Best Nicotine Pouches To Buy In The UK

By Josh, Head of Media
14th May 2024

Small, discreet and by far the most easy-to-use alternative to cigarettes, nicotine pouches have caught the eye of a now-global audience. Top brands from around the world, based in Sweden, Denmark, America and even the UK, are trying to create the best nicotine pouches – but who comes out on top?

Read on and find out! We’ve broken this guide down into two sections, first up, we’ll be reviewing our best brands – based on how many flavours are available, nic strength variety and even price. The second section will give you a round-up of our most popular flavours of nicotine pouches across our ever-growing range.

We really have covered all the bases!

Best Nicotine Pouches By Brand

6 Flavours
20 Pack
6mg 9.5mg 11mg 12mg
Cool Mint Nicotine Pouch by Zyn
£6.50 3 for £18

Besides being the shorthand for pouches of all varieties, ZYN is probably the most popular brand of nicotine pouches worldwide. Do a little digging and it’s easy to see why. Boasting a range of strengths, offering options for new users and those in the market for a little stronger, they’re even available as part of our 3 for £18 multi-buy.

They’re not afraid to take risks with flavour either. Alongside standard-issue mint and fruit blends, unique offerings like the Espresso and Chilli Guava pouches pop up – perfect if you want to try something a little different.

6 Flavours
20 Pack
3mg 6mg 9mg 11mg
Mocha Nicotine Pouches by Nordic Spirit

Developed in Sweden and an ever-popular brand in the USA and Europe, Nordic Spirit focuses on light and medium-strength pouches. This range of strengths makes them ideal for beginners and anyone who fancies a milder pouch. Just like our other premium ranges, Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches appear in our 3 for £18 multi-buy.

The brand boasts a strong variety of flavours too. Try Nordic Spirit mint pouches if you’re after a cool chill, while options like Watermelon are ideal if you fancy something fruity. Pouches outside the norm like Mocha and Elderflower are solid picks if you want something a little different.

16 Flavours
20 Pack
6mg 8mg 10mg 11mg 14mg 17mg
Ruby Berry Nicotine Pouch by Velo
£6.49 3 for £18

Another Swedish brand, Velo offers a wide range of strengths with light, medium and strong pouches available. So, whether you’re new to pouches or you’ve been using them for a while, you’re bound to find something that’ll work. Stocking up is easy too, as you can get all Velo pouches as part of our 3 for £18 multi-buy!

When it comes to picking a flavour, you have plenty of choices. In addition to the usual mint and fruit blends, you can also get your hands on unique flavours like Cinnamon and Lime Flame (lime and chilli) if you’re looking for a bit of spice.

Best Nicotine Pouches By Flavours

Mint & Menthol Pouches

Like to keep things cool? You’ll find just what you’re looking for with our huge selection of mint and menthol pouches! The most popular pouch flavour, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding an option that provides a frosty chill from start to finish. The biggest pouch brands, like Nordic SpiritVelo and Velo, are getting involved with cool pouches and options that muddle fruit and menthol.

Tropical Fruit Pouches

In the mood for something a little more exotic? Our range of tropical-inspired nic pouches should do the job nicely. Discover a world of bright and sweet flavours that conjure up the feeling of jetting off to somewhere far away. Sample watermelon, passion fruit and mystery blends of exotic fruits and get ready for an authentic taste from the biggest pouch brands like Velo and ZYN.

Berry Fruit Pouches

On the lookout for even more fruity nicotine pouches? Very well then (or should that be berry well...) Either way, you’re well-catered for with our selection of blueberry, strawberry (we know it’s not actually a berry) and raspberry pouches. Ranging from sweet to sharp there’s a bit of something for everyone in this selection, and brands big and small are getting in on the action.

Citrus Pouches

We’re halfway through, so it’s time for a little sharpener. Citrus nicotine pouches will do the job perfectly. Whether you’re looking for the sweet tang of orange pouches or something a little stronger like lemon you’ll find it all. Aside from the usual fare, there’s also the more unusual prospect of lemongrass flavours and more mysterious fusions just labelled “Citrus”.

Rich & Dark Pouches

That’s enough of the light and fruity blends, let’s dig a little deeper and discover something altogether different. Rich and dark flavours are quite well-hidden within the category, but you’ll still find strong coffee nicotine pouches alongside tobacco-flavoured white snus. When you’re done with the sweet stuff, head on over to the dark side – it’s more than meets the eye.

Spiced Pouches

We couldn’t write this guide without giving a special mention to some of the more unusual pouch flavours on offer, those that fall under the banner of “spice”. This includes the growing category of chilli nic pouches as well as those that use more traditional spices like cinnamon. Needless to say, if you’re after a pouch that delivers a bit of a kick – you’re in good company with these ones.

Summing Up

So, that’s our best nic pouches all wrapped up! We hope this guide has helped inspire you to try a new pouch brand or flavour, you may even find a few new favourites! If this is the first you’ve heard of pouches, you might want to check out our Everything You Need To Know On How To Use Nicotine Pouches guide – it’ll get you up to speed. Need some assistance choosing a pouch? Get hold of our Customer Service Team via email, phone and live chat!

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