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It’s pretty safe to say that the world of vaping has grown into a subculture within its own entity, laying claim to a vast collection of forums and media outlets which break down all aspects of vaping. More and more people enjoy reading about vaping, not just in relation to its harm-reducing benefits, but also the enhancement of technology in vape kits, news on vaping legislation and just general information on how to use your device correctly.

Vape Club for example have always prided itself on being an educational hub and not just a vape shop. We offer bespoke how to guides, lifestyle news, opinion pieces and a whole host of informative content to help our customers as well as anyone just surfing the web in need of a bit of help.

With this thirst for knowledge, more and more vaping blogs and websites have cropped up all over the world, providing tailored advice and articles to inform and entertain their audience. With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at the best vaping blogs and sites that offer top quality content which amplifies the credibility and status of vaping.

Here’s our 5 favourite vaping blogs/sites that we can’t get enough of:



Ecigclick is one of the leading vape sites in the UK and for good reason, offering a solid selection of kit reviews, news and coming soon features. Their expertise when it comes to vaping is admired across the vaping industry, with curated content suited to vapers of all experience levels, from beginners just starting out to advanced, rebuildable maestros.

Whilst many vape sites and blogs feature their own news section, Ecigclick go one further with a research segment providing vapers with the most reliable, cutting edge data analysing vaping and its effects on certain groups. As well as their extensive collection of written content, Ecigclick hold their own awards ceremony which has gained prestigious value over time, highlighting the best brands, stores and vape kits of the past year.

Overall, a great site to gain knowledge and get in the know of what’s hot and new on the market, Ecigclick ticks all the boxes and is a great educational resource hub to further learning and awareness around vaping.

Planet of The Vapes

Planet of The Vapes

A personal favourite here at Vape Club, Planet Of The Vapes, often known as POTV, is a vaping forum and news outlet which covers pretty much anything vaping related. If a new study or new piece of legislation across the world has been passed, POTV are one of the first to run with it, with their knowledgeable team of vaping experts consistently providing insight and wisdom.

Their tongue in cheek, conversational manner of news reporting gains a few laughs along the way, particularly when they’re covering the anti-vaping American professor Stanton Glantz, yet they can always be relied on for providing factual information with the scientific references and resources to back up their findings. A big shout out to Dave Cross, who covers mostly political pieces with a consistently entertaining yet informative angle in all of his work.

Their forum section is perhaps the most well-known feature, giving users a dedicated outlet to voice their opinions on everything to do with vaping, sharing knowledge and personal points of view in the process. In fact, many vapers have started their journey in the electronic halls of the POTV forum.

A great way to enhance your vaping know-how in a fun, interactive setting, POTV certainly does its bit fighting the fight against anti-vaping advocates and tobacco companies.



The US-based blog Vaping360 stakes their reputation on quality content and breaking articles on developments in vaping technology and legislation. A team of dedicated staff writers, as well as guest industry experts, continue to create content that is easy-to-read and perhaps more importantly unbiased. Noted writers include Jim McDonald (legal and lifestyle guru) and reviewers - Dave Kriegel, Stu Dowling, Spyros Papamichail and Anthony Victor.

The Vaping360 product reviews take an in-depth look at key aspects of each kit and explain their finer points in easy-to-understand language, while news pieces are built for quick reading. It should be noted that while this blog caters to a worldwide audience if you’re looking for UK news pieces especially, it may be worth checking some of the other entries on this list. That being said, if you’re after a global perspective on vaping, then this is a good place to start.

Vaping Post

Vaping Post

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the Vaping Post are a news media outlet dedicated solely to the topic of vaping. With a well-structured website rivalling the most acclaimed news sites on the web, in terms of quality and usability, the Vaping Post delivers quality writing looking at stories from across the globe. From the latest vaping legislation in South East Asia to detailed coverage of the EVALI situation which swept the US in late 2019, it’s a site which adheres to the fundamental educational and informational roots of journalism.

With a newspaper site model being their main USP, the Vaping Post also provides insightful guides and reviews on the latest kit, whilst also having a dedicated CBD news section catering towards the forever growing interest of the cannabis plant extract. A special shout out must go to Diane Caruana, their main in-house journalist, who constantly curates well-researched and informative content of a consistent high calibre.

A great site for the broadsheet-like readers who have an interest in vaping and are keen to really gain a grasp of vaping law and legislation across the world.



Starting out as a trade publication, Vapouround has its finger on the pulse of the UK vaping scene. To keep up with the growing desire for digital content they have created a dedicated blog. Their ‘News’ section provides regular updates on the world of vaping from the perspective of science, discussing the latest developments in hardware and e-liquid. The business articles cover best practices for retailers and stockists, and latest company information. The sustainability section features content that discusses the environmental impact of smoking and the roads vaping has taken to curb this. No wonder it's regarded as such a useful resource for the modern vaper.

When it comes to reviews, they rely on their own team of experts to deliver verdicts on the newest hardware and e-liquids. At the same time, they also offer a range of buyer’s guides, written to help even the newest vaper pick a flavour or kit to suit them. A solid selection of articles are on offer but if you’re looking for the latest news you’ll have to subscribe to their magazine. That being said, a powerhouse team of writers ensure that content published is of the highest calibre and well with your attention.


As you can see there are plenty of blogs out there, each providing a unique insight into the world of vaping, from a global and regional perspective. If you’re looking for a unique standpoint, then any one of these outlets is a good place to start.

If, however, you’re getting to grips with the concept of vaping and are looking for more direct information on how to start vaping or picking the right items; we recommend you check out our dedicated guides section.

Alternatively, if you require some advice on anything to do with vaping in general, then please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team by email, phone or webchat.

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