Aspire Odan Replacement Coils

Aspire Odan Tank Coils, Mesh Coil Build, Linen & Organic Cotton Wicks
Coil Resistance 0.18ohm, 0.2ohm, 0.3ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Pack Size 3 Pack


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The Aspire Odan replacement vape coils have been designed for use with the Aspire Odan vape tank and Aspire Deco kit. There are two versions available, both of which have been designed for sub ohm vaping. They should be paired with high VG e-liquid, which is 70% VG or higher.


  • Aspire sub ohm coils
  • Mesh coil build
  • Linen and organic cotton wicks
  • Compatible with high VG e-liquid

The 0.18 Ohm, 0.2 Ohm Odan coil and 0.3 Ohm Odan coil both feature a mesh coil build. The benefit of mesh is that it has a larger surface area, which allows for more e-liquid to be heated at a faster rate - for a boost in flavour. Mesh coils are also less likely to suffer from hot spots, so they’ll last longer.

Featuring specialist wicks, the Odan vape coils feature a combination wick, that utilises linen and organic cotton. These wicks are heat resistant and are suited to both mid wattage and high wattage vaping. The 0.18 Ohm coil can be used between 60 - 80W, the 0.2 Ohm Aspire Odan coil can be used between 50 - 60W, while the 0.3 Ohm Odan coil can be used between 35 - 45W.


  • 3 x Aspire Replacement Odan Coils

Important information about sub ohm vaping:

Any coil that registers below 1.0 Ohm, is known as a sub ohm coil. Recommended for advanced vapers only, they'll require more power to use properly, which will be provided by an advanced vape kit.

With these coils larger amounts of vapour will be created, to support this we recommend you use e-liquids that are 60% VG or higher. Due to the larger amounts of vapour that is created, we advise that you do not use an e-liquid that has higher than a 6mg nicotine strength.

The Odan vape coils have been designed for use with the Aspire Odan vape tank.
The Odan replacement vape coils have been designed for sub ohm vaping, both versions use specially crafted mesh coils.
Each Odan sub ohm coil is fitted with a custom wick, that uses organic and linen cotton to deliver a better flavour.
By using linen and organic cotton in their wicks, the Odan vape coils last longer and provide better flavour from e-liquid.
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2 stars (1)
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By Anonymous

They're coils (19 August 2021)

They work as expected and last an average amount of time for a coil. On the more expensive side for what they are. Rare to find coils that work around 30watts which is my preferred and is nice (0.3ohm ones).

By Kareem

Hmmm (30 June 2021)

I honestly don't how but I feel that these coils are not legit! I don't think it is VapeClub's doing as I believe some suppliers are posing as genuine Aspire wholesalers. This unfortunately common and has previously happened to many local vape stores.

The coils that come with the Deko kit/Odan tank are wonderful, provide amazing flavour and easily lasted me around 3 weeks each (I'm somewhat of a chain vaper). But every since I started buying these coils, I can't get a single one to last more than 3-4days and that's pushing it!
This was also the case with the Atlantis Evo coils I used on my NX75 Mod. I really don't like the fact that I'm spending so much on coils that last a few days each when in reality they should last for weeks! I've literally spent hundreds over the last few years on bad coils!!

By Anonymous

0.3 ohms (26 November 2020)

I have only used the 0.3 ohm coils as they support my preferred wattage range so cant speak for the other resistance options. The flavour is amazing on these i run them at the lower end (35w) and cloud/flavour production is brilliant so far i have vaped around 50ml of thick juice through one and not had a drop in flavour as yet. Highly recommended

By Matt from Cumbria

0.2 is good. (10 November 2020)

Now after moving to an Odan tank from an aspire cleito, i do feel that these coils offer a similar experience which is good.
the 0.2 is the one I rate most highly, initially I assumed the 0.18 would be my preferred but after a period of trialling I have found they just don't last well at all. some have burned out on me in 3 or so days- most have lasted between 7-10 days before needing changed. I also find a marked reduction in flavour a long time before they burn out.
the 0.2 lasts much longer, allows my battery to last longer and tastes basically as good whole consuming juice less rapidly. its the winner so far in my opinion.
the 0.3 is a decent coil and very good on battery/juice conservation- not ideal for me though as I vape a lot of complex sweet flavours which dont come through aswell on this one- but I recon its probably great for people that prefer fruity juices.

By Norwegian_vaper from Norway

Wonderful flavour, but... (24 October 2020)

While i absolutely love the flavour from these coils i would not mind if they lasted a bit longer.
Usually, i stay approx. 5-10 watts below recommended wattage settings and the flavour is spot on.
I haven't had any duds but in my experience the Odan-coils doesn't last as long as other mesh-coils.
Two weeks is max of what i got from one of these coils and some will say that ain't too bad, but it is when there's other stock coils on the market that are as flavourful and can last up to 2-3 months.
Not a topscore from me, but the flavour keeps me coming back to the Odan so i'm pretty damn close.
1 and 1/2 thumbs up from me(8/10 stars).

By NSS from North East

Ok (20 September 2020)

Don't last as long as aspire cleito. Only 3 in this pack where as cleito you get 5 so not only 2 extra each cleito coil lasts longer

By Shaz from Durham

Coils (26 August 2020)

These coils are OK but my aspire cleito last longer in my other tank

By Samba from Nottingham, UK

0.2 Great coil, no complaints (17 August 2020)

Settled on 0.2 being my preferred option, good balance of flavour, clouds, and battery/juice consumption. No leaks or gurgling/popping.
The Odan is the best tank I've ever used, in part due to these coils.

By David

Not bad but don't last long! (16 August 2020)

These are fantastically tasting coils, but coming from the Kangertech coils which lasted me up to a month, I was quite disappointed to find these only last around 1 week with DarkStars Red Slush.

By Rob

0.3 ohms is perfect (19 July 2020)

I’ve tried 0.3 and 0.2 ohms, both are good however if you have nice good quality juice the flavour from the 0.3 coils is the best! Recommended best between 35-45 watts which is nice and low so battery power lasts and the coil generates some nice clouds at 40 watts which I use.

By Anonymous

Odan coils (17 July 2020)

I like the 0.2ohms best as it’s just the right watts range for me though 0.3ohms is good if you want to save on eliquid
No gurgling and definitely no leaks
Great coils from aspire

By MaximusMD

0.15 ohm (16 July 2020)

Unfortunately the first in the pack was a dud and started burning not long after installation, second one seems fine though. Great coils in general.

By MaximusMD

0.15 ohm (16 July 2020)

Unfortunately the first in the pack was a dud and started burning not long after installation, second one seems fine though. Great coils in general.

By Benny from London

Awesome Coils (26 April 2020)

These have a serious kick to them, especially the 0.15 ohm makes.
In some flavour profiles I would put these up there with the Hellbeast or the Falcon King coils.

By Mark from Carterton

Odan 0.3/0.2 Coils (03 March 2020)

After dabbling with the 0.2 & 0.3 stock coils that come with the Odan i decided that the 0.2 was the better option for me. With the 0.2 i found the flavour and cloud was greater but also it was airier on the draw, which i prefer. The stock 0.2 decided to leak after a few days, no drama as it's a stock coil and you never really expect great things from them, however, after replacing it with another 0.2 from a sealed packet (bought from VC) that leaked as well after a few days use. I guess i'll find out in a few days if the latest coil is any better but i'm not holding out much hope!
I have another Odan with a 0.3 coil in it and that has been fine.

By Anonymous

Decent flavor (08 February 2020)

Work great in my odan mini

By Shazza from Durham

Great coils (21 January 2020)

Amazing flavour from these coils