties and the 1.0 are my fav. I say this as they last 4-8 days roughly and this is IF you get a good batch. So hit and miss even after a year of using them. All other coils can last from as little as 2 hours (I kid you not!) to 2 days.

By Liam

0.8 decent (01 June 2021)

Okay gives a nice hit occasionally you’ll get a dud coil that burns out within couple of days

By Blinky678 from Hampshire

Coils (23 May 2021)

Very good coils, easy to put in, great flavour and they last, cheaper than some alternative coils too

By Anthony from Edinburgh

1.0 ohm Z coils - performance issues. (16 May 2021)

The 0.8 ohm coild have been my go to for a while. I thought I'd try the Z coils for a different kind of vape. On my Zenith at 20 Watts the flavour is great with a smooth draw- but for one day only. Every Z coil I tried has not lasted more than the day. I don't know if it's how I am using them- I do draw quite a lot - but this has never been problem with the 0.8 coils. So - a disappointment- maybe I just got a bad batch.

By Metacrylate from London

Disappointing (15 May 2021)

Taste is good to start with but after vaping about 4ml of liquid, I find the taste declines to the point of being completely dull. The coil wicks well with all kind of liquids but the taste is pretty disappointing.

By Metacrylate from London

Disappointed (15 May 2021)

After all the good reviews on the Zlide and Zenith tanks, I must say I am disappointed with the Z-coils. Pretty flavourless. They wick all kinds of liquids, but I find the flavour dies down pretty quickly.

By Dman from Leeds

0.8 Decent (25 April 2021)

0.8 s with coolfire Z50 seem to do the trick , so far so good.

By BigT from Mansfield

Not good this time (21 April 2021)

Only 1 good coil in the batch all the others lasted a day at best :(

By Dman from Leeds

Avoid (14 April 2021)

Maybe I got a faulty batch, but they just dont last more than a couple of hours which is terrible.

By BigT from Mansfield

Great Coils (30 March 2021)

Using the 1.6's and they seem great to me. Normally last a week of heavy vaping. Getting some more :)

By M2020 from London

Avoid if you can (23 March 2021)

The worst coils I have ever tried. It lasts maximum a day. I regret i changed my device to Innokin, because to use a coil per day its just ridiculous.

By Domo from West Sussex

1.6 ohm coil (04 March 2021)

Have to say I’ve tried every zenith coil, 1.2s didn’t last more than a day before they burnt out, but the 1.6 (my go to coil) last pretty much a week, and that’s heavy chain vaping so don’t mind paying less than a tenner a pack which lasts a month and more, vapour production ain’t bad and flavours good, firing at 12 watts, agree with other reviews that there at there best at lower wattage, but no complaints here.

By James

Decent coil, great value (17 February 2021)

I used to use these in my Zenith tank until it broke (I think it spent too much time in my pocket being mangled as I rode my bike). They’re great cake and a good flavour for MTL.

By Rudzy from London

So the 1.0s.... (03 February 2021)

Didn't quite know what to make. Felt a bit like it's trying to force the device to be something it's not. Intense, and just not what I'm after. Wouldn't buy again - a forced DTL, and not smooth at all.

By Hoof from London

Zenith 0.8 Ohm (31 January 2021)

Bought a 5x pack of the 0.8 Ohm Zenith coils for use with my new Innokin Kroma-R with Zlide tank.
So far I'm happy, no leaks and they taste great with decent cloud production.
Tested out the first coil with a bunch of different 50/50 and 70/30 liquids and it coped well with them all lasting about a week of pretty heavy vaping before tasting burnt, but might go longer depending on the juice used.

By Rudzy from London

Generally pretty good (31 January 2021)

Generally really great - 1.2s are my go to coils. Seem to last longer than the 1.6. I use 20mg NIC salt at 8 watts on a cool fire mini with the zlide tank.. exchanging higher nicotine for lower wattage. Occasionally don't last quite as long as I would like, but I do enjoy sweeter juices so to be expected.

By Stephanie from London

Great product (14 December 2020)

I've tried both 1.2ohm and 1.6ohm coils and it they are both a great product. They don't burn out too quick and i think they are good value for money.

By Ayman from Saudi Arabia

Nice Coil (07 December 2020)

I Used a 1.6-ohm coil vape on 13Watt salt-nicotine nice flavor.

By Marc from Hampshire

Really poor (23 November 2020)

Lots of people on here appear to agree with me on this. Make sure you fire them on low wattage for starters. Even the recommended wattage, go lower. Ive tried each coil in the range and NONE of them are any good, they are very poor. If I'm lucky I get 3 or 4 days from them but I have been known to get just a couple of hours from them. Im only firing at 15w with my cool fire and my kroma r so I'm not being excessive. My last order was 8th Nov and its now the 23rd and I've gone through all 5. What a load of sh1te. Now looking for another tank because this is just not good enough. 1 star because I cant give 0

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